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The Early Path

"Unspeakable Human Suffering Lingers On In Hurricane Katrina's Aftermath"

"Thousands May Have Died"

Missing Persons & Pets

 ^..September 1, 2005. Residents wait to be rescued from the floodwaters of Hurricane Katrina  ..^
in New Orleans, reduced to a swampy ruin by Monday's storm. A U.S. senator said thousands may
have died in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina devastated the U.S. Gulf Coast. Bodies floated in the flooded city
and authorities still could only guess how many people had died. REUTERS/David J. Phillip/Pool

Gerry M. Kaye

Sept. 2, 2005 Gulf Coast- Thousands remain stranded without adequate food, water, sanitary conditions, and necessary medication and medical care, as the slow moving process of getting transportation, supplies and help finds them desperate and waiting...and dying the summer heat, on rooftops, in crowded arenas, amid flooded, filthy and toxic waters of the storm's aftermath. Looting, raping, armed gunmen roam the area, assaulting people and hindering search and rescue by law enforcement.

The House and Senate have both passed monetary emergency Katrina relief aid of  $10.5B; and kind hearted donations to national charities and volunteers are rushing in to help the desperate victims.

 ^..September 1, 2005. A rescued baby cries in the arms of a policewoman ..^
after being brought to land on a boat from floodwaters in New Orleans.
Authorities are still rescuing people from their flooded homes three days
after Hurricane Katrina struck. (Jason Reed/Reuters)

Compassionate and decent nations are sending condolences and committing to send monetary help, manpower, and supplies in the devastating catastrophe to come to the aid of  the U. S. A., itself, a trusted and generous contributor of aid to victims, worldwide.


 ^..Fri,  Sept. 2, 2005 - The body of a victim of Hurricane Katrina floats ..^
in floodwaters in New Orleans. Huge explosions and fires have erupted in N.O., media reported,
hours before President George W. Bush was to inspect devastation from Hurricane Katrina
that turned the city into a virtual combat zone. (AFP/James Nielsen)


 ^..Friday, Sept. 2, 2005 - President Bush speaks during a briefing with government officials ..^
on damage from Hurricane Katrina in Mobile, Al.
9/08/05 - "Fact Sheet: President Bush Announces New Initiatives to Provide Relief"
The Early Path - Aug. 27

Thursday, 3/23/06   "Latest Louisiana -Katrina Death -Missing Tolls"
Louisiana - The latest counted number of dead as of 3/22/06 from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana alone is 1,100; with more bodies steadily being searched out & discovered. There are 1,500 people still listed as missing.

Katrina left more than 1,300 people dead in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, hundreds of thousands homeless and tens of billions of dollars worth of damage. Bush has accepted responsibility for the federal government's shortfalls, but the storm response continues to generate finger pointing. "None of this had to happen," investigators concluded in reviewing the evacuation effort. "Despite years of recognition of the threat that was to materialize in Hurricane Katrina, no one, not the federal government, not the state government, and not the local government, seems to have planned for an evacuation of the city from flooding through breached levees." Featured: Special Report: "KATRINA ACCOUNTABILITY REPORT"

Thursday, 11/17/05  "Hurricane Katrina Victims' Bodies Unidentified"
NEW ORLEANS, La. - Nearly 3 months after Hurricane Katrina swept through  S. Louisiana, 321 bodies lie nameless and unclaimed in a makeshift morgue. Another 200 have been identified, but no one can locate their families among refugees scattered across the nation. Of those more than 300 unidentified bodies, 140 pose an unprecedented challenge for Dr. Louis Cataldie; which defy the normal rules for forensic identification. They carried no ID and have no fingerprints, no recognizable features or marks.

Wednesday, 11/02/05  "Louisiana Coastal Marshes Lost-Damaged  By Hurricanes"
BATON ROUGE, La. - Hurricanes Katrina & Rita tore up about 100 sq. miles of environmentally significant marsh in S E Louisiana. Satellite imagery shows about 60 sq. miles of marsh were ripped up & submerged around New Orleans, said John Barras of the U.S. Geological Survey, with another 40 sq. miles turned into open water across the state's coast.

Monday, 10/31/05  "Thousands of Katrina Evacuees Out In The Cold"
National Low Income Housing Coalition-Two months after Hurricane Katrina displaced more than 1M people, problems with fed. housing aid threaten to spawn a new wave of homelessness. In Tex., thousands of evacuees who found shelter in apartments face eviction threats because rents are going unpaid. In La., some evacuees are beginning to show up in homeless shelters because they haven't received federal aid or don't know how to get it. Advocates for the poor say the situation will worsen this winter.
Wednesday, 10/26/05 "Dozens Subpoenaed in Hospital Deaths"
Baton Rouge- Louisiana Attorney General Charles Foti Jr. issued 73 subpoenas in an investigation into allegations that euthanasia may have taken place at one of the hospitals flooded by Hurricane Katrina. The subpoenas were served on employees of all levels at Memorial Medical Center, which is owned by Tenet Healthcare, because "cooperation, lately, has not been as good as I had hoped," Foti said.
Tuesday, 10/11/05 "Katrina's Latest Reported Death Toll At 1,242"
The latest report of Hurricane Katrina's death toll- As of Fri, Oct 7, Louisiana's official death toll from Katrina passed 1,000. The State Department of Health & Hospitals reported that state officials and local coroners had recovered 1,003 bodies — 15 more than the total reported Thursday. The increase puts the death toll from the storm at 1,242. Katrina killed 221 people in Mississippi, 14 in Florida, two in Georgia & two in Alabama.

Monday, 10/10/05 "Over 2,000 Katrina Kids Are Still  Missing"
Nat. Center for Missing and Exploited Children - It's been over a month since Hurricane Katrina wrecked the lives of thousands of people. Especially tragic are the children that are still missing; that are either displaced or that have perished & are unidentified. The Nat. Center for Missing and Exploited Children is still getting calls in the thousands regarding these kids. If you have any knowledge or need help, Tel. hotlines: 1- 888-544-5475; The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children at 1-800-THE LOST(1-800-843-5678).  /Posted Photos of Missing Children-Web site & / Find Family National Call Center (FEMA, NDMS) - 1-866-326-9393 For those whose loved ones have been separated or lost in the disaster. / Missing Pets: Website &

Last known to be in Chalmette, Louisiana, this is a picture of a child who was separated from his caretaker as a result of Hurricane Katrina:


  ^   DOB: Oct 22, 2001; Missing: Aug 29, 2005;    ^
Height: 3'8" (112 cm); Eyes: Brown;  Race: White;  Age Now: 3;  Sex: Male;
Weight: 45 lbs (20 kg); Hair: Brown. Missing From: CHALMETTE, LA, United States.

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Sunday, 10/02/05   "New Orleans Returnees' Health Endangered"
New Orleans, La. - Doctors are preparing for a possible surge in the number of patients in New Orleans, as residents who were evacuated from the dangers of Hurricane Katrina return to contaminated water, mold and dusty sediment, limited supplies and sanitation .

Saturday, 10/01/05  "Katrina Death Toll Stands At 1,163"
Gulf Coast- The death toll from Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana stands at 929, while the five state total is at 1,163.

Tuesday, 9/27/05 - "Search Continues For Hurricane Victims As New Orleans Reopens"
NEW ORLEANS,  - Rescue helicopters scoured flooded areas of southern Texas and Louisiana for hurricane victims as residents returned, despite health & safety warnings, to N. O; first devastated a month ago by Hurricane Katrina.

Monday, 9/26/05 -  "New Orleans Reflooding By Rita Called "Isolated"
New Orleans-The reflooding by Rita, in N. O. from levee breaks breached by Katrina, was isolated mostly to areas already destroyed and deserted. Search, rescue, & safety clean up are needed & continuing. Helicopters are helping with house-to-house searches. Authorities had trouble keeping people from So. La. from traveling through floodwaters in boats to discover whether Rita wrecked their homes & livelihoods. Rescue helicopters & boats waited for Monday's dawn to resume their search for victims of  Rita in flooded La.communities, while the death toll remained low - Sun. night, with 2 deaths reported from Rita.

Sunday, 9/25/05  "Hurricane "Rita" Repeats Some Flood Damage Done To N.O. By "Katrina"
New Orleans-The floodwaters caused by Hurricane "Rita" have poured into New Orleans through levees that were patched after Hurricane "Katrina". Federal officials said that it will take 2-3 weeks to pump out. N. O. mayor Nagin said at a news conference that he thought the dry districts would eventually support a population of between 250K & 300K. "My intention is, if everything goes well-to re-energize the re-entry plan we had in place," he said. Texas-Gov. Rick Perry said Sunday that the damage inflicted by Hurricane Rita paled in comparison to Katrina, but urged evacuees to stay where they are until local officials say it's all right to return.

..Damage caused by Hurricane Rita is seen in Cameron, Louisiana, September 24, 2005. .^
Hurricane Rita left the U.S. Gulf Coast reeling on Saturday from two powerful storms in less than a month,
with renewed flooding in New Orleans, widespread power outages and roads across hundreds
of miles closed by debris, although damage was less than feared. REUTERS/David

Saturday, 9/24/05  "Rita Slams Texas-Louisiana Coast"
SABINE PASS, Tx. -  Hurricane Rita made landfall at 3:30 a.m. ET Saturday on the extreme S.W. coast of La. near Sabine Pass, Tx. The hurricane slammed the Gulf Coast as a Category 3 storm, with winds of 120 mph. Damage was reported in the pre-dawn hours along the region from Galveston, Tx., to Lake Charles, La.; the storm could produce 10 to 15 inches of rain over the next day or two and it may stall and remain stationary. Concern remained Sat. about Rita's storm surge, which was predicted to be up to 20 feet in some areas of  S.W. La.

Friday, 9/23/05  "S. W. Louisiana- New Orleans Remain on "Rita" High Alert"
Nat. Hurr. Center-Gulf Coast- With La, not yet nearly recovered from devastating "Katrina", Hurricane "Rita" is on a course to make landfall later today; as of  Fri., 5 a.m. EDT, Rita’s center was about 290 miles S.E. of Galveston & about 250 miles S.E. of Cameron. With hurricane-force winds extending 85 miles from its eye, the storm was moving N.W. in a fluctuating course at about 9 mph toward the S.W. Louisiana  & upper Tex. coasts; a category  4 hurricane of winds of 140 mph. Rita reportedly could bring a storm surge of 20 feet & up to 15" of rain. Extreme caution is advised for any residents remaining in the area.

Thursday, 9/22/05  "Rita-High Risk Gulf Coast Residents Evacuate"
Galveston, Corpus Christi & surrounding Nueces County, low-lying parts of Houston, & mostly emptied New Orleans are under mandatory evacuation orders as Cat. 5 Hurricane Rita, barreled across the Gulf of Mexico, drawing energy from its warm waters. "It's not worth staying here," said Celia Martinez , as she & several relatives finished packing up their homes and pets. "Life is more important than things."

 Thursday, 9/22/05  "Katrina Death Toll Climbs Above a Thousand"
Gulf Coast- As search personnel continue their vigil in the ravished region, corpses are being discovered in houses and beneath flood waters, bringing the current death toll at over a thousand.

Wednesday, 9/21/05  "N. O. Faces a New Cat. 4-5 Hurricane Threat Following Katrina"
NEW ORLEANS - N. O. is facing a new threat from Hurricane Rita, which strengthened into a 135-mph Cat. 4 storm Wed. as it plowed past the Fla. Keys into the Gulf of Mexico. The Army Corps of Engineers is racing to patch N. O.'s fractured levee system, & residents are called to again evacuate as the new, rapidly strengthening hurricane threatened to flood the city anew. “It’s pretty sad,...We came home to find out half the neighborhood burned down, now we have to leave again. No telling what we’ll find when we finally get back again,” said resident Darryl Robichaux.

Tuesday, 9/20/05  "Reopening of  New Orleans Suspended"
Nat. Hurricane Cntr.- With Hurrican Rita predicted to bear down on the Gulf Coast by the weekend, and possibly flood  the N. O. levees again, N. O. Mayor Ray Nagin backed off his plan to begin readmitting residents to parts of the city, & called for further evacuation..

Monday,  9/19/05   "N.O. Mayor & Fed. Govt. Disagree On Timing of Resident's Return"
 N.O. - Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen, head of the fed. govt.'s hurricane response, is delivering his position in person to Mayor Nagin: to hold off & let the embattled city "re-emerge", before letting the residents return. There are concerns about present health safeties and the possibility that Trop. Storm Rita, heading toward the Fla. Keys, could drop more rain on New Orleans and breach the city's levees again.

Sunday,  9/18/05   "Over 2K "Katrina" Children Still Missing"
Nat. Center for Missing and Exploited Children-Posted Pictures of Missing Children-Web site & -Children Seeking Parents; Missing Children; Missing Adults. - 2,060 children are still reported missing after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast; with more calls steadily coming in. Photos of children separated from their parents by Hurricane Katrina have been posted on a Web site by the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children" in an attempt to reunite families. Web site Home Page: Telephone hotlines: 1- 888-544-5475;  1-800 the lost; Pets: Website &


This is a picture of a child who was last known to be with her father and grandmother in New Orleans, Louisiana,
however they have not been seen since Hurricane Katrina. Tierra is missing some teeth and she has a birthmark on her stomach.
 Case Type: Lost, Injured, Missing; DOB: Apr 4, 2000;  Sex: Female;  Missing Date: Aug 27, 2005; Race: Black;  Age Now: 5;  Height: Unknown;
Missing City: NEW ORLEANS; Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg); Missing State: LA;  Hair Color: Black;  Missing Country: United States; Eye Color: Brown;
Case Number: NCMC1022282

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Saturday,  9/17/05   "N. O. Businesses Invited Back-Facing Hardships"
Businesses in New Orleans are  invited back by Mayor Nagin, who wants them to help get the city back on its feet after devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Up to 200K people could be allowed back in the next 10 days, but they will find it a changed place, with military checkpoints, & food, water supply problems. Large areas are uninhabitable & bodies are still being recovered. More than 800 people are now known to have died in the region.

Friday, 9/16/05 "Fed. Forecasters, N.O. Mayor Envisioned Dangers of Katrina Early On"
AP-The Nat. Weather Serv. & Nat. Hurricane Center forecasted the path of Katrina & the potential for devastation with remarkable accuracy. A day before Katrina came ashore Aug. 29, the agency warned in capital letters: "SOME LEVEES IN THE GREATER NEW ORLEANS AREA COULD BE OVERTOPPED." Nat. Hurricane Center Dir. Max Mayfield also gave daily pre storm video conference briefings to federal officials in Wash., warning them of a nightmare scenario of N. O.'s levees not holding, winds smashing windows in high rise buildings & flooding wiping out large areas of the Gulf Coast. Also, on 8/28/05, N.O. Mayor Nagin said, "We are facing a storm that most of us have long feared," while ordering the mandatory evacuation for his city of 485K people, surrounded by suburbs of a million more. He added, "The storm surge will most likely topple our levee system."

Friday, 9/16/05  "National Day of Prayer and Remembrance" for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina.
Thursday, 9/15/05   President Bush's Address On Hurricane Relief

Thursday, 9/15/05  "Many Still Missing In Katrina Aftermath"
Gulf Coast - At least 500 children and many adults and pets are still not located and are considered missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, that separated children and family members from their loved ones and who have not yet been located. Websites & organizations that are helping to find: Missing Persons & Pets

Wednesday,  9/14/05 "Condoleezza Rice Urges Needed "U. S. Attack On Poverty"
NEW YORK  (CNN) - Sec. of State Condoleezza Rice said in an interview Mon. with the editorial board of the N.Y. Times, that the people who were stranded in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina are evidence that race and poverty can still come together "in a very ugly way" in parts of the "Old South". The Sec. also said that she believes the Hurricane Katrina disaster provides an opportunity for Americans to launch a comprehensive attack on poverty. She added, "Not just the fed. govt., but state and local officials,  ... as well as the private sector... non-govt. organizations, and I mean the private business sector ... to address how we might deal with the problem of persistent poverty."

Tuesday, 9/13/05   "N. O.  Airport Opens As Search & Restoration Continue"
New Orleans - As search for corpses and cleanup continue, a limited number of cargo and commercial flights are scheduled to start flying into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport on Tuesday, the director of the agency that runs the airport said.
Monday, 9/12/05  "New Orleans Starting To "Turn A Corner"
NEW ORLEANS - AP - Nearly 2 weeks after Hurricane Katrina's onslaught, there are signs that hopelessness is beginning to lift in this shattered city. The airport opened to cargo traffic; workers are picking up trash; a volunteer with a bullhorn, Norman Flowers, leading  relief workers in a chorus of "Amazing Grace" said,  "The people aren't as afraid anymore." While the final toll from the disaster remains unknown, there are indications New Orleans had begun to turn a corner.
Sunday, 9/11/05   "N. O. Searches, Cleanup Continue, With Pause For 9/11/01"
NEW ORLEANS - Sunday's  9/11 ceremonies came amid the search for the bodies of Katrina victims. Officials are working to identify remains of bodies around the clock. The confirmed death toll in Louisiana stood at 154 people, but the toll is expected to climb as crews collect bodies trapped in houses and floating in the receding water. Fire fighters paused Sunday in their recovery work for Hurricane Katrina to observe the fourth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attack that killed their brethren in New York.
Saturday, 9/10/05   "Flood Areas-Fewer Corpses Found, Less Time to Dry Than Projected"
NEW ORLEANS - As authorities turned most of their attention to counting and removing the dead, they said the findings indicate far fewer corpses than originally feared, holding out hope that the original fears of up to 10K deaths, are less likely after Friday's count, according to retired Marine Col. Terry Ebbert, N.O. homeland security chief. He declined to give a revised estimate. Also, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projected it will take a month & not the 80 days previously projected to dry out New Orleans, which had been 80% covered following the storm and levee breaches.
Friday, 9/09/05   "New Orleans Evacuation & Grim Discovery Continues"
NEW ORLEANS - Most of the hurricane survivors who volunteered to leave New Orleans have now gone from the city, officials say. Between 5-10K people are believed to remain, despite the mayor's compulsory evacuation order. Police officers have denied using force to evacuate, but say they yet may. Corpses are being found in N.O homes; & soldiers & police confiscate guns from homeowners as they go house to house, trying to clear the shattered city of holdouts because of the danger of disease and fire.
Thursday, 9/08/05 "Presidential Proclamation For Nat. Day of Prayer & Remembrance For Hurricane Victims"
NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim Friday, September 16, 2005, as a National Day of Prayer and Remembrance for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina. I ask that the people of the United States and places of worship mark this National Day of Prayer and Remembrance with memorial services and other appropriate observances. I also encourage all Americans to remember those who have suffered in the disaster by offering prayers and giving their hearts and homes for those who now, more than ever, need our compassion and our support.   Full Proclamation  |   9/08/05 - "Fact Sheet: President Bush Announces New Initiatives to Provide Relief"
Thursday, 9/08/05  "Health Alert-We Need Everyone Out of New Orleans"
New Orleans' dangerous flood water analysis prompted Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad Allen's call for "everyone" to be out of N. O. "We're starting an operation today going block by block through the city, requesting people to leave their homes," he said. Government tests confirmed that the floodwaters are thick with sewage related bacteria in amounts at least 10 times higher than acceptable safety limits. The muck is believed to contain E. coli, certain viruses and a type of cholera like bacteria. "If you haven't left the city yet, you must do so," said Dr. Julie Gerberding, dir. of the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. She urged anyone coming into contact with the water to scrub up with soap and water.

Thursday, 9/08/05  "Nursing Home Patients Found Dead, Some Alive, In St. Bernard Parish, La. "
 N. Y. Times; CNN; St. Bernard Parish, La. - Found Sept. 7, at least 32 of approx. 60 people living in St. Rita's Nursing Home at St. Bernard Parish, La, died when Katrina tore into the U. S. Gulf Coast. 40 to 50 other people were alive and have been rescued at the nursing home, located  S.W. of  New Orleans.

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 ^..NEW ORLEANS-Search and rescue personnel return to shore in New Orleans. A horrific glimpse ..^
of Hurricane Katrina's wrath emerged, as more than 30 patients were reportedly found dead
in a suburban New Orleans nursing home overcome by floods. (AFP/POOL/David Phillip)
Wednesday, 9/07/05 "N. O. Mayor: "All Residents Must Leave"
NEW ORLEANS-  Many residents have still refused to leave N. O., despite a mandatory evacuation and warnings from govt. officials that staying in the flooded city represents a health risk. Whether they want to go or not,  the New Orleans' mayor has ordered law enforcement agencies to remove from the city everyone who is not involved in cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina. Lt. Gen. Russel Horne said that the task of removing people against their will was a law enforcement job and that the military would continue to deliver food and water to the survivors still in the city.

Tuesday, 9/06/05  "Web Sites Post Pictures of Missing Children, Adults & Pets"
Web site - Children Seeking Parents; Missing Children; Missing Adults. Photos of children separated from their parents by Hurricane Katrina have been posted on a Web site by the "National Center for Missing and Exploited Children" in an attempt to reunite families. Photos of more than two dozen children found in Louisiana were posted on the organization's Web site Home Page:, together with sometimes scanty information available on them.  The center has also set up a telephone hotline: (888-544-5475). Pets-Website

Endangered Missing: From: MARRERO, LA; U.S. A. -  Missing: Aug 27, 2005
 9/06/05 Web site - Children Seeking Parents; Missing Children; Missing Adults.
This picture is one of the children missing, last known to be with his father in the Marrero, La. area. The child normally
goes with his father to work at Meadowcrest Hospital; however, there has been no contact with either of them since Hurricane Katrina.
  DYLAN BETHANCOURT, DOB: Apr 28, 1997, Height: 4'2" (127 cm)
Eyes: Hazel, Race:  White, Age Now:  8, Sex: Male, Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg), Hair: Brown
 Home- ( The center has also set up a telephone hotline (888-544-5475).

Tuesday, 9/06/05  "Many N.O. Residents Refuse To Leave, Many Search For Missing Children, Adults & Pets"
NEW ORLEANS- Searchers have been frustrated by hundreds of holdouts who have refused to leave the paralyzed city & their homes, fearing possessions will be pillaged, pets will die and their way of life will be erased. A sr. N. O. police official said Mon. that some 10K inhabitants remained, hidden inside flooded residences, apartments and housing projects, surviving on foraged scraps and food drops by the military. Many of the evacuees are frantically searching for children & adults missing in the confusion: Web site.  Many pets are being rescued by: The Humane Soc. of Canada -working in partnership with the Amer. Humane Assn.


  ^..9/05/05  "Nowhere To Go" ..^
Dogs stranded after Hurricane Katrina gather on top of a flooded car Mon., in New Orleans.
Stranded animals are likely running out of time for lack of food & clean water. Pets-Website
Dave Martin, AP; 9/06/05 - The Orange County Register

Tuesday, 9/06/05 "N. O.'s Levee Repairs & Draining Underway -Takes Time"
New Orleans - The N.O. levee system of steel, earth and concrete embankments lies below the level of the Miss. river to the south and lake Pontchartrain to the north, & has been used for nearly 300 yrs. to protect the urban area. Mayor Ray Nagin said that 80% of the city was flooded after Hurr. Katrina broke open several critical levees last week. U.S. army engineers have plugged one of the biggest gaps in the levee system surrounding N. O. & have started to pump water from the flooded city. The army corps of engineers strengthened the damaged barrier along the 17th St. canal in the west city using metal sheets, before dropping dozens of 1,200kg sandbags onto the breach from helicopters. Another break in the London Street canal was also closed up, but engineers warned that pumping out the floodwaters would still take up to 80 days.
Monday, 9/05/05 "Many Hurricane Victims Too Poor To Evacuate"
 AP- Analysis of Census data shows that the residents in the 12 hardest hit neighborhoods in La.,  Miss. & Ala. also were disproportionately minority and had incomes $10K below the national average. "... It's not our fault that we didn't have cars to leave," Shatonia Thomas, 27, said as she walked near New Orleans' convention center 5 days after the storm, still trapped in the destruction with her children, ages 6 and 9. Money and transportation, 2  keys to surviving a natural disaster, were inaccessible for many who got left behind in the Gulf region's worst squalor. "It's a different equation for poor people," explained Dan Carter, a University of South Carolina historian. "There's a certain ease of transportation and funds that the middle class in this country takes for granted."

 ^.. Monday, 9/05/05  Toni Miller peers out of her home in one of New Orleans' poorer neighborhoods. ..^
Authorities readied roaming morgues to collect the sodden corpses from the U. S. A.'s
worst natural disaster. (AFP/Getty Images/Chris Hondros)

^.. Monday, 9/05/05  Eight days after Hurricane Katrina hit, desperate Miss. victims scramble for necessities ..^
handed out by members of the Alabama National Guard at a distribution center in Pascagoula.
(AFP/Getty Images/Win McNamee)

Sunday, 9/04/05  "Hurricane-flood Victims Rescued; Leaving the Dead "In the Thousands"
Gulf Coast-The last hurricane-flood victims are being rescued from attics, rooftops, the Superdome & convention center in New Orleans; while gathering up and counting the dead ensued, with bodies everywhere: hidden in attics, floating in the ruined city, crumpled in wheelchairs, on highways, etc. Health & Human Services Sec. Michael Leavitt said Sunday of the death toll from Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, that he couldn't provide a precise number on the impact of the devastation, & said, "I think it's evident it's in the thousands."

 ^.. 9/04/05  A despondent David Brown, victim of Hurricane Katrina, sits at the ..^
Astrodome stadium where 16,000 evacuees received food and shelter in Houston, Texas.
The Arena is being used as an intake facility where medical care is provided and evacuees of
Hurricane Katrina are evaluated for assignment to other facilities. (Carlos Barria/Reuters)

^.. 9/05/05  A cross is seen on a street in New Orleans, Louisiana, September 4, 2005. .^
Police in the United States must not rush to identify the bodies of Hurricane Katrina victims
too quickly or they will run the risk of countless mistakes, the head of Thailand's tsunami
identification operations said on Monday.  REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

Saturday, 9/3/05  "Pres. Bush -"The Enormity of the Task Requires More Resources"
WASH. D.C. - In a rare, televised radio address from the White House Rose Garden, Pres. Bush again said that the rescue results for the Hurricane victims of the Gulf Coast have been "unacceptable", citing some unique problems & difficulties brought by the tragedy. "The enormity of the task requires more resources," the Pres. said. "In America we do not abandon our fellow citizens in their hour of need." He added that 4K active duty troops are already in the area & 7K more will arrive in the next 72 hrs. from the Army's 82nd Airborne from Fort Bragg, N.C., & 1st Cavalry Div. from Fort Hood, Tex., & the Marines' 1st & 2nd Expeditionary forces from Camp Pendleton, Calif., & Camp Lejeune, N.C.   Full speech
Friday, 9/02/05 "Aid-The Results Are Not Acceptable"
Gulf Coast - President Bush: "There's a lot of people working hard to help those who have been affected. I want to thank people for their efforts.... The results are not acceptable...We'll get on top of this situation and we're going to help the people that need help." Four days after Hurricane Katrina struck, the Nat. Guard arrived in force Friday with food, water & weapons, rolling through the floodwaters in a vast truck convoy with orders to retake the streets  & bring relief to the suffering. More buses were showing up to evacuate refugees from the New Orleans Superdome while military vehicles full of meals-ready-to-eat, bottled water and other supplies began to arrive. Helicopters were picking up what was left of people stranded on rooftops as armed police and military went through the streets to clamp down on crime.

 ^..NEW ORLEANS - Four days after Hurricane Katrina struck, ..^
the National Guard arrived in force Friday with food, water and weapons, rolling through the
floodwaters in a vast truck convoy with orders to retake the streets and bring relief to the suffering.
"The cavalry is and will continue to arrive," said one general. AP Photo

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Friday, 9/02/05 "KATRINA Health-Crisis Aid Arrives Too Late For Too Many"
New Orleans - A military convoy with food and emergency supplies finally reached N. O. Fri., but a health emergency is raging after Hurr. Katrina tore in from the Gulf earlier this week, sending deep floodwaters surging through much of the historic city. Thousands are feared dead, & the city's hospitals are without electricity or key medical supplies, struggling to keep critically ill patients alive. Conditions are appalling at N. O.'s  2 main emergency shelters: the Superdome & convention center; with abandoned dead bodies on the ground or propped up in chairs. The stench of human feces and urine was overwhelming, and many sick people waited listlessly on the ground or in wheelchairs to be fed and evacuated. Many complained about the fed. govt's slow response to the disaster & seek its explanation. Katrina's victims are predominantly black and poor. "They left us here to die," said Tony Hatcher, a 48 yr. old who looked around & pointed out a woman with a half bandaged open sore on her left leg & a boy with bad skin condition on his arms. Neither had received medical attention.

 ^..Tue. Aug 30.  Evelyn Turner cries alongside the body of her common-law ..^
husband, Xavier Bowie, after he died in New Orleans, Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005. Bowie and Turner
had decided to ride out Hurricane Katrina when they could not find a way to leave the city.
Bowie, who had lung cancer, died when he ran out of oxygen Tuesday afternoon. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)
Thursday, 9/01/05 "Horrors Of Katrina-Lawlessness; Possibly Thousands Dead"
Authorities' first priority is to reach the living, with the storm's full magnitude still unclear because some areas in Miss. & La. are still unreachable. N.O. Mayor Nagin said: "Minimum, hundreds...most likely, thousands of people have died, calling for a total evacuation of N.O., uninhabitable for the 50K to 100K who remained behind after the city of nearly a half million was ordered evacuated before Katrina hit with 145 mph winds... & it will be 2 or 3 mos. before the city is functioning again ... people will not be allowed back home for at least a month or 2." The U.S. military, overseeing the evacuation at the N.O. Superdome reported  fires set outside, making it difficult for buses to get close enough to pick people up. Growing lawlessness from roving, armed groups prompted Nagin 's ordering the entire police force to stop the criminals from looting & interference with search & rescue; as Nat. Guardsmen in armored vehicles poured into N.O. to help restore order. The death toll is reported at least 110 in Miss. where ambulances roamed through passable streets of  Biloxi, Gulfport, Waveland & Bay St. Louis, past corpses to save people trapped in flooded and crumbled buildings.

 ^..Aug. 31, 2005 Children are lined up before boarding a bus as people  ..^
are evacuated from the Superdome in New Orleans. (AFP/Robert Sullivan)
Wednesday, 8/31/05 "President Bush Marshals Federal Forces For Hurricane Relief Effort"
WASHINGTON - Pres. Bush met with sr. members of his cabinet at the White House and said, "We're dealing with one of the worst natural disasters in our nation's history," having viewed the region from the air;  & pledged  to do "all in our power" to save lives and provide sustenance to numberless victims of Hurricane Katrina, his citing included more than 50 disaster medical assistance teams & more than 25 urban search & rescue teams, both from FEMA; & the Transportation Dept. has provided trucks to convey 5.4M  ready-to-eat meals, 13.4M liters of water, 10,400 tarps, 3.4M lbs. of ice, 144 generators, 20 containers of prepositioned disaster supplies, 135K blankets & 11K cots; etc. & cautioned that recovery of the Gulf Coast's tremendous devastation will likely take years.

 ^..September 1, 2005 Volunteers and emergency personel make their way through ..^
the flooded streets of New Orleans. They were attempting to evacuate stranded people from
high water areas. (Carolyn Cole / LAT)

 ^..Aug. 31, 2005.  Sheila Dixon of New Orleans weeps as she clutches ..^
her 18-month-old daughter Emily as they sit on the side of Interstate-10 after being airlifted
out of flood besieged New Orleans on Wednesday,  Dixon wept.

Wednesday, 8/31/05 "Gulf Coast Chaos & Death Rising"
Los Angeles Times — Across the storm devastated Gulf Coast, overwhelmed rescue teams & public officials are struggling to cope with the enormity of Hurricane Katrina's rising toll of chaos and death. New Orleans sank into crisis as floodwaters rushing through breached levees endangered hundreds of storm victims, while searchers in Mississippi's ravaged shore towns recovered 100 bodies and pressed to find scores of missing. The landscape between N. O. & Ala. is transformed by wind and surf into stretches of churning flood plain. In N. O., two levees broke, leaving 80% of the city flooded. Hundreds of stranded survivors atop roofs waved frantically to Coast Guard helicopters for salvation from rising waters. At least 3,000 people were rescued in N. O, where low lying neighborhoods are swamped by threatening currents from Lake Pontchartrain, public safety officials said. An untold number of people are missing. N.O., La's governor called for complete, mandatory evacuation.

 ^..Aug. 31, 2005. Two men wave and call for a rescue boat from a flooded  ..^
neighborhood on the east side of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina left much of the city under water.
Officials called for a mandatory evacuation of the city, but many residents remained in the city and had to be
rescued from flooded homes and hotels. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

Tuesday, 8/30/05  "Hurricane Katrina: "Catastrophic"
FEMA- Hurricane Katrina wrought "catastrophic" damage to low-lying portions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama & additional medical personnel were being moved in to treat evacuated hospital patients. With at least one N.O. hosp. threatened by floodwaters, patients were being transferred to the Superdome, & medical personnel were being sent in to treat them. "The damage is very, very sobering,...& of course the flooding is just everywhere ...This storm is really having a catastrophic effect," reported Michael Brown, dir. of the Federal Emerg. Mngmt. Agency.

 ^..Mon., Aug. 29, 2005,  Miss. - Bay St. Louis Emergency Management Agency ..^
volunteer crews rescue the Taylor family from the roof of their suburban, which became
trapped on US 90 due to flooding during Hurricane Katrina. (AP Photo/Ben Sklar)

Monday, 8/29/05 "Hurricane Katrina Devastates Several Coastal Areas, Many Feared Dead"
 Hurricane Katrina is causing heavy flooding, killing 55 known, in New Orleans & elsewhere along the Gulf Coast, where many have to be rescued from rooftops and attics as the floodwaters rise around them. Many others were feared dead in flooded neighborhoods, some could not be reached by rescuers because of high water. La. Gov. Kathleen Blanco said, "We pray that the loss of life is very limited, but we fear that is not the case,... In some cases, rescuers are sawing through roofs to get to people in attics, & other stranded residents "are swimming to our boats," she said. Power is lost to more than a million people from La. to Fla's Panhandle, & authorities said it could be 2 mos. before electricity is restored to everyone. 10 major hospitals in N. O. were running on emerg. backup power.
 ^..Aug. 30, 2005 Alex Curtis, 12, sits in front of damage from Hurricane Katrinain Biloxi, Miss.  ..^
Curtis said his family's roof was ripped off in the storm. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)
Monday, 8/29/05 "Katrina Makes Landfall As A Category 4 Hurricane"
NEW ORLEANS - Hurricane Katrina, a Category 4 storm, turned slightly eastward before hitting land about 6:10 a.m. CDT, east of Grand Isle in the bayou town of Buras, with 145 mph winds, putting the the weaker side of the strongest winds over New Orleans. But Nat. Hurricane Center Dir., Max Mayfield warned that New Orleans would be pounded throughout  Mon. & that the storm's potential 20 ft. storm surge could yet swamp the city. At the La. Superdome, which became a shelter for about 9K , the roof is leaking & electrical power failed at 5:02 a.m. Emergency generators are running only reduced lighting & cannot run the air conditioning.

 ^..Aug. 31, 2005. Volunteer Mickey Monceaux carries David Johnson, who could not walk,  ..^
to safety after he used his boat to rescue Johnson and other residents from a flooded neighborhood on the
east side of  New Orleans, Wednesday, Hurricane Katrina left much of the city under water. Officials called for a mandatory
evacuation of the city, but many residents remained in the city and had to be rescued from flooded homes and hotels.
(AP Photo/Eric Gay)
^ ^ "Tracking Katrina"

Sunday, 8/28/05 "Mandatory Evacuation For New Orleans Expecting Katrina"
NEW ORLEANS - Katrina, intensified into a Category 5 hurricane, with 175-mph winds & a threat of a 28-foot storm surge, forced a N.O. mandatory evacuation, to which the city below-sea-level must promptly, protectively react.  Katrina, in the Gulf of Mexico, is on a path to come ashore early Monday in the heart of New Orleans. That would make it the city's first direct hit in 40 years & its most powerful storm ever. "We are facing a storm that most of us have long feared," Mayor Ray Nagin said in ordering the mandatory evacuation for his city of 485,000 people, surrounded by suburbs of a million more. "The storm surge will most likely topple our levee system."

 ^..A gas station lies battered from 2005 downtown Biloxi, Mississippi. ..^
Economic losses from Hurricane Katrina's deadly carnage could top
100 billion dollars, forecasters said.  (AFP/Getty Images/Barry Williams)
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Saturday, 8/27/05 "Hurricane Katrina Kills at Least 7 in Fla., Strengthens, Moves West"
 Fla. - Hurricane Katrina has killed at least 7 in Fla., and is gaining strength & moving westward in the Gulf of Mexico on a path to make landfall again in the region as early as Monday, possibly as a Category 4 storm.

 ^..Aug. 28, 2005 Theresa Taylor, left, Jessie Irwing and Ernie Fritz of the Lake Eden  ..^
Gardens mobile home park in Hollywood, Fla., survey hurricane damage. AP Photo - Damon Higgins.

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