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Bragging, Bullying and Bull

May 1, 2012, 10 AM PT

Today's news: details about an executive order: Obama Admin. naming and shaming donors to Mitt Romney, punishing Republican donors;
added to a long list of creepy, crafty govt. shenanigans that have diminished public trust in Washington more than any other time before.

My grammar school schoolyard had nothing on this. Nine year olds behaved with more honesty, decency and modesty than what we're experiencing in this present day bureaucracy.

News watchers are dismayed at the desperate power struggle taking place from an administration that routinely manufactures any ridiculous issue, to avoid the main issue of a more than 3 year record of dismal economic failure, astonishing un-presidential behavior, wastefulness and scandal.

The Presidency is a very serious business, not one to be handed over to the immature, mendacious, inexperienced and unproductive. When does this president work on the important issues for the people, with all the continual away from DC campaigning and free of cost photo ops/political speeches? Every Republican House proposal is trashed by the Democrats: budgets, jobs, deficits, while none of these vital issues are being resolved.

Voters need to separate the men from the boys in electing govt. officials if they want a secure and productive America.

It's not the rhetoric, it's the record. The Obama presidency is one fraught with non accomplishment, wasteful spending and divisiveness.

We can do better.

We can vote for a man with a solid business record of success; we need a super man, capable of tackling the horrific, downward spiraling mess we're in.

We are so lucky to have such a man running to serve as our president.

The Presidency is not a popularity or a beauty contest, (although Mitt Romney does look a lot like:

  Don't you think? )

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