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A Norman Rockwell Painting
Job 36:5
Behold, GOD IS Mighty, and despises not any: He IS Mighty in Strength and Wisdom.

Job 36:7
He Withdraws not His Eyes from the righteous: but with kings are they on the Throne;
yea, He does Establish them for ever, and they are Exalted.

Gerry M. Kaye

Dec. 16, 2004; Updated

Righteousness in Godliness brings spirituality that yields prosperity. The cost of employing human dispensability for convenience in management and manipulation cannot be measured in the long run. That has been not an uncommon old world view and a formula for failure, and it should be soundly dispensed with in all nations that want to be "soundly, successfully progressive."

II Ch 24:20 ... Thus Says GOD,
Why transgress you The Commandments of The LORD,
that you cannot prosper?

... because you have forsaken The LORD, He has also Forsaken you.

We don't have to take eons to solve all our problems and enter an era of true prosperity in fulfilling the needs of all our peoples; we do need to give way to righteousness.

Matthew 6:33; Job 36:21; II Ch. 26:5
But seek you first The Kingdom of GOD, and His Righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.

Take heed, regard not iniquity:
for this have you chosen rather than affliction.

And he sought GOD, in the days of Zechariah,
who had understanding in the visions of GOD,
and as long as he sought The LORD,
GOD Made him to prosper.

Above all it is Mercy that dictates righteous choices.

Exodus 25:21; Hosea 10:12; Isaiah 16:5
And you shall put the Mercy Seat above upon the Ark;
and in the Ark you shall put The Testimony that I shall Give you.

Sow to yourselves in Righteousness,
reap in Mercy;
break up your fallow ground:
for it is time to seek The LORD,
till He Come and Rain Righteousness upon you.

And in Mercy shall The Throne be Established:
and He shall Sit upon it in Truth in the Tabernacle of David,
Judging, and Seeking  Judgment, and Hastening Righteousness..

Job 36:6  He preserves not the life of the wicked:
but Gives right to the poor.

The protagonists that champion indifference for that commodity as their means to an end are themselves, victims of their own lack of it. We see it in violent criminal behavior with disregard for the victims, terrorism targeting the innocent, staunch choice-abortionists who cannot bring themselves to consider the horrific reality of the infliction on innocence above their own aims, and who fight merciful legislation; all of whom are seriously lacking in that necessary commodity of mercy that is a primary component of righteousness.

Job 36:9, 10, 19
Then He Shows them their work, and their transgressions that they have exceeded.

He Opens also their ear to discipline, and Commands that they return from iniquity.

Will He Esteem your riches?
No, not gold, nor all the forces of strength.

Denying people a decent minimum wage is also pitiless and coldly uncharitable; and often leads to homelessness. How does that issue righteously attest to a nation's prosperity?

Job 36:3
I will fetch my knowledge from afar, and will ascribe Righteousness to my Maker.

GOD Makes By His Authority: the Decisions pertaining to matters of life and death, therefore, the presumptuous death penalty is spurious and harmful to the necessary, occupational advancement of a culture of life.

What we are witnessing in the presently troubled, chaotic world is simply a serious lack of the will to Righteousness. The lack finds its core in the absence of belief in GOD and of faith.

Job 36:17
But you have fulfilled the judgment of the wicked: Judgment and Justice Take Hold on you.

The Church does not do its labor of love for mere weekend entertainment and the display of social gathering. There's a far more serious cause to be addressed than consciences set at ease by attendance: namely the aforementioned lack and absence of enacted true righteousness in mercy and true charity, predominant among too many.

Job 36:18; II Ch. 20:20
Because there is Wrath, beware, lest He Take you away with His Stroke:
then a great ransom cannot deliver you.
 Hear me, O Judah, and you inhabitants of Jerusalem;
Believe in The LORD your GOD, so shall you be Established;
believe His Prophets, so shall you prosper.

The careless public leaders of the people and some with occupational prominence that stand out among the people, through their unrighteous advice and example, carry the weight of responsibility for their squander; and should see the escalating peril and the necessity to seriously pitch in and address that lack of that one Commodity above all others that decides for real success or failure for the common good....

 John 15:10
Jesus Saying,
 If you keep My Commandments, you shall abide in My Love;
even as I have Kept My FATHER'S Commandments,
and Abide in His love.

...that you may find His Grace through Jesus Christ, our LORD..

Isaiah 9:6
 For to us A Child IS Born, to Us A Son Is Given: .and the Government shall be upon His Shoulder:
and His Name shall be Called Wonderful,
The Mighty GOD,
The Everlasting FATHER, The Prince of Peace.


1 Ch. 22:11; Zec 1:17
Now, my son, The LORD be With you;
and Prosper you,
and build the House of The LORD your GOD, as He has Said of you.

Cry yet, saying,
Thus Says The LORD of Hosts;
My cities through prosperity shall yet be spread abroad;

... and The LORD shall yet Comfort Zion, and shall yet Choose Jerusalem.

John 15:10
Jesus Saying,
 If you keep My Commandments, you shall abide in My Love;
even as I have Kept My FATHER'S Commandments, and Abide in His love.

John 16:33
These Things I have Spoken unto you, that in Me you might have peace.

In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer;
I have Overcome the world.

"Here Comes Santa Clause".Classic  Christmas - Performed
By Gene Autry

Refresh to Restore Animation

"Santa's Children"
Calculating of Expense
Norman Rockwell
Saturday Evening Post Cover
Dec. 4, 1920

I don't know why many people think of Santa as a secular figure that is unworthy of inclusion in a true Christmas celebration. When you think about it, isn't he a pretty influential advocate for good behavior among children? Sure, mostly it's because kids want great gifts from him, but it goes deeper than materialism when kids pay attention and become more aware of choices of good v. bad and what's truly good for them. Furthermore, isn't that his foremost personality trait, his great interest in righteousness?

He sees you when you're sleeping,
he knows when you're awake,
he knows if you've been bad or good,
so be good for goodness sake.
better watch out, ....

Job 36:22
Behold, GOD Exalts by His Power:
who Teaches like Him?

I believe that jolly old Saint Nick has a job to do on the good side in this regard and he does it well, showing up every year and reminding us all, actually, to be good.

He doesn't offend me; as a matter of fact, along  with my wreaths and trees and ornaments, I've got an awesome collection of Santas that I break out all around the house every Christmas; and stealthily nurture a fascinating hobby of haunting the thrift shops in search of more him....more him....

Tall, short, skinny, fat,
Santa wears his cheery hat,
his bright red suits,
his jolly smiles;
in his boots,

he travels miles
upon his sleigh, with his reindeer;
 we each can feel his laughter near,
he surely brings good Christmas cheer:
our Santa Claus so very dear.
                                                                                                       - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye 2004


Psalms 122:6
Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love you.

In The Name of our LORD,



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