In Results Of Studies Into The Power Of Prayer.
Of Science & Spirituality
For All Our Children & Our World.
Psalms 46:1 GOD Is our Refuge and Strength, a very Present Help in trouble.
   "LOVE TO PRAY ...
..feel often during the day the need for prayer
and take the trouble to pray. Prayer enlarges
the heart until it is capable of containing GOD's 
Gift of Himself. Ask and seek, and your heart
will grow big enough to receive Him and keep 
Him as your own." -  Mother Teresa
HIGHLY SIGNIFICANT FINDINGS In Results Of Studies Into The Power Of Prayer
Gerry M. Kaye

Nov. 7, 2001-Updated -  A significant marriage of scientific and spiritual concept is taking place in extremely positive and forward moving, (and expected) occurrences where Truth surely does prevail.

In one recent study conducted at a hospital in Seoul, Korea, the Fertilization Study found a doubling of the pregnancy rate among women who were prayed for, says Rogerio A. Lobo, MD, chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University School of Medicine in New York City. His study appears in the September issue of the Journal of Reproductive Health. Additionally the studies of heart problems and non human organisms are featured below.

Women at an in vitro fertilization clinic had higher pregnancy rates when total strangers were praying for them. Another study finds that people undergoing risky cardiovascular surgery have fewer complications when they are the focus of prayer groups.

"It's a highly significant finding," Lobo told WebMD, "I'm first to say we don't know what this means."  The randomized study involved 199 women who were undergoing in vitro fertility treatments at a hospital in Seoul, Korea, during 1998 and 1999. All women were selected for the study based on their similar age and fertility factors.

Half the women were randomly assigned to have one of several Christian prayer groups in the U.S., Canada, and Australia pray for them. A photograph of each patient was given to her prayer group. While one set of prayer groups prayed directly for the women, a second set of prayer groups prayed for the first set, and a third group prayed for both groups. Neither the women nor their medical caregivers knew about the study or
that anyone was praying for them.

Lobo admits there may be some "biological variable" that they have not discovered, which could account for the high success rate among the prayed for women.

He and his colleagues are already planning a follow-up study also involved in vitro fertilization. "We were not expecting to find a positive result. Researchers have re-analyzed the data several times, to detect any discrepancies, but have been unable to find any," said Lobo.

The second study involves 150 patients: all having serious heart problems, all scheduled for a procedure called angioplasty, in which doctors thread a catheter up into a clogged heart artery, open it up, and insert a little device called a stent to prop it open.

"Patients who were prayed for during their procedure had far fewer complications", reports lead author Mitchell W. Krucoff, MD, director of the Ischemia Monitoring Laboratory at Duke University Medical Center and the Durham Veterans Administration Medical Center in Durham, NC. His study appears in the current issue of the American Heart Journal.

Krucoff enrolled 150 patients who were going to have the stent procedure, and then randomly assigned them to receive one of five complementary therapies: guided imagery, stress relaxation, healing touch, or intercessory ' off site' prayer, which meant they were prayed for by others, or to no complementary therapy.

All the complementary therapies, except off-site prayer, were performed at the patient's bedside at least one hour before the cardiac procedures.

Seven prayer groups of varying denominations around the world: Buddhists, Catholics, Moravians, Jews, fundamentalist Christians, Baptists, and the Unity School of Christianity prayed for specific patients during their procedures.

Each prayer group was assigned names, ages, and illnesses of specific patients they were to pray for. None of the patients, family members, or staff knew who was being prayed for. None of the patient prayer group matchings were based on denomination.

"This was a very rigorously controlled study, just as we would look at any therapeutic, a new cardiovascular drug, a new stent, and see the results in terms of patients' outcomes," said Krucoff. The goal was to determine which therapies warranted further study in a bigger trial.

Those in the "prayed for" group had fewer complications than any of the patients, including those receiving other complementary therapies, he said. "Although it's not statistical proof, it's not certainty, it is suggestive to the point that we've already begun a phase II trial."

He has already enrolled more than 300 people in a phase II study. Both studies are "well controlled," preliminary trials "providing more evidence that there's something to it all," says Blair Justice, PhD, professor of psychology and psychobiologist (mind-body medicine) at the University of Texas School of Public Health in Houston.

"Research into prayer has been going on a lot longer than is reflected in mainstream journals," said Justice. "Since the 1980s, there have been several well-controlled prospective studies, good evidence that this wasn't some product of a good imagination."

Some of the studies conducted in Europe involved non human organisms: enzyme cells, bacteria, plants, animals, which could not be affected by other complicating factors, including faith. Groups were assigned to pray for their growth, then the prayers were reversed, and people were praying against growth. Each time, the plants responded according to the focus of the prayers.

"There seems to be something to it," Justice says. "While current technology does not allow researchers to understand the mechanism behind prayer, what makes it work: it's much like gravity and other natural phenomena that were considered mysterious forces by earlier cultures. Keppler was accused of being insane when he said tides were due to the tug of lunar gravity; even Galileo considered it to be ravings of a lunatic, until Marconi proved the theory."

Of Medical Science & Spirituality.
By Gerry M. Kaye

Where there has been no question in the minds of believers as to the Power of prayer that is so clearly stated in The Holy Bible and in other good books of religious faith, more and more there is a new dawn taking place in medical science for a new age of advancement that will greatly benefit mankind. Hope unfolds into reality, with faith. Praise be to GOD.

Psalms 66:8  .O bless our GOD, people; and make the voice of His Praise to be heard.

It is interesting that in the recorded early history of attempts at forming decent civilizations, there existed a great propensity among wise leaders to call upon GOD's Help in an otherwise barren and precarious world. Belief in GOD's Person and Qualities depended upon man's knowledge of Him, and their choices were based on what they perceived as truth.

The good faiths grew to rely upon His Merciful Goodness and Loving-kindness, and found this to be the place of Refuge in real hope, and their Guide in their choices and their belief. For it seemed right to abide in His Love and Righteousness which Provided inward peace and hope; and have this manifested in their own choices and actions for a better worldly life for themselves, their families and their communities.

If this seems very simplistic, it is mankind's foundation for his successful, peaceful life in decent surroundings.

But as corruption became prevalent and more and more threatening to mankind and his environment, it became necessary to Provide more: it became necessary for GOD to Empower the righteous through His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the rest is History.

John 6:68, 69
You have The Words of Eternal Life. And we believe and are sure
that You Are that Christ, The Son of The Living GOD

For in stressing The Truth of GOD, and Performing the Powers of GOD as in His Miraculous Healings of the sick and Raising of the dead, and in His Death to which the unrighteous are fervently condemned, yet capable of Redemption, He Made it impossible to disregard the importance of mankind's individual choices that can mean the difference between life and death, Salvation or destruction, happiness or sorrow, world peace or world misery.

Matthew 11:28  Come to Me, all you that labor and are heavy laden,
and I will Give you rest.

In defining the Power of Truth in good religious faiths and combining this with Power through Jesus Christ that Is Capable of Overcoming evil that is self serving and destructive and apart from the common good, we are Made capable of progress toward a better world.

The Truth that Makes us free is the knowledge that we do have The Wonderful, Righteous, Caring, Merciful GOD, Who has Provided so much for our success and well being because He Who IS Holy, truly Loves us and Greatly Desires our success in Him.

Psalms 63:2  To see Thy Power and Thy Glory, so as I have seen Thee in the Sanctuary.

For All Our Children & Our World.
Pastor Gerry M. Kaye

Psalms 48:1 .Great Is The LORD, and greatly to be Praised in the City of our GOD,
in the Mountain of His Holiness.


Wonder of the Heavens, Maker of the Universes, Perpetual Inhabitor and Ruler of all dimensions of time and space, firstly we praise You.

Psalms 45:6   Your Throne, O GOD, is forever and ever.
The Scepter of Your Kingdom is a Right Scepter.

You ARE our Life, our Spirit and our Hope. And we now abide heavily in hope as we encounter the very sorrowful events of our Earth.

Psalms 41:1 Blessed is he that considers the poor;
The LORD will Deliver him in time of trouble.

We, of all nations, stand united and pray for the children of whom there are so many who are suffering and dying. Starvation, exploitation, cruel abortions, neglect and diseases have plagued our societies and our faltering world; and we humbly ask Your Help and Kind Forgiveness and Mercy in that we have come to this.

We ask that You Aid all of the merciful that are working toward the aid of the needy; and we ask that the Charities will honorably pour out their resources that they have collected from the charitable for this cause of mercifully aiding the children and all people, the very many that are in dire circumstances.

We pray, FATHER GOD, for Your Continual Blessings for the righteous, and Your Mercy and Direction for all of us.

Luke 1:53, 4 ; Psalms 66:2
He has Filled the hungry with good things; ...
in Remembrance of His Mercy.

 Sing forth the Honor of His Name:
make His Praise Glorious.

Let us, nation to nation, brother to brother, hand to hand, stand and unite in good will for the common good without rivalries and resentments, to build our world up to an honorable place fit to live in, of decency and peace.

Psalms 66: 7  He Rules by His Power forever;
His Eyes Behold the nations; let not the rebellious exalt themselves.

Psalms 91: 2,4   I will say of The LORD,
He IS my Refuge and my Fortress: His Truth shall be your Shield and Buckler.

Isaiah 5:16 .And GOD that IS Holy shall be Sanctified in Righteousness.

In The Name of our LORD,


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* References: The Holy Bible, M.S.N News; Journal of Reproductive Health,
American Heart Journal, WebMD article: " People Who Are Prayed for Fare Better" By Jeanie Davis