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How the Global Revival of Faith is Changing the World
 The Washington Times - The world is following America's lead as it pertains
to faith going hand-in-hand with democracy. "Religion now goes hand in hand with modernity,"

Ezekiel 2:9  ¶ And when I looked, behold, an Hand was Sent unto me; and, Lo, a Roll of a Book was therein;
Internet Is 40, Celebrates. With a Birthday Party
Baby's first word was "Lo"
On October 29, 1969 a computer at UCLA first "talked" to one at a research institute.
Engineers began typing "LOG" to log into the distant computer, which crashed after getting the "O."
"So, the first message was 'Lo' as in 'Lo and behold' "We couldn't have a better, more succinct first message."
 ¶ Psalms 127:3  Lo, children are an Heritage of The LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His Reward. ¶
Featuring: "The Restorer"
Fort Hood Services and Information
Video  Interview: Former Terrorist Now Expresses Support of Gratitude to Israel
"Never make concessions to radicals, ...the more concessions you make, the more they attack you." - Tawfiq Hamid
(Israel)  Tawfiq Hamid, a one-time Islamic terror organization member, is now in Israel taking part in the Facing Tomorrow conference in
Jerusalem. He believes that the Jews have done their best, and that it's now the Muslim world's turn to make some changes and concessions.
Son of an Islamic Hamas shares his Christian conversion story
 "I saw that Jesus says 'Love your enemies.' I waited and waited and thought about it for a long time."
Thousands flocked to a Southern Baptist church in this Garfield County city Sunday to hear a Gospel message from the son of a radical Islamic
group leader. Mosab Hassan Yousef, whose father is a member of Hamas, told crowds at Emmanuel Baptist Church
that he turned from Islam to Christianity after being drawn to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.
 "Love That Passes Knowledge"  |    "Mastering Prayer"
.The.LORD'S PRAYER".|."That You Love..One Another"  |  "Repentance-"BAPTISM"
Ephesians 3:19
"And to know the Love of Christ, which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the Fulness of GOD."
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Deuteronomy 30:19
"See,... I have set before you Life and death, Blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE LIFE, that both you and your seed may live.".
The Holy Bible's Stance On Abortion
The Bible has always regarded abortion - killing the child in the womb as murder.
II John 1:6  "And this Is Love, that we walk after His Commandments."
I John 5:3; Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17; Romans 13:9
"Thou shalt not kill."
Victory for 'In Jesus' Name' Prayers - Defeat For Atheist Complainers
 Four California cities, Tehachapi, Tracy, Turlock, and now Lodi have all heroically voted unanimously to allow free
speech and public prayers "in Jesus' name," even under threat of lawsuit. "This victory should inspire legislators across America,
that 85% of polled voters want you to allow public prayers 'in Jesus' name,' even in public venues," said Chaplain Klingenschmitt.F
UN resolution undermines religious freedom for faiths around the world
In the name of religious tolerance, the United Nations is gearing up to introduce a "Defamation of Religions" resolution that
will actually undermine the religious liberty and personal safety of Christians and other faith groups worldwide.
Isaiah 43:9
"Let all the nations be gathered together, and let the people be assembled:
... let them hear, and say, "It Is Truth."
Australians Vote Jesus as #1 Most Significant Figure in History
(Australia)—Anglican Media has reported that research commissioned by All About Life polling both Believers and un-believers found that
54% of Australians ranked Jesus as the number one most influential person in history beating Albert Einstein who came in at second place (16%)
Israeli Flag Raised in United Arab Emirates
(IsraelNN.com) The United Arab Emirates (UAE) raised an Israeli flag for the first time this week in recognition
of an Israeli delegation attending an international energy convention, the Foreign Ministry said Thursday..
U.K. Churches Unite to Proclaim 'Christmas Starts with Christ'
LONDON – Churches from all denominations are being invited for the first time
to sponsor a national advertising campaign in the run up to Christmas.

In The Majority - Conservatism Is Increasing In America
A Gallup poll finds that there has been a "slight increase" in the number of Americans who call
themselves conservatives, outnumbering self-described liberals by a 2-to-1 margin.

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Ancient Coins With Biblical Joseph’s Name Found in Egypt
Cairo's Al Ahram newspaper - Archeologists have discovered ancient Egyptian coins bearing the name and image of the biblical Joseph,
"A thorough examination revealed that the coins bore the year in which they were minted and their value, or effigies of the pharaohs who ruled at
the time of their minting. Some of the coins are from the time when Joseph lived in Egypt, and bear his name and portrait," said the report.
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Evidence Found: Prehistoric Man Was No Dummy
According to historian and writer Tom Brooks, the findings show that Britain's Stone Age ancestors were ''sophisticated engineers''
and far from a barbaric race. ''So advanced, sophisticated and accurate is the geometrical surveying now discovered, that we must review
fundamentally the perception of our Stone Age forebears as primitive, "...on prehistoric sites ''It was a breathtaking and complex undertaking
by a people of profound industry and vision. We must revise our thinking of what's gone before.''

Video Preview: Now the Cambrian Fossil Record Disproves Darwin
"Darwin's Dilemma" DVD - Dependable, fossil evidence of slow, incremental biological change has yet to be excavated.
Instead, we find a picture of the rapid appearance of fully developed, complex organisms during the outset of the Cambrian geological era.
"The Reasoning Person's Guide To Creationism and Earth's Preservation" -"Life Comes With Instructions"
Taxpayer funded public schools propagandizing and left-wing- politicizing our kids with untruths.
Be Prepared: "Skills" "A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE" "Raising Children".| .

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He that follows Me will not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life."

."Let Your Fatherly Love for all, Reach all, that we may find our Family-unity
and our rest, a world united in Your Great Peace." ~ P astor Gerry M. Kaye.
The New Jerusalem Church On The Rock
Let us pray for the safety, recovery and .ywelfare of the afflicted, worldwide.

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Support Pro-Life Issues & Political Candidates.
"bortion.ews" | "A CHOICE WITH TRUTH"..URGENT.. | ."rayerAcrossAmerica"
Without A Doubt - The Overriding Moral Issue Of Our Time!
Provides a shocking glimpse into how your tax dollars and twisted biomedical research are targeting the unborn..

Prayer Across America
Genesis 1:4  "And GOD Saw the light, that it was Good: and GOD Divided the light from the darkness."
Sept. 29 - Nov. 3,  2009
Special Edition
Sept. 15, 22, 2009   |   Sept. 8, 2009   |   "A Prayer for Reform"
  "A Tribute To Abe Lincoln" | Martin Luther King Jr. .
Afghanistan Prayer Patrol Launched
"In April, 2007, when the Iraq war was almost lost, we launched the Baghdad Prayer Patrol, and saw dramatic results. Within a month, the 5
year trend of rising U.S. casualties was reversed. It's time now for us to stand with our troops and the people of Afghanistan and join together in prayer."
"Battle Hymn of The Republic"Vintage: by the U.S. Army Band.
Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia on Importance of Religion in America
Teresa Neumann (September 22, 2009)  -
"..We honor Him (GOD) as a nation. We invoke Him in our country, our Presidents invoke Him,
my court opens its sessions with 'GOD save the United States.' Those things are not insignificant." - Antonin Scalia

Ephesians 4:6 ...and FATHER of all, Who IS Above all, Through all, and In you all.

No matter of what belief, religion, or denomination -.Truth for peace and prosperity, individuals and nations.
Pastor Gerry M. Kaye     "Thank You for Coming".
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Telling It Like It Is!
Political cartoon by Gary Varvel

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Kindly Send an Email  of Gratitude.& GreetingTo a Military Service Person and thank them for their sacrifice!
Pray for the safety of the brave & beloved service men & women who are defending our Liberty!
Obama Failing to Confront Tough Questions with Iran, Afghanistan.
Afghanistan: The president's decision to withhold more troops over the country's election is nothing but stalling.
Troops Can't Wait
For our soldiers, desperate for reinforcements, it's a slap in the face..
U.S. troops hope Afghanistan sacrifices not in vain Doubts, determination to finish the mission fill days.
Featuring: "The Restorer"
"Battle Hymn of The Republic"Vintage: by the U.S. Army Band.
Fort Hood Services and Information
Breaking News:
Nidal Hasan-alleged Fort Hood shooter is awake from coma and speaking where he is hospitalized.
Nidal Hasan's former imam said to praise Hasan's suspected murderous attack as heroic.
An Army psychiatrist who reportedly feared an impending war deployment is in custody as the sole suspect in a shooting
rampage at Fort Hood in Texas that left 13 dead and 30 wounded, an Army official said Thursday night.
"Miracle at Sea"
Trio Said Lots of Prayers Waiting to be Rescued.
Prayer Across America
 II Ch 7:15  "Now Mine Eyes shall be Open, and Mine Ears attent to the prayer that is made in this place."
" If ... the Congress... be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand
these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature." - President ( 1881 )  James Garfield..
Special Edition   |   Sept. 29 - Nov. 3,  2009
How the Global Revival of Faith is Changing the World
 The Washington Times - The world is following America's lead as it pertains
to faith going hand-in-hand with democracy. "Religion now goes hand in hand with modernity,"
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Conservative and pro-family values win big at the polls
November 4, 2009   ..."A jolting wake-up call at the polls," said Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty
University School of Law. "Conservative and pro-family values have never been dead or dying: we just needed principled
candidates who can articulate these values, and when that happens, we win," remarked Staver.
Unemployment Rate Tops 10 Percent as 16 Million People Look for Jobs
The jobless rate rose to 10.2 percent from 9.8 percent in September.
Latest Round-Up of Obama Poll Ratings by State
11/05/09 - A recent sampling of new polls that tests Obama's job approval or favorability ratings at the state level.
House Passes Health Care and Abortion Amendment
11/07/09 - The Democrat majority in the House of Representatives has voted in a massive govt. takeover of health care, 220-215, against rising public
opposition, that is predicted to further demolish the already floundering economy with an upward estimate of a whopping $1.2 trillion price tag
and a host of other problems: mandatory-or punishable buy-ins, higher taxation and cuts in Medicare; etc.
Earlier in the evening, the House passed the Stupak Amendment, introduced by conservative Democrats and intended to bar abortion
services from any insurance plan paid for with a federal subsidy. The vote was 240-194 in favor, with one vote of "present."
Sixty-four Democrats voted "yes" on the amendment, along with all but one Republican, Shaddeg (R-Ariz.), who voted "present."
A less expensive Republican alternative that included common sense issues like junk lawsuit reform and allowing insurance-compeitive purchases across
state lines was voted down, 176-258, with the vote nearly all along party lines. One lone Republican voted against his party's plan, Tim Johnson (R-Ill.) - NPR.org
The Obama-Pelosi Abortion Bill for tax payer funded abortions.
Alias: 'Health Care Reform'
“The Ellsworth abortion money-laundering scam" - The bill explicitly authorizes the federal insurance plan, the public option,
to pay for all elective abortions. When the public option pays for abortions, it will be spending federal funds.
Featured Report:
Abortion has become a multi-million dollar industry, funded by taxpayers, that supports and promotes Democrat pro-choice
political candidates. Baby parts are harvested for profit. Profitable, taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research that takes the lives
of viable embryos, and also, assisted suicide, euthanasia have been unquestionably supported and promoted as policy by the Democrat party.
Stop the Government Take Over of Health Care
Enter your zip code for your congressional contacts.  Call Now
Nov. 6, 2009  By  The No-Cost Path to Cheaper Health Care
Congressman John Shadegg in today's Wall Street Journal
Republicans are offering common-sense reforms that would lower costs.
Newly identified corporate supporters of Abortion provider Planned Parenthood named.
The new Boycott List includes an expanded "Dishonorable Mention" section, which
identifies charitable groups that are associated with Planned Parenthood and/or its agenda.
Nov. 5, 09  - House trying to vote on health bill Saturday, Senate Postpones
The biggest bloc are Anti abortion Democrats, led by  Rep. Bart Stupak-Mich., dissatisfied with the measure's handling of abortion, arguing that even
private premiums paid to a public insurance program amount to federal funds. House Republicans' health-care legislation also would be debated on
the floor. Their bill would allow small businesses to pool together to offer health care at lower prices, enable Americans to buy insurance across
state lines, end "junk" lawsuits and take other steps. The Senate leader indicated the Senate may not be able to pass a bill in the next few weeks.
 Poll Shows Rising Non-Support.For Public Option In Healthcare
 While some Democrats claim an increase in support for a health care reform bill that includes a public option, the most recent polling tells a different
story. Following release of the House health care plan by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 42% of voters now support the Congressional effort while 54% are opposed.
Featured Reports:
The Texas Take On the Democrats' Health Care Bill   |Real Cost of the Health Care Bill: $1.8 Trillon Over 10 Years
Republicans' Health Care Plan Is Shorter and Affordable
Nov. 3, 2009- WASHINGTON - Republicans have complained for months, that their health care reform plan has been ignored by democrat leaders - lowering
costs rather than expanding coverage, with no requirement for people to buy insurance. Today spokeswoman Antonia Ferrier discussed it, saying  "As Leader Boehner has
made clear, our proposal will focus on the No. 1 concern of the American people -- reducing health care costs, and we do it at a price tag our nation can afford...."
March on Washington: Stop the government health care takeover
 Update: Thousands descend on D.C., “You work for us!”
Nov. 5, 2009 - GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann has put out a call for a march on Washington DC at noon today to stop the government health care takeover.
Republicans Victorious in Key Races
Conservative Republican Bob McDonnell's victory in Virginia, Chris Christie in New Jersey, bring the GOP big gubernatorial wins.
ACORN is heavily involved in NJ Democrat Gov. Corzine's get-out-the-vote operation
ACORN-linked groups from neighboring Penn. and NY appear to have moved into the state with reported involvement in the election.
Oct. 30, 09- Pro-life Democrats hold 40 votes against the health care reform in House
Democrats For Life of America announced today that they have 40 votes that will vote against the
House health care reform legislation if tax payer funded abortion language is not removed from the bill.
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Obama says US is "like an ocean liner" - Looks. like There's No One On The Bridge
The following 12 political actions are simply not rational:
1. Spend more than a trillion dollars, at least $1.25 Trillion, on a new health care entitlement: $1 trillion for the house bill, plus the $247 billion
for the doctor Medicare fix. This new entitlement is being pushed at a time when global financial capitals believe America is bankrupt.
For those who do not know, we have printed $1 Trillion in U.S. currency in the last year, to buy our own T-Bills, to finance our $1.4 Trillion deficit –
which has grown by a trillion dollars in one year. By spending another trillion dollars, the world’s financial leaders are being told to go pound sand. 2.  ...
CBO Estimates House health-care Bill Cost at $1.055 Trillion
The Congressional Budget Office said Thursday the U.S. House health-care system reform has a price tag $1.055 trillion.
The hefty estimate also does not include $245 billion needed to stop Medicare payments to doctors from decreasing, according to a nastaq.com report.

Republicans Victorious in Key Races
Acorn Continuing To Get Taxpayer Dollars
Weeks after federal lawmakers cut the public funding of a fraud-infested community group famous for voter fraud, advising prostitutes
and pimps on how to skirt housing and tax laws, it received nearly $1 million in Homeland Security funds intended for fire departments.

"At The D C House of Horrors"
White House - stimulus jobs .overstated by thousands
AP-  An early progress report on President Barack Obama's economic recovery plan overstates by thousands the number of jobs
created or saved through the stimulus program, a mistake that White House officials promise will be corrected in future reports.
Oct. 30, 09- Congressional performance rated poor by voters.
  Only fifteen percent (15%) say that Congress is doing a good or an excellent job while 53% rate Congressional
performance as poor. Sixty-two percent (62%) believe that Congress pays more attention to the media than to voters.
Congressional ethics report leaks, revealing names
WASHINGTON – Internal Ethics committee investigations into the conducts of  some 2 dozen house members were
exposed, including two California Democrats: Reps. Maxine Waters and Laura Richardson.
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New Poll Says Women Don’t Want to Switch on Healthcare
A new poll was released yesterday by the Independent Women’s Forum (IWF) revealing that
54% of women would not consider trading in their coverage for a public plan.
New Poll: Americans Don’t Believe Obama and Congress Share Their Priorities on Health Care
 Data from the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll present a problem for President Obama and congressional Democrats as they try to sell
their health-care plan: Americans do not believe Obama and Congress are paying sufficient attention to the cost issue, which is a top public concern.
Following release of the House health care plan by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 42% of voters now support the Congressional effort while 54% are opposed.
Fifty-seven percent (57%) of voters nationwide believe the health care proposal being considered by Congress would raise the cost of care
while 53% believe the quality of care would go down. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of voters say deficit reduction is the top priority for Washington to
obtain while 23% say health care is most important. Just 31% of voters believe that Congress has a good understanding of the health care proposal.
Barack Obama sees worst.poll rating drop in 50 years
10/26/09 - Gallup recorded an average daily approval rating of 53 per cent for Mr Obama for the
third quarter of the year, a sharp drop from the 62 per cent he recorded from April.
The 'Progressive' Promised.Land - Screams for Action
Now that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has announced he’ll try to push through a health care reform bill with a public option, despite high public
disapproval, liberals are turning their focus and their frustrations on Barack Obama, the man who brought them to the outskirts of The 'Progressive Promised Land.'

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 Thousands Turn Out for. Tea Party Express II
Daily Updates
Thousands  turned out in San Diego, CA for the kickoff rally for the Tea Party Express!
The people of San Diego have turned out and spoken a message loud and clear: WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK!
 CNN's Jon King interviewed Tea Party Express Vice Chair, Mark Williams, about the "Tea Party Express II: Countdown to Judgment Day."
Germany Is far Ahead In Stem Cell Research
The reason Germans are so far ahead in adult stem cell treatments is because they don't waste time or money on stem cell research
that does not now, and may never, treat patients i.e. embryonic stem cell research and cloning. (Imagine where the U S would
be if millions of dollars that are spent on embryo destructive research were put into adult stem cell research instead.)
Featured Report:
"Human Embryo Stem Cell Research" Is There A Better Way, Without Destroying Human Life?

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W.H. Tells Hill Policy..- 'Czars' Won't Testify'
So much for 'transparency'
The White House has told Congress it will reject calls for many of Obama's policy czars to testify before Congress -
a decision senators said goes against the president's promises of transparency and openness and treads on Congress'
constitutional mandate to investigate the administration's actions.
Obama re-election ratings hit an all time ‘Low’.
  Poll finds that number of Americans saying they would vote to re-elect Pres. Obama has dropped from 52%
6 months ago to 43 %, which means that more voters would back someone else in the 2012 election than they would back Obama.
Congress' Dismal October Opinion Polls
High Disapproval Ratings for Legislators
 FOX/Opinion - Approve 24% Disapprove 66%;   10/5-8/09 CBS -Approve  22% Disapprove 65%;
AP-GfK-10/1-5/09- Approve  33% Disapprove 64%; 10/1-4/09  Gallup -Approve  21% Disapprove 72%.

 Or 10: http://www.gerrymkaye.org/index.htm#NE
Pastors ask for 'born alive' murder charges in Hialeah abortion death
Pastors from the Black Community are asking for murder charges in addition to the two felonies already
filed against former abortion worker Belkis Gonzalez, who was responsible for the death of a black baby who
was born alive during an abortion at a Hialeah, FL abortion clinic in 2006.
Anti Abortion Dems In House Object to remake of  healthcare system
At least two dozen anti-abortion Democrats believe Democrat health overhaul bill would
create a new stream of federal funding not covered by federal funding restrictions.
Democrat-led Personhood Amendment introduced in MI Legislature
Michigan has joined with dozens of other States that are seeking affirmation of personhood
rights for all humans. Rep. Jim Slezak (D) is the lead sponsor of the amendment.
Poll: Most don't think Obama deserved Nobel award
Sixty-one % to 34% said he did not deserve the peace prize.
On the road again! ..TheTea Party Express
The Tea Party Express bus tour rolls across the nation again to oppose radical government policy: October 25 – November 11/09.
MONDAY, OCTOBER 26th  9:00 AM - Bakersfield Rally  Heritage Park 2320 Mt. Vernon Ave.  Bakersfield, CA
1:30 PM - Fresno Rally  Eaton Plaza2 400 Fresno St.  Fresno, CA
A typical Tea Party-goer's sentiments when asked what message he'd send to Pres. Obama:
"I'd ask him why he feels the need to 'change' this country,...we have our Constitution,...if he doesn't like it here, he should go to another land."
Jobless Claims..Now @ 531,000
The Labor Department says new jobless claims rose to a seasonally adjusted 531,000 last week, from an upwardly revised 520,000 the previous week.
26% say the economy is getting better,  while 49% say the economy is getting worse. The increase in pessimism is even more among investors.

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