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July 25, 2014 2:05 PM
...Gerry M. Kaye
Non Partisan & Independent
Telling It Like It Is
"Missing Truth, Moral Clarity And The Self Destruction Of Humanity"
The distorted moral judgments of so many govt. leaders worldwide; the UN; the unfathomable ignorance of so much of the world's media are especially evident in the Israeli Palestinian conflict presently raging in the enflamed middle east.

With Palestine's terrorists raining rockets on the embattled Israelis and building tunnels to invade Israeli territory to bomb and kidnap its citizens, the incredible outcry by the above-mentioned is that Israel should cease to defend itself.

It boggles the mind to try and analyze the thought process' that produce that kind of response, except to realize that among that multitude there is no valid moral clarity to achieve a rational observation.

The history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict provides many with an argumentive opinion of justification for the present anti Israel condemnation and aggression; of which Israel and her supporters have their own of non-justification for that.

If past wounds of conflicts were the prevailing case worldwide of motivation acted upon, the world would be inundated with battles over other historical clashes of which most of the world is not without.

The refusal of the Palestine terrorists to live and let live, in a peaceful environment for which Israel has promoted with land and resources, given time and again to their Palestinian neighbors who relentlessly carry a mandate of hatred and annihilation for the Israelis, is self evident and enlightening as to the truth of the situation.

But without moral clarity, truth and peace are trumped by destructive ideology and prejudice. Anti Semitism is the giant snake that roams the earth, the poison that expresses the basest of human hatred manifested by the lack of moral clarity and judgment that prevail among those that need a scapegoat for their own failings and vapid self incrimination.

Human beings, to succeed with positive growth, individually and en masse, require truth and moral clarity and judgment, applied.

Without these, there remains: self and collective destruction.

We might individually ask ourselves: "... am I truly for a worthwhile future of peace, prosperity, and contentment; or for one of distortion, aggression, awful circumstance and destruction?"  You decide.

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