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Ephesians 4:23  Be renewed in the spirit of your mind....


Gerry M Kaye


WOW! Turning on the TV news lately, for the most part, is astonishing! So many talking heads coolly lying through their teeth. It makes one wonder if they all
went to the same class: and graduated with kudos.

Politics is become a lies against truth sport; polarized, dishonest, depressing and odiously sad; void of any connection to what is right within a conventional standard of conduct; while truth struggles to be heard.

Most of us, probably would react unfavorably to an acquaintance or friend that consistently lies in conversation, usually to bolster their image, which has sadly, the opposite, uncomfortably, degrading effect.

Them that are concernedly attentive and factually informed, who value the truth, watch - bored and indignantly uninspired, not buying the blatant dishonesty, quickly changing the channel; while them that believe and want to believe the misinformation, are unfortunately led away from reality to the dangers of truthless propaganda.

Lack of valuable education void of the importance of integrity, honorableness, honesty, uprightness, ethics, morals, morality,  (high) principles, righteousness, nobility, right and high-mindedness, all of which are great qualities for success,  when absent, is cruel and destructive.

That lack of meaningful education which includes the truth's above mentioned qualities of honor and good citizenship: is the culprit and the cause of societal trouble.


John 8:32 And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Blessed with life in truth, one should engage. We all can be important in our belief in our values, expressed in our outstanding friendliness and honor in our kind, charitable behavior. Yet, we must be tolerant of any, that like a firm professor, unreservedly cut straight to the truth.

Truth Is Not A Style. Truth IS The Truth

It's the truth that matters, not the style, for we're all made up uniquely. We all have the right to be heard. We all should be reported truthfully, but the rampant lies being reported in the US media in the twisted relay of words is disgusting and demeaning to a lauded, great nation; and the world knows it.

Reporting a speaker's 'rhetoric' untruthfully is dishonorable and low. Why so many are willing to give up their honor and become 'low,'  giving up so much is puzzling.... for a paycheck, for a cause, for power: "Yes, Dishonor I will join you!" is a sorrowful human loss. It's been phrased as 'selling your soul.'

Knowing truth is not enough!

Truth must be 'lived' as a Testament to the Truth.

Truth maintains, restores and maintains kind existence in righteousness and must be shared. Our loved children absolutely need to be taught in truth and good citizenship to become strong against the poisonous and destructive lying for power that permeates cultures.

GOD Bless You and Yours Always in His Truth and Love,
                                                                                                           - Gerry M Kaye - 8/10/19

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