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 An Angel is seen by many, and caught on camera, at a Charlotte hospital,
as a dying girl recovers from pneumonia.
Charlotte, NC - 12/24/2008 -  Colleen Banton didn't expect her disabled daughter Chelsea to see her 15th birthday.
But she's now the gift of the season for her family.

"We've been praying for a miracle and I think this is the beginning of it," Colleen said.

Back in September, pneumonia had pushed Chelsea toward death's door in a Charlotte hospital. The 14-year-old  patient suffers from chronic health problems.

Doctors told Colleen they did all they could to help her daughter, so she decided to take Chelsea off life support.

Yet an hour after life support was removed, jaws began to drop among some hospital workers over what appeared at another door near the teenager's room.

"And this image appeared on the security monitor," Colleen said. "And it was an image of an angel. And I thought, well, either that's the angel that's coming to take her to heaven or an angel to say she's getting better."

People in Charlotte are talking about an image caught on a security camera at Presbyterian
Hospital, saying the image is an angel standing in the hospital's hallway:

.Angel image as it appeared on the hospital security monitor.

And she got better all right - almost immediately, "The doctors and nurses were all amazed," Colleen said.

The mother took a cell phone picture of the image - bright bands of light only visible on the hospital security monitor.

The hospital confirmed that some of its workers saw something as well.

 . Video-Audio: . "Christmas Angels"
Michael W. Smith
Special audio preview from Michael's new Christmas CD "It's a Wonderful Christmas"
recorded at London's famous Abbey Road Studios with a 65-piece orchestra and 4 choirs.

"It's a blessing. It's a miracle, and I'm learning not to take things for granted," Colleen said.

It's an emotional story to tell, and just off camera, Chelsea herself began to cry at the sight of her mom breaking up.

And because she's okay for now, the focus is on celebrations - a 15th birthday is right around the corner.

"It's a very special birthday. Who knows, it could be her last. She's come this far. I'm not giving up now," Colleen said.

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By The Forester Sisters

Colleen Banton says her daughter is alive thanks to the Angel.

A Birthday that comes every Christmas, but this year it's touched by an Angel.

II Cr 9:15   Thanks be to GOD for His Unspeakable Gift.
Do you believe in angels? According to some polls, up to three-quarters of Americans do!

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye

  Luke 2
And the Angel said to them,
Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings
of great joy, which shall be to all people...
"Christmas Angel"
Artist: Gerry M. Kaye
Long Beach, CA., 1991
Watercolor on Canvas
8.5" x 11"

Luke 2
... Gllory to GOD
In The Highest, and on Earth, Peace, good will toward men.


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