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And the Earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.

Oct. 2, 2013

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye
It's all about the world 'powers,' the little men, the little women, grasping, ... deceiving ...
divided, fighting, destroying, ... greedy for power, for money for ideology, for control.

And GOD Said, Let there be light:
and there was light.
The people, the citizens, have majorally failed to make the right choices, that uphold Truth, for their own well being.

Freedom is contingent on the people to rise up against tyranny, to recognize falsehood,
to support leaders that demonstrate truthful, responsible character and the qualified ability to lead.

But the people so often have relinquished that power to frivolous choices that have had an extremely pernicious effect worldwide:
as the prevalent chaos, violence and destruction so clearly demonstrate.

In the U.S.A., the disrupting chaos is tearing apart the country with an inexperienced, untruthful, uncompromising partisan at the helm.
His govt. Democrat party for the most part with blind loyalty is equally complicit and dysfunctional.

Ephesians 5:14
Awake you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give you light.

"The Power of the People"

If you are rightly concerned with the state of your country, and how it is affecting your lives and your families,
be not confused, the fault lies with the leadership that you yourselves may be supporting.

You know right from wrong.

It is crippling to be a stubborn uncompromiser, unwilling to represent all the people,
which is the job requirement, and a broken promise from this president.

You know that it is wrong to unconditionally support a pro-'choice' policy that takes the lives of millions of innocent children,
that is supported and promoted by the Democrat party with few exceptions,
policy that supports their political campaign donations.

If any law is apparently deficient, why not work out in negotiation,
a compromise with the other party at their request,
rather than partisanly, redundantly demonize them that have real concerns for its improvement?

You know that it is wrong to change the law of our land - Constitutional Law -
at the whim of this president that many times refuses to do it legitimately;
thereby making himself above the law of the land,
as if he were a dictator rather than a servant of the unique nation and its people:

thereby, changing the rules that have served every other president:
which results in the loss of your unique FREEDOM,
the hallmark of this nation that distinguishes it from every other.

You know that it is wrong for this president's administration to play favorites
and give special treatment to what is deemed as their influential supporters;

and to disregard ordinary people; and even persecute them that have opposing beliefs, despite their rights to do so;

and to impede the investigations of their own serious, questionable activities that have resulted in loss of life, etc.

Then what are you waiting for? Rise up and oppose them!

You pundits, you media that support them, what are you doing, as you make no sense, irresponsibly destroying your credibility?

It is dangerous to let partisan politics and celebrity overtake your good judgment when supporting leaders.
This is not a game.

Your lives, your livelihoods are at stake when you choose to support and vote for a candidate.

Your choices should be made according to their record in past performance,
qualifications in experience, character and common sense in serving the nation, according to its Laws,
and we have a good and smart one to deservedly serve and protect in the free USA.

When you elect a president, he or she will either work to benefit and protect you and your families;
or irresponsibly work for their own gain, ideology and power.

The latter, is precisely what is presently happening with the failing Obama administration, with more people in poverty than ever,
as the nation and the world are more deeply dangerous and chaotic than ever.

It greatly behooves you and your loved ones to take very seriously your choices and to whom you give your support.

Whenever you adhere to the Light of GOD,  above it all; His Peace, His Truth and Righteousness, a Refuge in times of distress,

a Very Present Comfort; in prayer and faith, your positive, constructive choices will be naturally apparent.

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                                                                                         GOD Bless you and yours, Pastor Gerry M. Kaye - Oct 2, 2013


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