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August 12, 2014, 11:28 PM/ Updated 2016
...Gerry M. Kaye
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The Party - The Policies -The Candidates

The USA, 2014, 2015, 2016

The Democrat party in power....elected....with all that power: to serve and protect the lives of the American people.

And... humanitarian aid has been the noble hallmark of the most powerful nation on Earth, usually the first to generously respond to any global tragedy; until recently and at the present time: August 12, 2014, 11:28 PM; at which time this is being written in shock and in shame.

The more than horrific atrocities by Islamic terrorists taking place in Iraq against innocent civilians: men, women and children, and the lack of timely US response in real aid begs the question, "What has happened to the soul of the United States of America?"

This Happened:

The Democrat party, with more than 56 million, as of Jan 10, 2014, abortions in the U.S. since 1973 Roe Vs. Wade: no small, insignificant issue, consistently, predominantly supports this infanticide as a matter of their casual pro "Choice" policy. And in the presently unfolding obvious lack of caution and viable humanitarian global leadership, it is no longer capable of serving and protecting the American people; no longer capable of leading with the enormous responsibility that comes with American power that greatly influences globally.

The party that supports death is become "The Party of "Death."

As a Democrat senator in Illinois, Barack Obama cast the only vote to deny babies surviving an abortion in great agony, medical attention that could save their lives. He voted to just "let them die."

Syria, Israel, Iraq, his "choices," his 'logic' aid the radical terrorism that supports death. Thus, the fitting leader of "The Party of Death."

As a registered Independent:

There is one viable alternative, thank GOD.

Any Republican in the White House would have NEVER made those very, very unfortunate choices.

The Republican party is PRO LIFE-anti abortion in policy.

It is pro jobs, pro free market, pro lower taxes, pro more environmentally safe energy development for foreign independence and lower prices, pro lower food costs, pro real reform in health care, pro education reform, etc.

Seriously, putting retro-partisanship to rest, our choices need to be consistently for LIFE, when it comes time to cast our votes for them that will lead us: truthfully, cautiously, protectively, wisely; choose LIFE:

Live and Let Live!

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