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 Pastor Gerry M. Kaye
The United States Of America
.Without A Doubt - The Overriding Moral Issue Of Our Time!
...you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall Give you Light.
Let the heathen be wakened,...Ephesians 5:14; Joel 3:12
"He that saves one life...it's as if he has saved the entire world." -  The Talmud.
.The Roe V. Wade court decision legalized abortion. Science has proven that abortion is murder.
Murder is a crime and punishable by law in the U. S. A.

.."THE BLACK CHURCH AND OBAMA" | "Clinton V. Obama - Who's Pro-Death Enough?"

Zecharaiah 7:9; II Samuel 23:3
Thus Declares The LORD... Execute true judgment, and show mercy and compassion, every man to his brother.
He that governs ... must be just, ruling in the fear of GOD.


"Crumbling Infrastructure - Weened On Abortion"
"How Are We Doing?"

President Barack Obama’s Pro-Abortion Record
The following is a compilation of bill signings, speeches, appointments and other actions that the most pro abortion
President/Senator, Barack Obama has engaged in that have promoted abortion before and during his presidency.

"Inform - Stand Up For Life"  |  Ending Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Black Genocide In America
Black children are an "endangered species."
 |  "Have a Heart |    "That You Love..One Another"  |  "Happy Hearts!" |  |  National Black Leaders Join Georgia Legislators to End Ugliest Form of Racism: Abortion|

The Nation's Largest Abortion Provider Has Already Received Over Five and a Half Billion Dollars From Taxpayers and Now Demands More..


8/10/13 542M Taxpayer Payouts to Planned Parenthood Under Scrutiny.

" Peace On Earth" ..
For the Innocent Victims
of  Abortion.

How Abortion Has Changed America

Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty of First Degree Murder.

Gosnell Conviction Spurs Reintroduction of Bill Banning Taxpayer Funding for Abortion.

Another Gosnell-like Abortion Horror in Texas.
Evidence of Gosnell similar atrocities has surfaced in Houston, Texas.

The Truth about the Kermit Gosnell Trial
55,000,000 Lives Cut Short
Since Roe v. Wade

By Steve Breen
VIDEO- Late-Term Abortion Industry Worker: We Do These Procedures “All the Time
this is the “most shocking, heartrending footage we’ve captured yet.”

March, 2013

Satanic Kermit Gosnell on Trial for Abortion "House of Horrors"
Mar. 19 was the second day in the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the infamous Philadelphia abortionist charged with
murdering seven newborn babies and one young woman in a botched abortion due to overdose of anesthesia.
Gosnell killed the babies with scissors after they had been born – and he wasn’t the only one.

The Heartbeat Bill: North Dakota passes America's strictest abortion law.

Unasked questions about the Kermit Gosnell case.

Who here is really endangering women? Clearly, Planned Parenthood and the administration are willing to deny thousands of
needy men, women and children health care in order to protect the bottom lines of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.
"Crumbling Infrastructure - Weened On Abortion""How Are We Doing?"
"Is Chaos Here To Stay?"
"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president,
right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." -- Theodore Roosevelt
  | IS Ultrasound Bad For Women?? Click here   |
  |  "How Ridiculous Does It Get?"   |      "AngerrrrRevolution"  |  "ARE WE BECOMING A LESS-THAN-FREE SOCIETY?"  |
    .  | "OBAMACARE- OBAMA TRUST EXPIRING" Real Reform  |  Roe v Wade -"UNSETTLEDLAW" |
 THE USA - "TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK"| "GOING BANANAS??" Who's Afraid Of Domestic Violence?? |
.Featured:."ANARCHY ROBS FREEDOM" The Takeover of Our Government, Our Rights and Our Freedoms.
..URGENT..| ."rayerAcrossAmerica"
Without A Doubt - The Overriding Moral Issue Of Our Time!
Be Prepared: "Skills"|"A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE" |  "Raising Children"
Have a Heart - Health Awareness
Hungary Joins Global Movement to Affirm Personhood Rights of Preborn
"Everyone has the right to life and human dignity; the life of a fetus will be protected from conception." - Hungarian Constitution
1M+ pro-lifers flood Congress with calls to defund Planned Parenthood.
Tens of Thousands of Anti-abortion protesters march in Washington on Roe v. Wade anniversary
WASHINGTON –  Neither cold temperatures nor pouring rain seemed to dampen the spirits of the tens of
thousands who gathered for the annual March for Life in Washington on Monday.
The Party - The Policies - The Candidates
Facts, Politics, Articles, Features


Are you looking for a solution to your unplanned pregnancy?
 .Or perhaps you're looking to adopt a newborn baby to help fulfill your dreams of parenting?
Adoption Network Law Center can help.
Visit: Gerry..Blog
"Telling It Like it Is" - .- ABORTION NEWS Features
Hear Shubert's"Ave Maria"
Deuteronomy 30:19
See,... I have set before you Life and death, Blessing and cursing:
therefore CHOOSE LIFE, that both you and your seed may live:
Isaiah 48:17  I AM The LORD your GOD which Teaches you to profit, which Leads you by the Way that you should go.

Malachi 3:18 Then shall you return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked,
between him that serves GOD and him that serves him not.

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The Precious Life-Saver  Of The Week Go To
The National Black Pro-Life Union -
speaking out against the murderous injustice of abortion and the hypocrisy of pro-choice candidates: "Mr. President-Elect , 
will you please change what Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GH Bush, Clinton and GW Bush wouldn’t or couldn’t
 Abortion has killed more 50 million children in just over 30 years.  On behalf of the children I implore you–the campaigner for change–to change that!

March for Life 2009
Consider joining the annual March for Life to be held January 22 in Washington, D.C. 

Anti-Constitutional  - ROE V WADE....Jan. 22, 1973 - Anti-American
Millions of anti abortion Americans are planning to protest the unfortunate and divisive decision that has led to over 50 million 
children killed by abortion in the U.S.A.  "March For Life" on Washington DC will take place on Thursday, (televised) as well as a great number 
of local events, nationwide, to protest the decision which is considered by millions to be anti-Constitutional, anti-American and criminal. 

Save America National Event - 
Atlanta, Georgia, July 12-19, 2008

Nationwide United.. .'Call For Action
Join up for the The Monthly Call for Life. 
We will end abortion through our Pro-Life Unity. Our country needs to know how you feel. Your voice and your message count. 
Thousands of human beings die every day in this country because of your silence. The choice is yours.

Previous Weeks:.
The 2008 March for Life
The National Black..Pro-Life Union
speaking out against the murderous injustice of abortion and the hypocrisy of pro-choice candidates.

"Benazir Bhutto - A "Remarkable,.Pro-Life"- Strong Abortion Opponent"

"Juno"- An Award Winning::Movie With A Heart

Congressman Henry J. Hyde
Brought landmark legislation for the anti-abortion movement. 

Texas High ..Criminal Court 
says fetal death can be prosecuted as murder
“The Legislature is free to protect the lives of those whom it considers to be human beings.”

Colorado's..Supreme Court
TheColorado Supreme Court OKs Ballot Initiative to give Personhood to Embryos. 

The Movie.."Bella
  " ...The arts can promote the culture of life. Bella is just one way 
in which the film as an art form can influence the culture for good." 
Nationwide "40 Days....For Life" Campaign
From September 26 - November 4, our community will be one of  89 cities in 33 states
joining together for the largest simultaneous pro-life mobilization in history -- the nationwide 40 Days for Life campaign.

ABSECON Anti-..Abortion Protesters
A small but sincere group of Anti-abortion protesters greeted abortion seekers at a questionable New Jersey
facility on Saturday with prayers and pamphlets, vowing to return every day the doctor performs abortions 
at his private medical office that's under investigation. 

Billboards around Michigan deliver a pro-life message
Pinckney Pro-Life, founded in 2001, is an almost exclusively 
youth-based nonprofit with pro-life billboards in Michigan and neighboring states.

Pro-Life Action..League of Chicago
has launched a full force campaign to stop the Planned Parenthood center from opening, ever since it was discovered 
that the building was going to be a large-scale abortion clinic. Pro-lifers enthusiastically undertook an intense, 
"40 Days for Life" prayer campaign, a 24-hour/ 7 days a week prayer, fasting and vigil before the abortion site.

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Previous Weeks:
Appeals Court Affirms Colorado Right To Life Ruling.&.Brazilians By The Thousands Protest Expansion of Abortion
A federal appeals court in Colo. hasaffirmed that voter-approved campaign finance restrictions 
on a Colorado anti-abortion group are unconstitutional.
In  BRASILIA tens of thousands of people from fifteen Brazilian states marched through the capital of Brazil, 
to protest proposed legislation to permit more abortion.
Hispanic Voters Prefer Pro-Life. & The National Right to Life Academy
Hispanics traditionally support Pro Life issues in their daily lives and at the polls.
The National Right to Life Academy starts a new summer program designed to educate and equip college students 
with the knowledge and skills to effectively work for the pro-life cause.
Previous Weeks:
Missionaries to the Preborn.& "Pro-Life Demonstrators Of Aurora
 “Missionaries to the Preborn” travel and hand out flyers, and display graphic photos of abortions. 

AURORA, Illinois' anti-abortion demonstrators have launched a 40-day vigil for the unborn. 
."Ohio Abortion Foes'.'Face the Truth' Tour"
Weeklong Protest With Grisly-Abortion Images -
'Defend Life's' multistop, anti-abortion rally for Maryland voters' support for  pro-life.
"Georgians' 'Let Them Live' Campaign"
Rally and promotion  of the House Resolution 536 (H.R. 536),
for Georgia to become the first “pro-life state” that does not allow abortion, euthanasia,
destructive embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and other life-destroying practices.

Louisiana Gov...Kathleen Blanco 
Signs Ban - Penalties For Partial Birth Abortion - & Anesthesia Requirements For Fetus'
 La. Gov. Kathleen Blanco (D) has signed three important bills; one to ban "partial birth" abortion in Louisiana and one to create 
criminal penalties for physicians who perform the procedure; and a bill that would require a woman seeking an abortion to be told of the
availability of anesthesia, which would "eliminate or alleviate organic pain to the unborn child, reasoning that at 20 weeks' gestation 
the unborn child has the physical structures necessary to experience pain

 Kristine Burton,
Inspired Teen Taking Aim at Abortions
Kristine Burton, 19,  of Peyton, Colorado is leading a drive to amend the state constitution 
and define human life as starting at fertilization. Colorado for Equal Rights, 
is the group pushing a ballot initiative to amend the Colorado Constitution in 2008 to make abortion illegal.
Previous Weeks:...
Colorado Pro--Life Proponents
Personhood For Embryos Petitioned In Colorado To End 'Roe'
Pro-life proponents to begin a petition drive to define personhood for the unborn, to ban abortion in Colorado. 
Support &Vote for pro-life candidates 
and give our nation back its decency and its dignity!
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"Hot Topic"
Which Side Are You On?
Weekly Feature:
Join In The "August 7, 2007 "Prayer Across America" |  Join In The "July 31, 2007."Prayer Across America"
"July 24, 2007 "Prayer Across America".. "July 17, 2007 Prayer Across America".
"Keeping UpWith CANCER"
New Drugs, Nutrition, Causes, Prevention

The ABC Research: : For mounting evidence of the abortion / breast cancer link.
6/16/07 - Kansas City, KS (LifeNews.com) -- When you're a leader in the abortion industry and you generate hundreds of millions
of dollars from selling abortions to women, the last thing you want to acknowledge is that abortion leads to breast cancer. And that's
the problem Dr. Joel Brind described in a talk at the 35th annual National Right to Life convention.
Previous Weeks:.
'Operation Rescue..Operation Save America
Come Storm the Gates in Birmingham, Alabama! 
 Invitation from Pastor AJ Johnson, Pastor of Doers of the Word Church in Birmingham, AL: 
 I invite OSA, this July 14-22, 2007, to continue the good work that was begun in this city. In 1994,
there were seven abortion mills in Birmingham, now there are only two. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 
let us bring glory and honor to God by finishing the work that was begun in Birmingham thirteen years ago. 
The Wichita Awakening - July 14-16, 2007
A Prophetic Call to End Abortion and Seek Revival
 On July 14-16, thousands of young people will gather in Wichita, Kansas, 
to pray for an end to abortion and plead with God for revival and spiritual awakening- 
for a Solemn Assembly to cry out for repentance and national revival.



.Previous Weeks: .
The State..of Missouri 
With New Legislation for Tougher.Abortion Regulations, Designed to Save Lives,
and signed into law at a church signing by Governor Matt Blunt, while promoting good family values.
Conscientious Citizen Carol Katter
An Ohio School Teacher
of mathematics and language arts who opposes abortion, and who won the right in a U.S. District court to withhold 
her union dues because her anti-abortion beliefs conflict with the labor union's pro-abortion political position. 
Advocates -'Pro-Life..Educators & Students
"It is vital to focus nationwide attention on the pro-abortion activism of this powerful union's
(National Education Assn.'s) leaders,  ...the NEA is supposed to be "dedicated to protecting children,
as well as teachers' jobs," said Bob Pawson, advocate leader. The protests will begin on Sunday at the NEA conference in 
Philadelphia at the Penn. Convention Center, and other pro-life advocates will hold rallies at state capitols across the 
country to draw attention to the NEA state affiliates. About 10,000 teachers and delegates
from all fifty states will attend the NEA Convention. 
 ^^ New Arrivals
Previous Weeks: .
All Who Say They're Pro-Life
and who back up their words with action!
We can all stand up tosave those precious lives!
Help people to understand the importance of being pro - life.
Talk about it, educate, illuminate, don't procrastinate:
EMAILTHIS PAGE TO A FRIEND NOW: http://www.gerrymkaye.org/abortionews.html
Support &Vote for pro-life candidates 
and give our nation back its decency and its dignity!
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Weekly Feature:
Join In The:
"July 24, 2007 "Prayer Across America".. "July 17, 2007 Prayer Across America".

Gerry..Blog - Featuring: "Hot Topic" |  Join In the "June 26, 2007  "Prayer Across America"
 "Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye   |  CONTRIBUTE
Jesus Said, "You shall do no murder,..." Matthew 19:18
Do not abort your conscience and values; they are what make you a strong woman.
Fight to overcome your circumstances, rather than submit to them..
"Topics On Abortion" 
Clarification, Psycholigical, Trauma, Physical Dysfunctions, Suicide, Relationships, Health Risks, 
Vulnerability & Guilt, Support, References, Statistics, Etc.
Previous Weeks:
The 'National Right To Life' Organization
35th Annual Pro-Life Convention
"The convention gives every member of the pro-life community the opportunity to network and learn 
from some of the leading experts in the pro-life movement." - Dr. Wanda Franz, NRL Committee member.

"How To Save a Life" Conference,.for Pro-Life Leadership Among Youth
"How to Save a Life", a youth conference  being held July 20-22, 2007 in PHILADELPHIA, PA.,  is aimed at 
raising up leaders from the next generation for the pro-life movement. Speakers will be encouraging youth on matters of life

All Abortion
 "Rights"  Protesters
Kudos to all the great many abortion 'rights' protesters,
all across this nation, who stand up against the slaughter of innocents 
while exercising their right of free speech to save the precious lives of helpless children.
Previous Weeks:
Oklahoma Bans Most Abortions In State Hospitals
You're doin' fine, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, O K!
 Oklahoma is the only state this year to pass legislation 
that would prohibit certain abortions in state-funded medical facilities.
Louisiana - Missouri 
Delivering New, Progressive Anti-abortion Bills
<New Arrivals
 Jerry  Falwell
Influential American fundamentalist and evangelist,  who became leader of the Thomas Road Baptist Church and 
Liberty University.  He was an effective and influential defender of the unborn in his uncompromised stance against abortion.
U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks
Ruled That Clinic Abortion Protester's Buffer Zones Are Unconstitutional; Defends the First Amendment 
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. Judge Donald Middlebrooks wrote, "Freedom of speech is rarely an issue when everyone agrees,..
Perhaps more than at any other place and any other time, in cases such as this, speech guaranteed by the First Amendment must be protected."
'The National Pro-life Action Center' on Capitol Hill 
A pro-life organization, its outspoken executive director, Paul Schenck, says that ... the Supreme Court
"has begun to right a terrible wrong...
Partial-birth abortion, as testimony in the lower courts showed – and oral argument in the Supreme Court affirmed
is equivalent to infanticide. It includes the nearly full delivery and near-decapitation of the living child
Andrew Schlafly, 
General Counsel for the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons-
An analytic expert, Andrew Schlafly is protecting the health of women by exposing bogus claims such as a recent study
that misleadingly denies the cancer-abortion link. He asserts that problems with such studies skew the results 
toward the denial of a causal connection between abortion and breast cancer.
Mother Teresa
Uncompromisingly for LIFE, Mother Teresa ever remains 
a Guiding Light of compassion, mercy and reason to all the world.
'The Alive and Kicking' Campaign.
Promoting Awareness for Change with the Shocking Truth 
A govt. agency (CEMACH),  provides available data on babies born alive after abortion - 
painfully, tragically, fighting for their lives, who subsequently died. 
"It moves the abortion debate beyond abstract arguments into the world of human reality." 
Let us add 'that' to our "Health" Category.
The 'Supreme Court  Of The United States'
The 'Supreme Court' has upheld the nationwide "Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of  2003" as Constitutional;
which prohibits under penalty of law, the Partial Birth Abortion procedure. 
The 'Right to Life Club' 
Notre Dame hosted the second annual 'Pro-Life Collegiate Conference' focused on the theme:
"I Came that they might have life"; with students from a host of other colleges convening in an "overwhelmingly 
positive response." 
John 10:10 
The thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: 
I AM Come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
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Pastor Gerry M. Kaye | CONTRIBUTE
Previous Weeks:.
The Moral  Majority Of
that has the decent and good sense to protect that nation's innocent children from being murdered by keeping abortion a crime;
with more than 65% of respondents to a poll stating that: the current legislation 
that criminalizes abortion should not be changed.
UNH 'Students For Life'-
Genocide Awareness Project 
Lauren Daigle, a U.  of New Hampshire senior from Stratham and the head of  'Students For Life', said that her group
decided to bring the Genocide Awareness Project to UNH "in order to get students discussing the issue." SFL member,
Adam Bungert, a physics major says, "If we can just save one of these babies from being murdered, it's worth it!" 
     Email A FRIEND: .http://www.gerrymkaye.org/abortionews.html
"Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye   |  CONTRIBUTE
Gerry..Blog- Featuring: "Hot Topic"
Join In the "June 26, 2007  "Prayer Across America".
Previous Weeks:.
The Family Research Council,
forging a place in public debate in drawing attention to vital human experience..
Norma McCorvey,
 misled and pressured to witness as "Jane Roe" in the Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade, "that sentenced
tens of millions of innocent babies to die by abortion" - she says of the precedent-creating Roe v. Wade lawsuit of 1973.
Regretful and remorseful,McCorvey says, "Now I work to tell people that abortion is a horrible crime against humanity –
at ANY stage in a woman's pregnancy. But the most abhorrent abortions of all are LATE-TERM abortions."
Caring, Kansas Lawmakers,
taking major steps to reopen criminal charges, unjustly dismissed, against George 'Tiller the Killer', 
one of the few U.S. doctors accused of  performing numerous, cruel late-term abortions despite state law.
The Peachy-Keen,State of Georgia,
whose legislators filed the nation's first "Paramount Right to Life" Amendment, to become the first "Pro-life" state
in the nation establishing the "personhood" of each of its citizens from fertilization until natural death.
The Diligent Coalition of 35 Kansan Pastors, 
Seeking Justice For the Brutalized, Murdered Abortion Victims
and the cessation of the crime, who have called on the Kansas Legislature to use a statute to order state Attorney General 
Paul Morrison (D) to prosecute physician George 'Tiller the Killer' for allegedly performing illegal late-term abortions.
Outspoken, former U.S. Democrat Senator Zell Miller,  lamenting the Democrat Party's serious disarray; 
and purveyor of wisdom in his analysis of the grave repercussions of abortion to our nation.
Chris Slattery, who runs 15 crisis-pregnancy centers in the metropolitan area of New Jersey;
and diligently works to educate women to save the lives of their precious children..
Sen. Sam Brownback: This Kansas, Pro-Life Republican,  in the running for president - 
2008, is a consistent and effective defender of the unborn
Lynne Jackson, the great-great granddaughter of Dred Scott is using her heritage to proclaim the rights 
of unborn babies to be counted as full individuals, with pro-life advocates hopeful that just as the Dred Scott
“beings of an inferior order" decision was overturned, so will Roe v. Wade.
3/4/07 - The Catholic Church for its continuing, uncompromising stand to protect human life 
against abortion, euthanasia, eugenics.
NANCY STONE of Colchester, Vermont, 
for courageously being a voice of reason in reaching out to her fellow Vermonters to respect human life..
 Amillia Sonja Taylor:  Miracle  Baby - Tiniest Preemie Ever-
who doctors say was the first baby known to survive after being born at just under 22 weeks and just 9 1/2 inches long, 
weighing less than 10 ounces when she was born Oct. 24, 2006; and who was ready to go home earlier this week.
  2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain:
 "I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned." - 2/19/07 

Mother Teresa's Comments On Abortion| "What We Know - Death For A "Cause"
Join In the "July 17, 2007.. "Prayer Across America".
Join In the "April 24-07- Prayer Across America".  |  Join In the "Feb. 27-07- Prayer Across America".

New Arrivals
Jeremiah 31:34
" ...for they shall all know Me," Says The LORD.

Talking To Us?
That Declare Abortion To be Illegal
.Gerry..Blog - Featuring: "Hot Topic"
Join In the "June 26, 2007  "Prayer Across America"..

"Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye   |  CONTRIBUTE
Vote For Your Choice For:
Precious Life-Saver..Of The Week!
?? Do Your Candidates & News Programs Tell The Truth; or Peddle Partisan Politics ??
??  Will You Make Responsible Choices That Will Truly Benefit & Protect Our Children & Our Nation??
II Samuel 23:3    He that governs must be just, ruling in the fear of GOD.
"The outcome of this (any) presidential/congressional election will depend on how many voters are up on the issues,
and choose to make good moral judgments." - Gerry M. Kaye - 2004
There Is No Reliable, Responsible & Safe Service From Political, Anti- Life: Non-Credible Misrepresenters.

"When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that
GOD Commands you to choose for rulers just men who will rule in the fear of GOD." - Noah Webster.
Zecharaiah 7:9
Thus Declares The LORD... Execute true judgment, and show mercy and compassion, every man to his brother..

New Arrivals   ^^
"Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye   |  CONTRIBUTE
Matthew 19:18
Jesus Said, "You shall do no murder,..."
Do not abort your conscience and values; they are what make you a strong woman.
Fight to overcome your circumstances, rather than submit to them..
Updated Information & References For A Safe & Happy Motherhood

"Keeping UpWith CANCER"
New Drugs, Nutrition, Causes, Prevention

The ABC Research: : For mounting evidence of the abortion / breast cancer link...

Pro-Choice Supporters - Politicians - Judges,
Walk the Talk -  see actual  pictures of  the heinous - brutal - Slaughtering of babies in Abortion
?? Are You Truly Informed & In Agreement With The Policies of  Your Chosen Political  Party??.
"Former President Carter . Democrat - Condemns Abortion Culture"
Another Look Back-On November 4, 2005 
Former Pres. Jimmy Carter, while in Washington to promote a book, condemned all abortions and chastised his party for its intolerance of
candidates and nominees who oppose abortion. "I have always thought it was not in the mainstream of the American public to be 
extremely liberal on many issues," Mr. Carter said. "I think our party's leaders - some of them - are overemphasizing the abortion issue."

"The Brutal Truth"
Outspoken, former U.S. Democrat Senator Zell Miller,  lamenting the Democrat Party's serious disarray; and purveyor of
wisdom in his analysis of the grave repercussions of abortion to our nation: "Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and
illegal immigration all linked to abortion"  and  "Abortion has contributed to the military’s manpower shortage, the
Social Security crisis, and the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. ... How could this great land of plenty produce
too few people in the last 30 years? Here is the brutal truth that no one dares to mention:
We’re too few because too many of our babies have been killed,” Miller said. 
Zell Miller: "What has happened to the (Democrat) party I've spent my life working in?" -  Convention Speech..


Rep. Mark Miloscia (Democrat) of Federal Way, said, "Today I'm saddened to say that my party,
I happen to be a Democrat, fails to understand the 
importance of the unborn, ... Human life from conception, to natural death, is precious." 
He heralded a 2 year old organization: 'Democrats for Life of Washington', and drew cheers from the crowd. 
                                                                                                                   - Olympia, Washington - "March for Life" - 2007.
Abortion Is Murder
Zell Miller, Democrat Georgia Senator: "What has happened to the party I've spent my life working in?" 
Convention Speech 

The Anniversary of the Infamous Roe v. Wade decision,  which in 1973, Legalized Abortion in the USA
January is Sanctity of Human Life month, commemorating the 46 million human lives who have lost
their "right to life" since January 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Court passed the law (Roe v. Wade), 
making abortion legal in the USA.    - Daily News of Newburyport, MA. 
Monday, Jan. 22, 2007
Thousands Gathered at the National Mall - DC to Protest Killing of Innocent Life..
"My uncle, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said: "Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable."
...We must vote for life...Vote as if your life depends upon it. Someone’s life does! ..."- Dr. Alveda King
?? Are You Truly Informed & In Agreement With The Policies of  Your Chosen Party ??.
John 6: 44
 "Sanctify them through Your Truth; Your Word Is Truth."
"...Could it be that He (GOD) Is trying to tell us something that we really don’t like to hear?
Come on. Let’s take the blinders off our eyes." -  Laura A. Johnson, Park Rapids, MN
SPECIAL REPORT: URGENT,  | "Mother Teresa's Comments On Abortion"   | "What We Know - Death For A "Cause"

Join In the "April 24-07- Prayer Across America".  |  Join In the "Feb. 27-07- Prayer Across America".

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Luke 2:14
Glory to GOD In The Highest, and on Earth peace, good will toward men.

...Deuteronomy 30:19 
See.. I have set before you Life and death, Blessing and cursing: therefore CHOOSE LIFE, ...
Don't Be A Spiritual Drop-out!
Be A  PreciousLife-Saver.
Support Pro-Life Issues & Political Candidates.

Without A Doubt - The Overriding Moral Issue Of Our Time!
Pro-Choice Supporters - Politicians -  Judges,
Walk the Talk -see actual pictures of  the heinous - brutal - Slaughtering of babies in Abortion
"A List of Major Psychological Sequelae of Abortion"
Some U.S. Abortion Statistics
Half of all pregnancies among American women are unintended, and four in 10 of these end in abortion.
About half of American women have experienced an unintended pregnancy, and at current rates,
more than one-third (35 percent) will have had an abortion by age 45.
Overall, unintended pregnancy rates have stagnated over the past decade, yet unintended pregnancy increased by 29
percent among poor women while decreasing 20 percent among higher-income women.
In 2002, 1.29 million abortions occurred, down from 1.36 million abortions in 1996.
Nine in 10 abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.  - The Visalia Times
The ABC Research:
: For mounting evidence of the abortion / breast cancer link, obtained from The National Library of Medicine.
"Keeping UpWith CANCER"
New Drugs, Nutrition, Causes, Prevention
Join In the "July 17, 2007.. "Prayer Across America"..
Join In the "Feb. 27-07- Prayer Across America".
Order Anti-Abortion Signs and Large Posters
Official Anti-Abortion Signs Web Site
Jeremiah 31:34  " ...for they shall all know Me," Says The LORD.

Talking To Us?
"Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye CONTRIBUTE
."No Forgiveness For Pro-Choice-Abortioners Unless Evidence Of Change"
Abortion is an unconscionable offense to GOD and man..
Jeremiah 1:5; Ephesians 1:4; Psalms 139:13
“Before you were in the womb, I Knew you, before you were born I Set you apart.”
“GOD Chose us in Him before the Creation of the world.”
“You Knit me together in my mother’s womb.” .
It is the taking of innocent and vulnerable human life, murder for selfish reasons.
Matthew 19:18
Jesus Said, "You shall do no murder,..."
One may attain GOD's Forgiveness and His Mercy if one repents and changes to
no support whatsoever for the Slaughtering of Babies in All Abortions.
"The Brutal Truth"
Outspoken, former U.S. Democrat Senator Zell Miller,  lamenting the Democrat Party's serious disarray; and purveyor of
wisdom in his analysis of the grave repercussions of abortion to our nation: "Military shortages, Social Security crisis, and
illegal immigration all linked to abortion" and  "Abortion has contributed to the military’s manpower shortage, the
Social Security crisis, and the flow of illegal immigrants into the United States. ... How could this great land of plenty produce
too few people in the last 30 years? Here is the brutal truth that no one dares to mention:
We’re too few because too many of our babies have been killed,” Miller said.
Zell Miller: "What has happened to the (Democrat) party I've spent my life working in?" -  Convention Speech
"The Supreme Court Backs Contested Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Procedure"
4/18/2007-  WASHINGTON - Today, The Supreme Court has upheld the nationwide ban on the Partial Birth Abortion procedure.
The 5-4 ruling states that the "Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act" that Congress passed and President Bush signed into law
in 2003, does not violate a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. The opponents of the Act "have not demonstrated that the
Act would be unconstitutional in a large fraction of relevant cases," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority opinion..
Read The: Supreme Court Opinion To Uphold Ban on Partial Birth Abortion Procedure
Court Ruling Catapults Abortion Back Into ’08 Race
Pro-choice-Hillary Clinton -D- voted "No" in the Senate to the ban on the gruesome partial birth abortion procedure. Mitt Romney -R- has changed, in recent years, from staunchly pro-choice to pro-life. These significant political positions will likely make a difference to voters in 2008. 4/21/07 - New York Times - Both sides in the abortion struggle predicted that the Supreme Court’s decision on Wednesday would escalate the drive for new abortion restrictions in state legislatures and push the issue of abortion rights squarely into the 2008 presidential election.
2008 Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain "I do not support Roe v. Wade. It should be overturned." - 2/19/07
New Arrivals
Supreme Court Justice Thomas Wrote, with Justice Scalia Agreeing:
"I write separately to reiterate my view that the Court's abortion jurisprudence, including Casey and Roe v. Wade,
410 U.S. 113 (1973) has no basis in the Constitution." - Justice Thomas wrote, with Justice Scalia agreeing,
in a brief added to the April 18, 2007 Partial Birth Abortion Decision.

Democrats' Political Move To Change High Court Ruling:
Pro-Death Boxer, Clinton, Schumer Defy Supreme Court's PBA Ban Decision
5/01/07 - American Center of Law & Justice - A majority of Americans abhor the practice of partial-birth abortion -
Congress passed a ban against it - the President signed it - the Supreme Court of the United States upheld it....
Yet within minutes of that ruling, pro-abortion members of Congress raced to introduce a so-called ''Freedom of Choice''
Act which would totally reverse the decision of the people, the Congress, the President, and the Supreme Court.
Not only that, but they made this new bill retroactive - so that the decision of the high court would evaporate! For Senators Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, Charles Schumer, and others to introduce a bill (H.R. 1964 and S.1173) enshrining abortion into law is nothing less than a brazen, political move....  aclj.org
Why Americans Don't Like Hillary Clinton
6/2/07 - WorldNetDaily - ... Seventeen Democratic senators voted for the Partial Birth Abortion Act, which bans this procedure, except when the mother's life is in danger. However, Hillary voted against it, and she condemned the Supreme Court's recent decision upholding the constitutionality of the Act. This despite ongoing rhetoric from candidate Hillary about the importance of family and her abhorrence of the destruction of life. Yeah, right.
KNOW UNITED STATES LAWS: That Declare Abortion To be Illegal.
Iraq, Abortion Among Highlighted Issues In Major Republican Pres. Debate
5/04/07  SIMI VALLEY, Calif. - The issues concerning abortion and the Iraq war took precedence in Thursday's major debate of the 2008 Republican presidential candidates. Among the many memorable quotes by all the 10 candidates, Rep. Tom Tancredo-R-Colo. strongly stated regardng abortion rights: "The right to kill another person is not a right I would agree with and support." Included briefly in the discussions were immigration and tax issues, whether to federally fund embryonic stem cell research, the Terry Schiavo debate, and other pertinent topics.

Justice Scalia Defends 'Originalist' View Of Constitution, Will Not Accept Roe Precedent
5/04/07 Wilmington News Journal  - Medical News Today - U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in a speech at the U. of Delaware said, that Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that effectively barred state abortion bans, is not a precedent he is willing to accept. "When you give the court the power to insert new rights, you also give it the power to take out old rights," he said, adding, "The right to abortion on the part of a woman is the end of the right to live on the part of the fetus."
Flashback - April 20, 2006
Federal Judge: Clinic Buffer Zones Are Unconstitutional
WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - A law requiring abortion protesters to obey a 20-foot buffer zone violates free-speech rights, a federal judge has found. U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks ruled that the ordinance was too strict. "Freedom of speech is rarely an issue when everyone agrees," Middlebrooks wrote. "Perhaps more than at any other place and any other time, in cases such as this, speech guaranteed by the First Amendment must be protected."

Join In the "April 24-07- Prayer Across America".| "Feb. 27-07- Prayer Across America"  | ."Mother Teresa's Comments On Abortion"


By Paul deParrie
Paul deParrie was the Editor-in-Chief of "Life Advocate" magazine for ten years.
He wrote, "I recently read that on the day President Bush signed the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act into law,
the sun let off an explosion unlike any recorded in history...."  His 'mixed' take on the Partial Birth Abortion Debate.
"Keeping UpWith CANCER"
New Drugs, Nutrition, Causes, Prevention
6/16/07 - Kansas City, KS (LifeNews.com) -- When you're a leader in the abortion industry and you generate hundreds of millions
of dollars from selling abortions to women, the last thing you want to acknowledge is that abortion leads to breast cancer. And that's
the problem Dr. Joel Brind described in a talk at the 35th annual National Right to Life convention.
The ABC Research:
: For mounting evidence of the abortion / breast cancer link, obtained from The National Library of Medicine.
Equivalent of Embryonic Stem Cells Produced Using Skin Cells
6/6/07 -NEW YORK - I think it's one of the most exciting things that has come out about embryonic stem cells, period,"
said researcher Dr. Asa Abeliovich of Columbia University in New York,...
UCLA Doctors Explain Stem Cell Breakthrough
"Marketing of Evil" Author Exposes the Abortion Money Making Machine"
With the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision,  David Kupelian will speak with hundreds of telephone callers
Tuesday night in a special, live tele-seminar titled "Abortion Marketing Exposed!"
"Telling It Like it Is" -.- Current Features
Featuring"Hot Topic"
Jesus Said, "You shall do no murder,..." Matthew 19:18
Do not abort your conscience and values; they are what make you a strong woman.
Fight to overcome your circumstances, rather than submit to them..
Breaking News

"Topics On Abortion"
Clarification, Psycholigical, Trauma, Physical Dysfunctions, Suicide, Relationships, Health Risks,
Vulnerability & Guilt, Support, References, Statistics, Etc.
Featured: HELP:
Updated Information & References For A Safe & Happy Motherhood
Weekly Feature:
Join In The "July 31, 2007 "Prayer Across America"
"July 24, 2007 "Prayer Across America".. "July 17, 2007 Prayer Across America".
Join In the "Feb. 27-07- Prayer Across America".|  Join In the "June 26, 2007  "Prayer Across America"
 (LifeNews.com) - The Fed. Election Comm. in Washington has fined the political action comm. created by Terri Schiavo's former husband. After ordering her painful two-week-long starvation and dehydration death in Mar. 2005, Michael Schiavo created the PAC to target pro-life lawmakers who tried to stop him from killing her.
I Peter 1:25  The Word of The LORD Endures forever.. Revelation 22:17... Come ... take the water of life freely...

Jeremiah 31:34  " ...for they shall all know Me," Says The LORD.
Which Side Are You On?
 "Hot Topic"
Special Report:
A Nation..In Defense
"Thank You for Coming" - Pastor Gerry M. Kaye  |  CONTRIBUTE
Henry J. Hyde  .
 Congressman Henry Hyde was an influential Illinois Republican who sponsored landmark antiabortion legislation, managed impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton,  saying, "Clinton's conduct demeaned the office of the president, the president himself and the laws of the land. ... future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect."  Henry Hyde maintained ties of bipartisan civility during more than three decades in the House of Representatives, died Nov. 29/07 at age 83, at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  Also:  A Proud Legacy To Remember.
.New Arrivals
Pictures that show murdering of babies in Abortion
See What Is Happening In The Slaughtering of Babies in Abortion.
Photos & Diagrams Of Murdered Babies in Different Stages Of Abortion
56 pictures of First Trimester Abortions
37 pictures of Second & Third Trimester Abortions
The Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) Abortion Procedure
Partial-Birth Abortion Diagrams.
.WAKE UP!...
...you that sleep, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall Give you Light.
Let the heathen be wakened,...Ephesians 5:14; Joel 3:12
The Holy Bible's Stance On Abortion
The Bible has always regarded abortion - killing the child in the womb as murder..
Luke 1:19
And the Angel answering said to him, "I am Gabriel, that stand in the Presence of GOD;
and am sent to speak to you, and to show you these glad tidings.....
Gabriel, A Twin With a Mind of His Own ..Defeats Docs' Attempts To Abort Him
When the mother of two unborn twins decided to have an abortion on one of them, she did so with good intentions in order to save the healthier twin after serious complications. But the 'weak' twin who was to be aborted, had other thoughts. This is the inspiring story of Gabriel and Ieuan Jones who stuck together through thick and thin and are now two healthy boys who seem unbreakable. When doctors found that Gabriel was weaker than his brother, with an enlarged heart, and believed he was going to die in the womb, his mother Rebecca Jones had to make a decision that every to-be mother dreads. Either leave everything as it is and risk that both her twins die, or abort the weaker one, Gabriel, ...
CNN's Left Wing Lollygags - Republican Pres. Debate: Accomplices-in-the-Audience Exposed
So CNN plants numerous, known, Democrats/anti-Republicans as though they are common ordinary unaffiliated
questioners in the GOP debate, then gets outed for it, then accuses its critics of stalking them.

 ^ ^  | New Arrivals

 12/13/07 - Jill Stanek -WorldNetDaily  -"Hillary vs. Obama: Who's the Biggest Baby Killing Champion?"
"I'd love for the media to force the two of them to discuss support, opposition, or equivocation on infanticide
and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act in one of their debates."
"My Pillow-Talking Presidential Pick" -
Jill Stanek - "How stupendous it would be for a first lady to use her public forum to decry abortion."


"ABORTION AGENDA LACKS LOVE""Abortion Will Earn GOD's Wrath" and More.
.The Roe V. Wade court decision legalized abortion.
Science has proven that abortion is murder.
Murder is a crime and punishable by law in the U. S. A.

On post-abortive women & research
Bill Clinton's Abortion Legacy
The brutal destruction Hillary Clinton & Obama are aiming to continue.
POETRY IN MOTIONFor Kids Of All Ages - Featuring:"Choose Life"
NARAL Pro-Choice Website Features McCain's Solid Anti-Abortion Record....

"Attaining The Moral Authority"...
"bortion.ews"  | URGENT..... | "A CHOICE WITH TRUTH | ."Hot Topic".
"Choose Life..Choose McCain".
Pro-life advocates and people of common sense need to seriously consider the stakes of the 2008 Presidential
race as it applies to the unborn, the elderly, and the medically disabled...

Abortion Politicos:
   Politicians and other persons active in party politics,
who choose to profit from support of abortions of pre born children -
in the worst ongoing mass massacre in human history.

The Polls On Abortion Reveal That:
"It is crystal clear that Americans are unhappy and concerned with the moral state of affairs of our country.
The central aspect of that concern, is legal abortion, as defined by Roe v. Wade.
This is what this fight over judge appointments is about. Americans are ready to end the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.
Americans want change."  - Author / leading African-American observer of cultural issues -Star Parker
"GerryBlog" - Features and More  News

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Anti-Constitutional  - ROE V WADE....Jan. 22, 1973 - Anti-American A+
Millions of anti abortion Americans are planning to protest the unfortunate and divisive decision that has led to over 50 million
children killed by abortion in the U.S.A.  "March For Life" on Washington DC will take place on Thursday, (televised) as well as a great number
of local events, nationwide, to protest the decision which is considered by millions to be anti-Constitutional, anti-American and criminal.
John 15:9
As The FATHER has Loved Me, so have I Loved you. Continue you in My Love,  - Jesus Christ

Featured  NEWS:

Pastors ask for 'born alive' murder charges in Hialeah abortion death
Pastors from the Black Community are asking for murder charges in addition to the two felonies already
filed against former abortion worker Belkis Gonzalez, who was responsible for the death of a black baby who
was born alive during an abortion at a Hialeah, FL abortion clinic in 2006.
"Those parts are the skull and then the spine..and pelvis, and in fact they are crushed..."

11/30/10   Defense Authorization Bill - amendment allowing military clinics to conduct abortions
"Sen J. Inhofe said.."they are going to turn our military hospitals into abortion clinics," and called on people to rally against lawmakers interested in moving the proposal forward. Senate Democrats are angling to end the military's decades old ban on allowing elective abortions on publicly funded facilities - in overseas military hospitals.

10/5/10   3 MI abortion mills cited by Civil Rights Office for violating HIPAA laws
After a 2-year investigation, Woman Care, Sharpes Family Planning and Women's Advisory abortion clinics were all found to be violation of Federal HIPAA statutes in the improper disposition of patients' health care records.

10/5/10  Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer identifies 6 myths about breast cancer
.. and concludes that induced abortion and oral contraceptives use... unequivocally are risk factors for breast cancer.

9/28/10 Abortion Survivor Speaks Out About the Injustice
"For some women out there to have a choice would mean that I would never have a choice."

9/28/10  Abortion Opponents Sue Colorado Over Voter Guide Analysis
Suing to force the state to change how it describes an abortion-related amendment before voters this fall.
Personhood USA, one of the sponsors of Colorado's Amendment 62, which would change the state constitution to grant citizenship rights at the "beginning of biological development," filed the suit Wednesday in Denver District Court.

< < Political News

May 13, 2010 -Tax funding of abortionists facing over 100 criminal charges in Kansas
Planned Parenthood is getting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars each year from Kansas even though it stands accused of over a hundred counts of criminal conduct.

Wisconsin Facility Abandons Late-term Abortion Plan
May 7, 2010 - (MADISON, Wisconsin)—Pro-Life Wisconsin (PLW) have received official confirmation from the Wisconsin Attorney General's office that the Madison Surgery Center (MSC) has abandoned its plans to perform late-term abortions.

April 28, 2010 - Oklahoma requires women to have ultrasound before abortion
Oklahoma has passed some of the country's toughest restrictions on abortion, requiring women to undergo an ultrasound just an hour before having a termination.

April 19, 2010 Nebraska Bill Would Ban Most Late-term Abortions Due to Fetal Pain
"…there is substantial evidence that by 20 weeks, fetuses seek to evade stimuli in a way that indicates they are experiencing pain."

April 14, 2010  The Debate Around Fetal Pain and Abortions
In a new turn for the abortion debate, lawmakers in Nebraska have enacted tougher abortion restrictions based on a fetus's capacity to feel pain. The laws prohibit performing abortions after 20 weeks except under extreme conditions. Anti-abortion groups say the laws are grounded in scientific research conducted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling. But abortion-rights advocates argue the laws have no legal or scientific credibility.

April 9, 2010 - Stupak announces resignation.

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April 9, 2010 - Planned Parenthood Guide Tells HIV-Infected Youth to Enjoy Sex, Denounces Laws on Disclosure of HIV/AIDS to Sexual Partners.

(CNSNews.com) – In a guide for young people published by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, the organization
says it opposes laws that make it a crime for people not to tell sexual partners they have HIV. The IPPF's “Healthy, Happy and Hot”
guide also tells young people who have the virus that they have a right to “fun, happy and sexually fulfilling lives.”
Black Genocide In America
Feb. 2010 - Black children are an "endangered species."
National Black Leaders Join Georgia Legislators to End Ugliest Form of Racism: Abortion

Ohio House Speaker Finally Allows Teen Pro-Life Speech Winner to Address Legislature
"I feel that what they meant to kind of silence this topic has just brought it more to light, and God has turned it all for His glory." - Elizabeth Trisler

Jan - 2010   Dr. -  Alveda King: The Dream Includes Us All, Born and Unborn
Dr. Alveda King, Pastoral Associate of Priests for Life and niece of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke, Monday, on the celebration of her Uncle's life: "The unborn are as much a part of the Beloved Community as are newborns, infants, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. Too many of us speak of tolerance and inclusion, yet refuse to tolerate or include the weakest and most innocent among us in the human family."
Jan - 2010  Why so many abortion workers have turned pro-life
Pro-choice advocates like to point out that abortion has existed in all times and places. Yet that observation tends to obscure the radicalism of the present abortion regime in the United States.

New fight develops over rights of fetuses in Alaska
Nov. 28th, 09 - Lawsuit filed to keep initiative off the ballot. A ballot initiative that sponsors hope will outlaw abortion in Alaska by declaring fetuses to be "legal persons" appears headed for a court fight.

Adoption Day recognizes the need and those who respond.
Nov. 23, 09  - "The whole District of Columbia is thankful for every parent who will come forward to adopt one of our children."

Another Poll Shows Majority Oppose Abortion Funding in Health Care Legislation
Nov. 19, 2009  -  Another poll this week is showing that a majority of Americans oppose including government funding of abortions in the Congressional health care legislation.

Planned Parenthood Loses Bid to Silence Former Clinic Director Turned Pro-Life
Nov. 16, 2009  A district court judge has denied Planned Parenthood's request for a gag order against Abby Johnson, the former director of a Houston-area Planned Parenthood abortion facility who quit her job following a conversion experience.

Study: Chinese women with abortions have statistically significant 17% increased breast cancer risk
Nov. 13, 2009 - Chinese researchers Peng Xing and his colleagues conducted a case-control study in Northeast China examining reproductive factors associated with subtypes of breast cancer. They found a statistically significant overall odds ratio of 1.17 (17% increased breast cancer risk for all subtypes combined) among women with induced abortions.

NZ study linking abortion and depression "one more rock on a mountain of evidence"
A New Zealand study that says abortion puts women at increased risk of anxiety and depression is but the latest in a long line of scientific reports that reach the same conclusion said leaders of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign today.

November 7, 2009  - The House passed the Stupak Amendment, introduced by conservative Democrats and intended to bar abortion services from any insurance plan paid for with a federal subsidy. The vote was 240-194 in favor, with one vote of "present." Sixty-four Democrats voted "yes" on the amendment, along with all but one Republican, Shaddeg (R-Ariz.), who voted "present."

Victory for Life: Director of a Planned Parenthood Clinic Resigns after Watching Abortion Ultrasound
November 7, 2009 (Bryan, Texas)—The director of the Texas Planned Parenthood abortion mill has resigned saying she experienced a conversion after watching an ultrasound video of a child being killed by abortion.

Conservative and pro-family values win big at the polls
November 4, 2009/Christian Newswire -- "Those who were ready to inscribe 'RIP' on the tombstone of conservative and pro-family values following the 2008 elections got a jolting wake-up call at the polls," said Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law. "Conservative and pro-family values have never been dead or dying: we just needed principled candidates who can articulate these values, and when that happens, we win," remarked Staver.

10/30/09  New report shows late-term abortionist Martin Haskell above the law and dangerous
Operation Rescue has released a three-part report documenting how late-term abortionist Martin Haskell has used his considerable influence over
years of legal wrangling in order to keep his Dayton abortion clinic open even though it does not meet the safety requirements prescribed by law.

Alabama Republican candidate for governor proposes abortion ban
10/14/09 Rep. candidate Robert Bentley says he would push statewide abortion ban as governor: ''I care about the life of unborn children. We need people who will stand up for unborn children
in this country,'' said Bentley, 66, who is a retired physician and a state representative from Tuscaloosa County.

Dare I Say It? Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!
9/22/09 - National Black Pro life Union
Recently, President Barack Obama claimed that abortion will not be funded through the new health care legislation. Shouting liar, liar pants on fire, may be politically incorrect, so I’ll just say Mr. President you are wrong!

Michigan pro-life activist shot and killed
9/11/09 -  An elderly pro-life activist was shot multiple times and killed this morning in Michigan while he was
peacefully protesting abortion with a sign depicting a baby and the word "Life," according to local police.

Abortion Claim a 'Political Hoax' At President's Address
9/10/09 - Obama denies paid for abortions in Obamacare: ".. under our plan, no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience
laws will remain in place," the president said in an address to a joint session of Congress to sell health care reforms. But critics
say the premium vs. taxpayer pots are a distinction without a difference. "This is a political hoax," said Douglas Johnson,
legislative director for the National Right to Life. "The public plan is explicitly authorized to cover all abortions. This is not
disputed. They will be paid for out of a federal Treasury account. These are as much federal funds as any other funds at the U.S. Treasury."

VIDEO: Barack Obama's Deception on Abortion & His Public Health Plan
9/09/09 Abortion:  Obama has been denying that abortion will be included, yet a speech he made completely contradicts that statement:
Barack Obama @ a Planned Parenthood meeting. "The Center and Heart of the (Health Care) Plan I propose...
we'll set up a public plan...all essential services for reproductive care, ...including insurers..."  VideoAug. 24, 2009  Judge: SD doctors must say abortion ends life
Dakota law requires doctors to inform women seeking abortions that the procedure
"will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being,"

Aug. 22, 2009  Conflicting Statements on Subsidized Abortion Haunt Health Care Reform
 On a conference call with progressive religious leaders late Wednesday afternoon, President Barack Obama aggressively challenged his
Republican critics’ “misinformation” blitz, arguing the claim by many social conservative groups that his health care proposal would
subsidize and mandate reproductive care is a blatant fabrication, and insisted they were “bearing false witness.” True?...

Aug. 16, 2009
Join The National Pro-Life Alliance & Save Innocent Children's Lives
Ending Taxpayer Funding of Abortion
The abortion industry loots massive federal tax dollars to fund the killing of unborn children.
Even with Strong Public Opposition, Pro-Abortion Politicians Seek Massive Taxpayer-Funded Subsidies for Abortion.
Planned Parenthood has Already Received Over Two and a Half Billion Dollars From Taxpayers and Demands More.
Whether it is spending taxpayer money to fund abortions through Medicaid, health plans for federal employees,
military personnel, women in federal prisons, or the United Nations Population Fund to support coercive
abortions abroad, there seems to be no end to the abortion industry's thirst for tax dollars.

Aug. 14, 2009Obama Health Care - Funding Abortions - Strongly Opposed
Among the Americans that openly oppose taxpayer funding for abortion, the 1.78 million members of Knights of Columbus' leader
told delegates that the inclusion of an abortion mandate and other provisions that would require all health insurance plans to pay for abortions
runs contrary to public opinion, which has moved decisively in the opposite direction.

Support Pro-Life Issues & Political Candidates.
"bortion.ews" | "A CHOICE WITH TRUTH"..URGENT.. | ."rayerAcrossAmerica"
Without A Doubt - The Overriding Moral Issue Of Our Time!
Be Prepared:"Skills" "A TIME FOR EVERY PURPOSE" "Raising Children"
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Aug. 10, 2009 Failing Calif. Losing Jobs, Benefits, Services Yet Still Fully Funding Abortion
Nearly 30 million CA taxpayer dollars pay for abortion each year, millions more go into the advertising, rents, staffing,
support, and expense of the abortion network. Yet the quasi-government abortion industry was relatively unscathed while thousands
of others lost jobs, benefits and services! Why? How could this blatant favoritism happen?

7/8/09  U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg In an astonishing admission,
says sheas under the impression that legalizing abortion with the 1973 Roe. v. Wade case would eliminate undesirable members of the populace, or as she put it "populations that we don't want to have too many of."

7/8/09  Colorado & Montana Pro-Lifers Launch Personhood Battles to Protect Unborn
..Acknowledging the God-given right to life of the pre born ...

May 31, 09 Late Term Abortion Doctor George Tiller Shot and Killed
Multiple sources have now confirmed for KAKE News that abortion doctor George Tiller (VIDEO) was shot and killed this morning at his church.

5/15/09 10:00 A.M. , PT Alan Keyes, 78 Yr. Old Catholic Priest Arrested At Notre Dame Protest of Obama speech
Do you think GOD Himself Respects Any President With An Obama Pro-choice Record? HELL, NO!!
Burned Alive:
To Notre Dame 'honoring' Obama: Ask him why he feels waterboarding a terrorist is "torture" but an abortion using a saline burning bath to an innocent unborn is not.

Archbishop Decries Obama Appearance at Notre Dame, Administration's Pro-Abortion Policies
One of the Vatican's highest ranked clerics says Obama appearance is causing a scandal.New Pew Poll Shows Support for Legal Abortion Drops to Lowest Level in 15 Years
A new poll conducted by Pew Research finds the support for legal abortions has dropped to its lowest level in 15 years; Pres. Obama's abortion advocacy could be sparking a shift to the pro-life side of the abortion debate. The proportion saying that abortion should be legal in all or most cases has declined to 46% from 54% last August.

A Compilation: Pres. Barack Obama's Pro-Abortion Record

News Release  Permanent Pro-Life Victory in the Dominican Republic
Apr. 24, 2009 - "A true respect for human life is protecting it from the beginning; the Dominican Republic is ahead of America in building a society where all human life is truly respected."
(Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)—In response to recent efforts by international pro-abortion groups seeking to decriminalize abortion in the Dominican Republic, legislators permanently enshrined the right to life for pre-born humans by rewriting the Constitution of the Dominican Republic with the words "the right to life is inviolable from conception until death."

Kansas Jury finds Kan. doctor not guilty in abortion case (Tiller the Baby Killer!)
 March 27, 09 - George Tiller is America's most notorious abortionist. Tiller the Killer' faced 19 criminal counts of illegal late-term abortions. - Website takes a revealing look at "Tiller the Killer"

Bishops in Albany Block Bills on Pro-Abortion & Pro-Same-Sex Marriage
March 10, 09 -  ALBANY, New York - Roman Catholic bishops and hundreds of their flocks plan to descend on the state Capitol today, blocking bills that strengthen abortion rights and allow same-sex marriage among their top goals.

Feb. 17, 09 -  VIDEO - America's first octuplets reach out to newest Suleman octuplets
"The kids are here, they need our help. The focus should be on the kids..."

Abortionist Stripped of Medical License In The Hialeah Baby Murder Case
Feb. 9, 09 -  Tampa, FL — The Florida Board of Medicine revoked the medical license of Pierre Renelique, a Florida abortionist who failed to show up for a scheduled late-term abortion at a Hialeah clinic in July, 2006. As a result, unlicensed workers delivered a live 23-week old baby girl, shoved the struggling baby into trash bag, and stashed her body on the roof.

Fund to challenge Roe v. Wade gets initial OK
Feb. 5, 09 -New legislation could spark an abortion battle.
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - A committee in the Utah House has endorsed a proposal that would create a legal defense fund to challenge Roe v. Wade.

Poll - Most American's Reject Obama's Tax Payer Funded Overseas Abortions
Feb. 5, 09 - Over 65% of Americans, according to a recent Gallop Poll, do not approve of Obama's pro-abortion policies
having to do with rescinding the Mexico City Policy, and sending American taxpayer dollars
overseas, to fund pro-abortion extremist groups such as Planned Parenthood.

Feb. 5, 09 - Wash., DC - Archbishop Raymond Burke, prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the Vatican's highest court,
stated, "There's not a question that a Catholic who publicly, and after admonition, supports pro-abortion legislation
is not to receive Holy Communion and is not to be given Holy Communion."

A U. S. "Law" Against The Law: Roe v Wade
Feb. 3, 09 - Since 1973, when this decision was written, it has become abundantly clear that a new life begins at conception. Scientists and medical
texts agree to this. The U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision admitted that if the personhood of an unborn baby is established,
the right to abort “ collapses, for the fetus’ right to life is then guaranteed specifically by the (14th) Amendment.” Yet lawmakers refuse to
rescind a law against the law.

A Lawless Land Finds Itself In Deep Despair
Feb. 3, 09 - With thousands of layoffs announced continually, as public dismay is rising over Obama's tax evading appointees,
his stimulus plan has a majority of Americans wanting Congress to either reject or make "major changes"
to the Obama backed economic stimulus package on Capitol Hill, a Gallup poll out on Tuesday finds.
Jan. 26.2009  - Historic Octuplets: MiracleBirths of  EIGHT Babies Born in Bellflower
Featuring: Placenta graphic with eight babies.
The world marveled as doctors at the hospital in Bellflower, Calif. told of their delight at the smooth delivery Monday of babies they called A, B, C, D, E, F and G as they arrived - and their surprise when the eighth, H was born. .

The National Black Pro-Life Union
speaking out against the murderous injustice of abortion and the hypocrisy of pro-choice candidates: "Mr. President-Elect ,
will you please change what Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GH Bush, Clinton and GW Bush wouldn’t or couldn’t?
 Abortion has killed more 50 million children in just over 30 years.  On behalf of the children I implore you–the campaigner for change–to change that!

Most state lawmakers favor abortion ban
 Jan. 1, 2009- OMAHA — The majority of Nebraska lawmakers who responded to an Associated Press pre-session survey say they would support a measure to ban abortion in the state.

 Parenting, adoption, or abortion?
12/29/08 The Northwest Louisiana Pregnancy Care Center, coming to the area soon, wants those facing such a decision to get all of the facts before they decide.

11/08/08' Roe' of Roe v. Wade to deliver pro-life speech at Room at The Inn benefit Saturday
HILTON HEAD ISLAND -- Norma McCorvey, better known as "Jane Roe" of the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court Roe v. Wade case, is coming to Hilton Head Island to speak at Room At The Inn's third annual campaign and benefit banquet tonight.

On The Record:
10/28/08 - Obama & Biden Voted Against Helping Pregnant Women
Both Obama and his running mate Joe Biden voted AGAINST extending the health care program to cover pregnant women and their unborn children.

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Video: Roe V. Wade's Jane Roe Urges Pro- Life Voting
10/28/08 - CLEVELAND, Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- "Jane Roe", Norma McCorvey, the plaintiff in the Roe v. Wade case 35 years ago that legalized abortion released a video today at www.JustONEJudge.com urging people to vote November 4th because of the far-reaching effects of the Supreme Court nominations by the next president and confirmation by United States Senators.

Pro-Life House Reps Back Ohio Efforts to Stop Abuse of Deadly RU-486 Abortion Drug
10/26/08 - GOP Leader Questions Planned Parenthood's Effort to Undermine Federal Limits on Abortion Drug's Use.
WASHINGTON, D.C. - House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) and nine other Republican members of the U.S. House are backing an amicus brief filed by Americans United for Life (AUL) in support of efforts by the State of Ohio to stop abuse of the deadly RU-486 abortion drug.

Members of Congress Face Carnage of Abortion
10/06/08 - WASHINGTON, D.C., September 24, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Fr. Frank Pavone led a team of pro-life advocates to Capitol Hill last week for a three-day educational demonstration directed at pro-choice members of Congress, which set out to reveal the gruesome reality of abortion.

S. Dakota could lead anti-abortion charge
Aug. 31/2008  A ballot initiative on abortion in South Dakota in November could lead to a series of court challenges and ultimately to the Supreme Court overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion nationwide, anti-abortion activists say.

Archbishops Scold Biden, Pelosi
Aug. 26/08 -Catholic leaders are irked by pro-choice Dems who tout Catholicism, and mislead on when life begins.
Archbishops warn Biden not to take Communion, chide Speaker Pelosi.

Iowa Rep. Candidate Assails Abortion As Leading Breast Cancer Cause, Backs Drilling
Aug. 16/08 -Abortions are the leading "controllable cause" of breast cancer in America, David Hartsuch, a Republican candidate for Iowa's 1st Congressional District, told fairgoers Thursday at The Des Moines Register's Soapbox.

Opponents Of Michigan Stem Cell Proposal Begin Campaign To Defeat It
Aug. 14/08 - Opponents of a proposed ballot initiative to loosen Michigan's restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research on Monday launched a campaign to defeat the measure, saying it would lead to human cloning, the Detroit News reports. State Sen. Tom George (R) said, "This proposal is deceptive and is hazardous because it will allow unregulated and unrestricted experimentation on human embryos"

Media Blackout on Kenyan President's Rejection of Legalised Abortion in Kenya
Aug. 14/08 - Said at recent event that he "saw no reason, now, or in the future, why anyone would want to legalize abortion in Kenya."

Aug. 12/08- A Catholic Case Against Barack - Article by Pat Buchanan.

Roe v. Wade plaintiff tells of reversal
Aug. 7, 2008 -  The woman who was known as "Jane Roe" in the country's most famous abortion-rights case spoke today in Louisville, telling how she went from working in abortion clinics to working with anti-abortion groups.

Mothers who gave up babies unite to ease enduring pain
Aug. 3, 2008 -  Local group comforts those touched by adoption

Bush Admin. Wants New Anti-Discrimination Certification For Health Care Workers
July 23, 2008 -   To certify not to refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and some birth control.
No certification; no federal monetary aid.

Abortion to Remain Illegal in Brazil
July 18/08 - After 17 Years of Abortion Supporters' Attempts to decriminalize it; Brazilians Overwhelmingly "The right to life constitutes the supreme value of the Constitution, because all other rights are derived from it." (Brasilia, Brazil)—Two bills to decriminalize abortion in Brazil were defeated for the third time in recent weeks, in what may be the final blow to legislation that has been under consideration for over 17 years in the Brazilian National Congress.

"It's Time for a Taxpayers' Revolt Against "Planned Parenthood - the Wal-Mart of Big Abortion."
July 15/08 -Reps. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) and Chris Smith (R-NJ) organized a special order on the floor of the U.S. House of Reps to call for an end to federal taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. "They are big business. They are the Wal-Mart of big abortion," said Rep. Bachmann . "They are the big box retailer. It's time to end their tax exempt status. It's a fraud. It is time to stop the public financing of Planned Parenthood -- it is the right thing to do." Susan B. Anthony List Pres. Marjorie Dannenfelser said, "...It is past time to de-fund Planned Parenthood. It is time for a taxpayers' revolt."
Black Pro-lifers to NAACP: .."no more tax dollars for Planned Parenthood"

Obama's Taxpayer Funded Abortions Agenda
July 13/08 - Questions about abortion remain a significant test for a candidate whose campaign has been built largely upon a call for post-partisan unity. Republican strategist Karl Rove stated on Friday: “This is a man who stands up and says he is going to bring Republicans and Democrats together to achieve great things for the country,"Rove said. “How can you claim to do that if you are at the same time supporting the divisive practice
of using taxpayer dollars to fund abortion? You can’t. You cannot square that circle.”

Radically Pro-Abortion - Obama Supports Infanticide
July 9/08 - Jill Stanek - It is clear: Obama strongly opposed legislation to protect abortion survivors. This is horrible, so of course he will try to make it 'complicated,' but it is not. Barack Obama is so radically pro-abortion he supports infanticide.

Obama's biggest lie about supporting infanticide
Jill Stanek  - On June 25, CNN's Wolf Blitzer asked conservative commentator Bill Bennett what question he would ask Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama if he could. Bennett said he would ask Obama: .... I got to question the guy's moral judgment who doesn't see a problem with killing a baby after it's been born.... What is the answer to that question? Bennett was speaking about Obama's opposition to Illinois' Born Alive Infants Protection Act as state senator....

Tony Perkins Asks Barack Obama:
When Does Life Begin? Video

Wal-Mart Says No to Planned Parenthood event
6/28/08 - Grassroots Pro-Life Victory:  A Wal-Mart parking lot in Richland, Washington is the latest front-line in the battle against abortion-giant, Planned Parenthood. At the request of hundreds of pro-lifers, the store cancelled an event in which Planned Parenthood would pass out information in the lot June 27.

Obama is no candidate of change.  Abortion-Obama wants abortions to continue.
6/26/08 - Obama is the full-spectrum abortion candidate. Abortion through nine months.
Abortion at birth. Abortion after birth. Obama demands that some babies born alive be left to die. ...

Concsientious Objector Pharmacists robbed of "choice"
6/25/08 -We just posted the latest ALL Report on both blip.tv and YouTube. This report is on the latest statement from the AMA, who is attacking pharmacists for refusing to dispense abortive and contraceptive drugs. Interesting how the "pro-choice" crowd is pro-"Choice," just as long as you choose abortion and contraception. But if you want to "choose" to go along with your conscience ... well, too bad, so sad.

Bush Signs 'The Unborn Victims of Violence Act'
6/22/08 - New law, signed by Pres. Bush and sponsored by U.S. Sen. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio, allows for two charges - one for the mother and one for the child - in federal cases. - in federal cases of abuse or murder of pre
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of abuse or murder of pregnant women.
Irish Voters Reject E.U. Treaty To Preserve Abortion Ban
6/18/08 - Irish voters on Friday voted 53% to 46% to reject a European Union treaty that opponents
argued could have led to changes in Ireland's abortion ban, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Re-Emergence Of Abortion-Rights Debate In Presidential Campaign
6/18/08 - Troy Newman, head of the antiabortion group Operation Rescue, said, "We're winning. We're winning the youth. We're winning the hearts and minds of the people." He added, "All politics is local. I ask myself, 'What can I do?' I can save this baby and close this abortion clinic."
Even if Roe is upheld by the court, abortion-rights opponents "have plenty to feel good about," the Tribune reports.

Michigan Gov. Granholm Vetoes Abortion Ban Legislation Mirroring Federal Law
6/18/08 -AP/International Herald Tribune - Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm (D) on Friday vetoed a bill (SB 776) that would ban so-called "partial-birth" abortions except in cases where women's lives are in jeopardy.

Sarah’s Law, the Child and Teen Safety and Stop Predators Act
6/15/08 -California - Sarah’s Law is a constitutional amendment initiative currently gathering signatures to appear on the November 2008 ballot. Sarah’s Law requires a doctor to notify a parent, or, in case of parental abuse, another adult family member of an unemancipated minor 48 hours before performing an abortion on her. It also requires a doctor to obtain the personal consent of a minor before performing the abortion and allows for court intervention if a minor is being coerced to have an abortion.

Operation Rescue/Operation  Save America National Event -
6/12/08 - Atlanta, Georgia, July 12-19, 2008

Mum happy baby survived abortion
6/8/08 - Nottinghamshire, England - A mother who decided to abort her son because he may have inherited a life-threatening kidney condition is overjoyed that he survived the procedure.

Habitat for Humanity Ends Relationship with Planned Parenthood
American Life League Applauds Habitat for Humanity For Ending Relationship with Planned Parenthood
June 4, 2008 -  WASHINGTON, D.C. - Jim Sedlak, vice president for American Life League, issued a statement about Habitat for Humanity of Sarasota, FL ending its cooperation with Planned Parenthood:...

Legislation: American Right To Life Elated at Historic Development
5/31/08 -DENVER - Unborn Personhood on Colorado Ballot -"For the first time in forty years of 'legalized' child killing, pro-lifers have moved an entire state to consider the God-given right to life of the unborn,..."

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Evidence suggests Planned Parenthood felonies
5/30/08 - Newly revealed documents in the long-running battle over evidence in a criminal case filed against a Kansas Planned Parenthood operation shows that felonies may have been committed in order to avoid misdemeanor paperwork-related charges.

Colo. personhood amendment qualifies
5/30/08 - DENVER (BP) -A proposed constitutional amendment that gives legal protections to people from the moment of conception and takes direct aim at Roe v. Wade has officially qualified for the ballot in Colorado, giving citizens there a historic opportunity this November to grant legal status to the unborn.

Abortion Opponents Call On Bush To Implement Title X Gag Rule
5/27/08 - Abortion opponents are calling on President Bush to issue new regulations that would prohibit Title X family planning program funding to clinics that counsel women about abortion as a possible option or offer referrals for abortion,

Anti-Abortion Rights Groups Urge Bush
5/27/08 - As U.S. President George Bush's term draws to a close, anti-abortion activists urge regulations to reject federal funding for abortion clinics, officials say.

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12 Republicans boost Planned Parenthood profits, diss pregnancy support
5/25/08 - From the Family Research Council -In a nutshell: Our government channels millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood - which makes huge profits year after year, even while presenting itself as a nonprofit organization. Meanwhile, pregnancy resource centers staffed by volunteers are turned down for government help. What a twisted world! Here are the 12 GOP leaders who want to write a death sentence to funding any alternatives to Planned Parenthood:...

Muslim And Christian Believers Oppose The UK Government's Embryo/Abortion Bill
5/21/08 - U K - Muslim and Christian divine teachings prohibit almost all the proposals in the Embryo bill and oppose any amendment which removes current restrictions on abortions.

130,000 in Colorado Sign Petition to Grant Full Legal Protection to Unborn Children
5/19/08 -DENVER,  (LifeSiteNews.com) - In a historic attempt to protect human life, 131,243 pro-life advocates in Colorado showed their support of the personhood ballot initiative, by signing a petition that would give voters a chance to expand the U.S. Constitution's definition of a human person to include the unborn. Colorado for Equal Rights needed 76,000 signatures to get the personhood amendment on the ballot in November.

Colo. Proposal To Define Fertilized Embryo As Person On State Ballot
5/17/08 -The group Colorado for Equal Rights submitted 131,245 signatures to place an initiative on the November statewide ballot that would define a fertilized embryo as a person and extend to it rights and protections

5/13/08 - Colorado for Equal Rights Campaign - Kristi Burton, spokesperson  said, "Thousands of individuals along with myself are making the commitment to not rest until every human being is equally protected by love and by law."

First Snowflake Family
5/11/08 - Snowflakes Embryo Adoption program - 'God’s plan was well in place for these embryos, and that was a plan of adoption instead of destruction.' After prayer and research, the Streges adopted a frozen embryo, and on Dec. 31, 1998, they became the proud parents of the world’s first snowflake baby, Hannah.

California Citizens Say "Enough is Enough" To Planned Parenthood/abortion funding
5/11/08 - California citizens, reeling under their state government's rapid financial slide, are looking at Planned Parenthood's bloated budget and recently documented abuse of our federal and state grants abortion industry handouts and saying "Enough is Enough."

U.S. Supreme Court To Consider Asylum Cases Of Men Whose Partners Were Forced To Undergo Abortions In China
5/10/08 - The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to consider appeals by two men whose partners were forced to undergo abortions in China, ...

ELECTION2008 - Poll: Catholics will vote pro-life
5/8/08 - There is no more pressing evil facing the United States than the deaths of 40 million or 50 million unborn children in the abortion industry since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court opinion, according to a new poll that also reveals Catholics are being prompted by the recent visit of Pope Benedict XVI to vote their life issue opinions.

Lessons on Vitae from Judge Andrew Napolitano
5/7/08 - Vitae puts the mass media to good use by educating the public via well-researched, effective advertising that promotes respect for human life.

China's Consumerism pushes factories, boosts pressure to limit children
5/4/08 -There have been no significant changes in China's human rights, she said, since that day in 1993 when her neighbor reported to police that she appeared to be pregnant without authorization, and police officers broke down the door of her family's home to take her in shackles to a hospital where she was given a "pill" and locked up.

Indian Prime Minister Singh Decries Sex-Selective Abortions, Calls For Stricter Enforcement Of Laws
5/2/08 - Singh said that sex-selective abortions are "a national shame" and that India "must face this challenge squarely here and now." He added, "No nation, no society, no community can hold its head high and claim to be part of the civilized world if it condones the practice of discriminating against one half of humanity represented by women"

Baltimore Sun Examines Reasons For Declining Abortion, Birth Rates
5/2/08 - According to a report released earlier this month by CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, the U.S. abortion rate declined by about 24% from 1990 to 2004.

Truths about Planned Parenthood keep popping up day after day
 4/26/08 - Ben Stein and Maggie Gallagher weigh in.

Anti-abortion group kicked off campus
4/26/08 - ELLENSBURG – An anti-abortion group from Olympia made a brief stop on the Central Washington University campus Thursday before campus police insisted they leave and get authorization to be there.

Pastors Accuse Planned Parenthood for 'Genocide' on Blacks
4/25/08 - WASHINGTON — The Planned Parenthood Federation of America has perpetuated a “genocide on the black community,” says a group of African-American pastors who claimed Thursday the birth control and abortion provider has had a racist agenda since its beginnings in 1921.

Nearly 70% Of Italian Doctors Refuse To Perform Abortions
4/25/08 - Nearly 70% of Italy's gynecologists refuse to perform abortions, citing "conscientious objections," according to a report released on Tuesday by the Italian Health Ministry,

Day Gardner - Black Pro-life Leader On Planned Parenthood and Obama
"He (Obama) doesn't care that abortion is the No. 1 killer of African-Americans."
4/24/08 - Day Gardner and 'Pro Life- African Americans' are requesting that Congress stop funding 'Planned Parenthood',  provider of abortions that kill American black babies in astonishing numbers.

The 'Audicity of Abortion Friendly Dem. Pres. Candidates
Political science Prof. Paul Kengor points to a larger question that both abortion-friendly Dem. pres. hopefuls consistently avoid answering. There's only one word to describe the mindset that would dare to legalize abortion, or defend the right to abortion, without answering "the difficult question of when life begins.  Audacity! God help us if such audacity keeps passing for leadership.  Also: Obama, Clinton Televised Public Forum - "WHO, WHAT IS THE ANTI-CHRIST??"

Speaker: ‘Tiny Hand’ Photo Changed Direction of His Life
4/23/08 - Hillsdale, MI — For Michael Clancy, a picture is worth much more than a thousand words. The Hillsdale Right to Life organization held its 30th Annual Benefit Dinner Monday night and featured Clancy as the special guest speaker.

"Baby In Womb Awaiting"
4/22/08 - Artwork - Painted from a photograph of a baby in the womb.

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Vatican's Pro-life Crusader - Cardinal Trujillo Dies
4/20/08 - ROME - Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, the head of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family who campaigned against embryo experiments, has died, the Vatican said on Sunday.

Rampant Abortion In The 'Modernized' World Continues To Take Its Many Faceted Toll
4/18/08 - SINGHPURA, India: India's villages grow more modern,  and sex-selective abortion grows more entrenched. Leaping headfirst into the globalized world but still holding tight to a preference for boys, while destroying baby girls, enlarging an ever-widening gender imbalance in the second most populous nation on earth.

Ariz. House Committee Passes 'Partial-Birth' Abortion Ban
4/16/08 -An Arizona House committee on Wednesday voted 6-3 to approve a measure (SB 1048) that would ban so-called "partial birth" abortion in the state, less than a week after Gov. Janet Napolitano (D) vetoed a similar but not identical bill (HB 2769).

Abortions Drop 24% as U.S. Teen Pregnancies Dropped
4/16/08 - (Bloomberg) - The number of abortions in the U.S. fell 24 percent in 14 years as pregnancies among young women declined, a U.S. study found.

St. Thomas will host talk by abortion foe after all
4/16/08 -Star Parker will speak at 7 p.m. April 21 at the O'Shaughnessy Education Center auditorium, the university announced Tuesday.

4/13/08 -"Obama, Clinton Televised Public Forum" "WHO, WHAT IS THE ANTI-CHRIST??"

High Court Justice Says Right to Abortion Nowhere in Constitution
4/11/08 - During a visit to law students at Roger Williams University this week, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said that the right to an abortion exists no where in theConstitution.

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Priest Discusses The Reality Of Abortion  - Video
4/11/08 - Father Pavone from Priests for Life discusses abortion procedures. It's important for you to watch these.

'Ruthlessness Gene' Discovered
4/7/08 -Study - Researchers at the Hebrew U  in Jerusalem - Ruthless behavior of pro-aborts, dictators,
money-grabbers may be genetic, acccording to a study that claims to have found a genetic link.

The Alaska House passes parental consent abortion bill
4/6/08 - The Alaska House has passed legislation that would require underage girls to obtain a parent's consent before having an abortion.

South Dakota insists on abortion control
4/4/08 - Abortion opponents in South Dakota filed petitions this week that are likely to put an initiative on November's ballot calling for a near-ban on abortion, renewing a contentious fight over a similar proposal in 2006.


Sen Bob Casey, Jr., (D-Pa.) Casey chooses political opportunism over protection of the unborn.
4/2/08 - Pennsylvania prolifers might want to remember that fact about Casey, who won his U.S. Senate seat by running as one of them.

Pro-life outrage as hundreds of children survive after being born within the legal abortion time
4/1/08 - U K - Official Government figures have revealed that hundreds of children are surviving after being born within the legal abortion time limit
Hundreds of children are surviving after being born within the legal abortion time limit, official figures reveal.

Pro-Life Unity on the air
4/1/08 - Tune in to the show today & stay tuned every day at 9:00 Eastern for the live show.

3/29/08 - Arizona - Legislature Passes Two Abortion-Related Bills
New Hampshire - Senate Takes Action On Abortion-Related Bills
N. M.   - Anti-abortion Legislation Approved
Virginia-  Planned Parenthood Loses Half Million Dollars in Funding
The amendment, cutting up to a half million dollars in funding from the abortion giant, passed by the narrowest of margins.

Florida House Committee Approves Bill That Would Require Ultrasounds Before All Abortions
3/27/08 - A Florida House committee on Thursday voted 10-6 to approve a bill (HB 257) that would require physicians to conduct ultrasounds before all abortions, the AP/WSVN.com reports.

Idaho Candidate for U.S. Senator -' Pro-Life' Is His Name
3/26/08 An Idaho candidate for the U.S. Senate has legally changed his name to Pro-Life, the AP/CBS News reports: Candidate Changes Name To Pro-Life; Bill To Add Qualifier Passes Senate.

Defunding Planned Parenthood
3/21/08 - Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), who I supported for minority leader in the House, has proposed an amendment to the appropriations bill for the Departments of Labor and Health & Human Services. The amendment would prohibit distribution of federal funds to Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider.

Florida House Committee Passes Unborn Victims Of Violence Act
3/19/08 - Sun-Sentinel - A Florida House committee on Thursday passed a measure (HB 513) that bill that defines life as beginning at conception for the purpose of prosecuting violent acts against pregnant women. The bill would define an "unborn child" as "a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb."

UK Medical Royal College of PsychiatristsWarns of  Abortion Risks To Mental Health.
3/17/08 - Abortion is now more common than ever in the UK and parliamentary review of abortion legislation is imminent. There has been much new evidence recently about serious physical and psychiatric consequences for women. This evidence base needs to be considered in the context of contemplating changes to the law, and should be incorporated into updated guidance for health professionals and into comprehensive counseling for women. Also - UK - Christian Medical Fellowship

Choosing Life - Choosing McCain
3/15/08 - With the Republican nominee for president settled at this point in the primary season and either Democratic nominee being totally anti-life and pro-abortion to a degree not even seen in the 1992 election, pro-life advocates and people of common sense need to seriously consider the stakes of the 2008 Presidential Race as it applies to the unborn, the elderly, and the medically dependent and disabled.

The Inside scoop on Pro-life Democrats on the National Level
3/13/08 - By Jill Stanek - "... pro-lifers are making inroads in the Democrat Party and helping the movement – they should be lauded."

New Connecticut Bill Would Increase Age Requirements For Abortion Counseling
3/12/08 - New legislation before the Connecticut Public Health Committee, one of the joint standing committees of the Connecticut General Assembly, would require girls ages 17 and younger to receive counseling before undergoing abortions, the AP/Long Island Newsday reports. State law currently requires girls up to age 15 old to be counseled by someone other than the physician performing the abortion, such as nurse practitioners or clergy, before undergoing the procedure.

Sens. Brownback and Kennedy Introduce Bill To Reduce Abortions Of Fetuses With Genetic Conditions
3/12/08 - The Wichita Eagle on Monday profiled a bill (S 1810), introduced by Sens. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) and Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), that would assist pregnant women and new parents after receiving the diagnosis of a fetus with Down syndrome or other prenatally diagnosed conditions.
NARAL Pro-Choice Website Features McCain's Solid Anti-Abortion Record.....Sports Illustrated Photo
3/9/08 - NARAL Pro-Choice America  is a pro-choice org. in the U. S. that engages in political action to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access to abortion.  Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., were tied in 2007-100 % approval rating from NARAL for their abortion rights voting records. No surprises there. This year Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., merited a special page on NARAL's website because of his "solidly anti-abortion record." There, NARAL informs readers that McCain's support of abortion rights in 2002-3-4-5-6-7 at "0 percent." Not only that, "Because only one choice-related vote was taken in 2001 -- to confirm John Ashcroft as United States Attorney General -- no numerical score was given for the year..."

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Canadians mourn twenty years of no anti abortion law
2/29/08 -OTTAWA, ON- Abortions are performed in Canada during all nine months of pregnancy, including partial birth abortion procedures.

Massachusetts Abortionist Relinquishes License in Wake of Abortion Death Investigation
2/26/08 -Mass. - Abortionist Rapin Osathanondh,  relinquished his medical license in the wake of  criminal investigation and disciplinary action by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine.

Pro-life Ob/Gyns Object to Standards Requiring Abortion Referrals
2/23/08 -Detroit (CWNews.com) - An organization representing pro-life doctors has lodged a strenuous objection against new standards set by the American Board of Ob/Gyn, which would require certified obstetricians and gynecologists either to perform abortions or to refer women to other doctors who would do so.

HR 618, a Right to Life bill sponsored by Congressman Duncan Hunter
2/20/08 -Peter Shinn, President of Pro-Life Unity, founder of ProLifeNews.tv and also the Monthly Call for Life spoke at the Capitol about the need for people to get more involved in the process of ending abortion.  One of the current bills is HR 618, a Right to Life bill sponsored by Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Jane Roe' s Anti-abortion Cause In Action
2/17/08 - Norma McCorvey was the young single woman, known to most only as Jane Roe who was at the center of one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in 1973. Now 60, she speaks out against abortion, while raising money for a pregnancy center.

Ohio ex-policeman convicted in pregnant lover's/child's deaths
2/15/08 -  CANTON, Ohio - A former Ohio police officer has been convicted of murdering his girlfriend and her unborn child. Bobby Cutts Jr. could face the death penalty.

Tory private member's bill would protect unborn crime victims
2/15/08 -  CANADIAN PRESS OTTAWA - Conservative MP Ken Epp is seeking support for a private member's bill that would recognize the unborn as separate victims when their mothers are killed or harmed in an attack.

Anti-abortion a factor in early campaign for Italy's parliamentary elections
2/15/08 - ROME - Abortion, not usually a major election topic in Italy, is playing an important role in early campaigning for April's parliamentary elections. Silvio Berlusconi, former prime minister and the front-runner to retake the job, recently said he favours the UN passing a moratorium on abortion.

Strong Pro-Life Presence at Princeton University
2/11/08 - Pro-lifeness is alive and well at Princeton University, if a reception and meeting of nearly 100 students, professors and guests gathered in Whig Hall on Tuesday evening is any indication. Members of the Princeton Pro-Life and Anscombe Society student organizations joined Princeton Professor Robert George, who is a member of the President's Council on Bioethics, in kicking off pro-life activities this spring semester. "It's quite remarkable" to find 15 or 16 pro-life faculty members at an ivy or any university, said the professor before acknowledging other supporters including a rabbi, several ministers and two Catholic priests in attendance.

Democrat Changes On Abortion, Abstinence Could 'Undermine' Global HIV/AIDS Program
2/10/08 - AP/Minneapolis Star Tribune - House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Democrat proposals that would remove abstinence-only spending requirements and change policies on family planning would "undermine" PEPFAR and place the program's work "at risk."

California Challenge To Federal Abortion Law Undecided After Three Years
2/10/08 -San Francisco Chronicle -  A California challenge to a federal abortion law that denies all federal funding through the annual health spending bill to a state that "discriminates" against physicians, hospitals or insurers that do not offer abortions or abortion referrals remains undecided after three years, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Horrors of Abortion Education In Tennessee
2/9/08 -The number of abortion providers in Tennessee declined from 33 to 13 from 1992 to 2005 - according to a recent national report. A Tennessee anti-abortion advocate attributes the decline to increased education of women about "the horrors of abortion. "

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Nationwide United 'Call For Action'
Join up for the The Monthly Call for Life at MonthlyCallForLife.com. Go to an abortion mill in your area and pray, stand with a sign, or whatever you want to peacefully do for a couple of hours.

Call for Action - Save Lauren Richardson!
2/3/08 -Pro-Life Unity joins with many organizations, including the Terri Schindler Schiavo Foundation, Blogs for Terri, Defend Life, American Life League, Delaware Pro-Life Coalition, ProLifeBlogs, Operation Rescue and more, calling out for citizens everywhere to help stop the murder of an innocent girl.

"Senator Obama - "Save the Horses, Forget the Infants"
2/1/08 - In response to a question about animal rights during a recent town hall meeting, Obama said "How we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other." Senator Obama, a co-sponsor of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act  in the US Senate, calls said cruelty to animals is "unacceptable on its own stead." He says that as president, he would "continue to make sure that we treat animal cruelty like the serious crime it is."  Yet Obama doesn't find unacceptable the cruel treatment of infants born alive and left to die via live birth abortions.

"The 'Choice Barrennesses' Admit That Pro-aborts are Losing the Battle"
1/30/08 - Jill Stanek - "The choice movement seems to defend every individual abortion decision..."
If they agree some part of abortion is morally problematic, how can it be morally superior?

Arizona Choose Life License Plate Ruled Constitutional by Appeals Court
1/29/08 -Phoenix, AZ (LifeNews.com) -- A federal appeals court determined on Monday that the Choose Life license plate available to motorists in Arizona is constitutional. A coalition of pro-life groups sponsored the plate and say a special state commission acted illegally by denying its application for a plate.

Women of Color Lead Nation in Abortion Rates
1/29/08 - A recent report by the Guttmacher Institute shows abortion rates among women of color at disproportionate numbers.

Shocking: HIV, Contraception and Abortion and Africa - a Hidden Connection?
1/29/08 - A research team found that "two thirds of HIV/AIDS in Africa results from injections with infected needles or other medical exposures to infected blood."

Abortion: the Boomers' sin and shame
1/27/08 -Cal Thomas -"How satisfying it would be to see my generation reckon with the consequences of the sinful and shameful legacy we created - a legacy epitomized in our Boomer president Bill Clinton whose exploitation of women was overlooked/justified/defended by women to whom the only "feminist" value became the right to kill their babies. How refreshing and hopeful it is each year to attend the March for Life and see the youthful face of the Pro-Life movement...."

FDA Warns About Birth Control Patch Clot Risk
1/25/08 - A new study found that Ortho Evra, which has been called the 'The most dangerous contraceptive on the market', carries a higher risk for blood clots than oral contraceptives.

How candidates stand on abortion
1/24/08 - On the 35th anniversary Tuesday of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing abortion, Republican presidential candidates majorally agree that Roe vs. Wade must be overturned - while Democrat  presidential candidates all are pro abortion.


1/24/08 - WILX-TV - Lansing - Michigan's Senate Approved on Tuesday, A Ban on the Partial-birth Abortion Procedure

25,000 Attended Fourth Annual Walk for Life in San Francisco
1/24/08 -SF (LifeSiteNews.com) - 25,000 participants attended the Walk for Life West Coast, an event attached to Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations on Sunday.

Determined Youth Are Energizing the Pro-Life Movement
1/23/08 - A New Generation of  Pro-Life Activists Is Assembling Across College Campuses. The great success of Tuesday's 35th March for Life in Washington DC.,  with so many determined young people in attendance, shows the antiabortion movement becoming predominantly youthful while the abortion rights movement is aging.

The 2008 March for Life
1/22/08 -WASHINGTON -Today is the date of the 35th March for Life in Washington DC. Last year there were over 200,000 in attendance and this year there will be more.

1/22/08 -WASHINGTON - Christian Newswire -- The National Memorial for the Pre-born and their Mothers and Fathers, the only indoor pro-life interdenominational prayer service held in the U.S. Capitol complex in Washington , DC , will take place this Tuesday, January 22, 2008, in the U.S. Senate Hart Building and the public is welcome ...

U.S. Births Up, Abortions Down
1/21/08 -The Philadelphia Inquirer - Chicago Tribune -  "Abortions at 30 year low." Nearly 4.3 million babies (the highest number since 1961) were born in 2006. Despite an increase in the number of women of reproductive age, the actual number of abortions also has dropped in the last 15 years, from a high of 1.6 million in 1990 to 1.3 million in 2000 and 1.2 million in 2005.

Report on Abortion Decrease Ignores Abstinence
1/19/08 -According to the report on Abortion in the United States: Incidence and Access to Services - 2005,  published by the Guttmacher Institute in the journal 'Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health,' the abortion rate is at its lowest level in over 30 years. Noticeably missing from the report was the significant decline since 1991, in the percentage of teens who reported ever having had sexual intercourse.

1/16/08 -  Ranking of Pro-life States
Americans United for Life (AUL) today released its fifth annual ranking of the most and least pro-life states based on laws in the states.

"Men Are Parents, Too"
1/16/08 - The Story About Men and Abortion Is Being Widely Reported. This news about the growing movement of men who regret the loss of their children to abortions past first ran in the Los Angeles Times on January 7 under the headline "Changing abortion's pronown."

Three Republican US congressmen  in Israel  promoting American-Israeli cooperation against abortions.
1/16/08 - Israel - The three, all leading pro-life figures in the US, are Congressman Chris Smith from New Jersey, who heads the anti-abortion lobby in Congress, Congressman Frank Wolf from Virginia and Congressman Joseph Pitts from Pennsylvania. During their visit in Israel, the congressmen met with Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger and expressed their concern regarding Israel's declining birth rate, compared to the growing birth rate among the Palestinians. The representatives also lauded the rabbi for the Chief Rabbinate's strong stance against abortions.

Tenn. Senate Committee Passes Amendment To State Constitution That Would Limit Abortion
1/15/08 -Memphis Daily News - The Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-2 to approve a proposed antiabortion amendment (SJR 127) to the state's constitution stating that "nothing in this constitution secures or protects a right to abortion or requires the funding of an abortion."

"The Black Church and Obama"
1/13/08 -Day Gardner: president of the National Black Pro-Life Union.

March and Rallies mark the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision making abortion legal.
1/13/08 -Raleigh NC About 950 people attended a march and rally Saturday protesting the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court ruling which legalized abortion in 1973. In Maine-Abortion Protesters March On State House

"Planned Parenthood sells sex - with your tax dollars
1/12/08 -It's really time to get serious about fighting this agent of destruction in our culture.
Roe v Wade occurred in 1973. A lot has been revealed about the development of human life and a lot has happened: 4D ultrasound, prenatal surgery to save babies' lives, It now seems self-evident that abortion is murder. But in our country today a mother has the legal right to murder her baby if she doesn't want it. If she kills the baby it's okay. If the father kicks her in the stomach and kills the baby, he goes to jail. Does it seem right that one person can hold the keys to life or death over another innocent being?

1/12/08 -www.blackgenocide.com  - Hitler Was Pro-Choice - "The fetus has a right to be protected by the Constitution."
What the Ku Klux Klan Could Only Dream About, the Abortion Industry is Accomplishing.

African American Anti-Abortion Advocates:
1/11/08 -"The abortion issue is huge. It is the Darfur of America."
1/10/08 -With Featured Articles


"More Teen Pregnancy Babies are Killed than Are Born Alive In N. Y. State"
1/8/08 -Staggering Repeat Abortion Numbers  on Teen Pregnancy and Abortion in New York State - According to the latest data (2005) from the New York State Department of Health, of the 22,915 pregnancies among 15-19 year old females in New York City, 13,670 were aborted and only 8,387 babies were born.

Hands around the Capitol Anti-abortion leaders host event to mark Roe v. Wade
1/06/08 - The Lewiston Sun Journal - AUGUSTA - Maine Right to Life will host its annual Hands Around the Capitol memorial on Saturday, Jan. 12, recognizing the 35 years since the enactment of Roe v. Wade legalized abortion.

"Hillary Criticizes Obama - "Not Pro-Death Enough"
1/06/08 -He voted against requiring medical care for aborted fetuses who survive, pitifully left to die; a vote that especially riled abortion opponents. During his eight years in the legislature, Obama cast a number of votes on abortion and received a 100 percent rating from the Illinois Planned Parenthood butcher - abortion mill for his support of abortion rights. In her first direct attack on the Illinois senator since his victory in Iowa, Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton criticizes rival Barack Obama's record on abortion rights in a mailing sent to New Hampshire voters - not pro-death enough?

Survey Shows U.S. Media Found Biased Toward Abortion "Rights"
Biased Toward Abortion Choice Indicates Bias Toward Abortion Choice Candidates
1/05/08 - Most major newspapers support abortion rights on their editorial pages, and two major media studies have shown that 80% to 90% of U.S. journalists personally favor abortion rights. Moreover, some reporters participated in a big abortion rights march in Washington last year, and the American Newspaper Guild, the union that represents news and editorial employees at many major papers, has officially endorsed "freedom of choice in abortion decisions." A comprehensive Times study of major newspaper, television and newsmagazine coverage over the last 18 months, including more than 100 interviews with journalists and with activists on both sides of the abortion debate, confirms that this bias often exists.

Proposed Mont. Amendment  To Define Person As Beginning At Fertilization
1/05/08 - Great Falls Tribune - A proposed amendment to the Montana Constitution that would define a person as "a human being at all stages of human development or life, including the state of fertilization," has been cleared for supporters to gather signatures to petition the amendment to be on the November ballot.

Study Shows "Religiously Active" Working Women are Less Stressed
1/04/08 - LiveScience - Those who had stopped being religiously active were more than three times more likely to suffer generalized anxiety.

Huge Pro-Life Demonstration in Spain Ahead of Elections
1/04/08 -  UK Reuters -Madrid, Spain - On the last Sunday of 2007, more than one-and-a-half million Spaniards demonstrated in favor of the traditional family in the centre of Madrid.  "Irreligious governments want to make us believe that our life has no meaning and that isn't true," said Kiko Arguello, organizer of the event.

Most Neb. lawmakers in poll favor banning abortion
1/02/08 - LINCOLN, Neb. - The majority of Nebraska lawmakers who responded to an Associated Press pre-session survey say they would support an effort to pre-emptively ban abortion in the event that the landmark Roe v. Wade decision is overturned.

Why isn't the study linking Breast Cancer to the pill heeded?
1/01/08 - Chicago Tribune Op Ed questions why a 2006 study linking Breast Cancer to Oral Contraceptives has largely been ignored.

Benazir Bhutto -...A "Remarkable, Pro-Life"- Strong Abortion Opponent"
12/29/07 - Islamabad, Pakistan)—According to the pro-life organization, 'Feminists For Life of America' (FFLA), recently murdered Benazir Bhutto was a champion for the lives of unborn, internationally. FFLA said Bhutto prefers "the empowerment of women" over their destruction via abortion.

Study Points to the benefits of Pro-Life Legislation
12/26/07 - Heritage Fnd. study - Between 1985 and 1999 the abortion rate among minors has fallen by 50% and yet has received relatively little attention. According to a new study published by the Heritage Foundation, pro-life legislation is a contributing factor leading to the observed decline in abortion among minors.

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Miscarriage And Abortion Triple Chances Of Future Low Birthweight Babies
12/22/07 - Women who have miscarried or had an abortion run three times the normal risk of having a subsequent low birthweight baby, suggests research in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

12/21/07 - Come to the 35th Annual March For Life
on Tuesday,  January 22, 2008. The March for Life Fund has planned a full program for 2008, including: Rally on the Mall, march for Life to the Supreme Court,  meeting with your Representative and two Senators on Capitol Hill.

"Juno": "The Movie Pro-aborts Will Hate"
12/20/07 - Jill Stanek- "The movie "Juno" will be released in six days, on Christmas, and I can't wait. I previewed it a month ago and loved it. .."

Study Links Sex Education to Abstinence
12/20/07 -Newswise -Sex education greatly boosts the likelihood that teens will delay having intercourse, according to a new study that is the first of its kind in years.

Zogby Poll - Clinton and Giuliani Losing Ground
12/15/07 - While the abortion issue haunts the Giuliani campaign as it loses ground in Iowa, a recent Zogby poll showed Hillary Clinton losing to all five leading Republican candidates.

Utah Lawmaker Aims To Limit Access To Abortions
12/15/07 - deseretnews.com - Rep. Stephen Sandstrom: "A complete state ban is still what ultimately needs to happen, but we're still at least one (U.S. Supreme Court) justice away from the court even considering overturning Roe v. Wade...

Medical Journal Shows Breast Cancer Link To Abortion
12/15/07 - MEDIA ADVISORY - Two letters published this month in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons show how the exceptionally high rates of breast cancer and premature birth can be reduced in the U.S. The authors predict that U.S. rates of premature birth and breast cancer will decline if a similar decline in the abortion rate takes place.

No Doctor in Quinte will Perform an Abortion
12/15/07 - Belleville, ON CA - Having an abortion in Quinte area hospitals isn't just difficult, it's impossible.

Man who helped start stem cell war may end it
12/10/07 - International Herald Tribune - James Thomson's laboratory reported a way to turn ordinary human skin cells into what appear to be embryonic stem cells, without using a human embryo, as his laboratory had first done in 1998.
'Life Choices' Features Ultrasound
12/10/07 - stategazette.com - It's through access to ultrasound technology that "95 percent of women look at those hands and heartbeat and say, 'Life Matters,'" said featured speaker Austin Boyd, using the theme of the eighth annual Life Choices Fundraising Dinner.

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Planned Parenthood exploits children
12/9/07 -Follow the money. Marx thought religion was the opiate of the masses. It's really quite the opposite now. Religion makes you think and question. Sex is the opiate of the masses here in America - and Planned Parenthood is one of the biggest pushers around.

Teen Birth Rates on the Rise Bring Speculation Without Evidence
12/9/07 - newly released CDC report shows that there was a 3 percent increase in births among 15-19 year olds, and a 4 percent increase among those 18-19 years of age.

Abortions At Chicago County Hospital Up 78 Percent Since 2003
12/8/07 - WBBM-AM Chicago -  For the second straight year, Cook County taxpayers are set to pay for a record number of abortions at county health facilities.

"Juno"-An Award Winning Movie With A Heart
12/7/07 - A pro-life film with a heart called "Juno", rated PG-13; among its mounting accomplishments three 2007 film awards. It was an Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival and the Telluride [Colorado] Film Festival. Juno also won the Stockholm Film Festival's Audience Award.

 12/6/07 - Pro life candidate, Mitt Romney's speech is 'All About Values'.

Start date set for Tiller grand jury
12/6/07 - The Topeka Capital-Journal - A Sedgwick County grand jury will be convened Jan. 8 to investigate Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation's few physicians who performs late-term abortions, the county announced Monday.

Prosecutor drops charge over truck with abortion images
12/6/07 - The Topeka Capital-Journal - A suburban Atlanta prosecutor has dropped the misdemeanor charge against an anti-abortion activist from Missouri who was arrested for driving a truck emblazoned with images of aborted fetuses.

Post-abortion awareness group seeks public support
12/4/07 - Silent No More, a post-abortion awareness campaign, is seeking signatures of support for a letter to the American Psychological Association. Specifically, the letter seeks dialogue with the APA's Task Force on Abortion and Mental Health. Silent No More would like to hear from women and men who have experienced post-abortion consequences, as well as those who support them.

Henry J. Hyde  .
12/2/07 - Congressman Henry Hyde was an influential Illinois Republican who sponsored landmark antiabortion legislation, managed impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton,  saying, "Clinton's conduct demeaned the office of the president, the president himself and the laws of the land. ... future generations of Americans must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust and respect."  Henry Hyde maintained ties of bipartisan civility during more than three decades in the House of Representatives, died Nov. 29 at age 83, at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  Also:  A Proud Legacy To Remember.

KS Supreme Court Orders Abortion Grand Jury To Proceed
11/30/07 - Topeka, KS – Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland has ruled that the citizen-called grand jury set to investigate late-term abortionist George R. Tiller can move forward.

GA. Police Action an Egregious Abuse of Power to Operation Rescue
11/30/07 - Atlanta - Gwinnett County, GA. - “It is obvious that these police officers, under the direction of Major Thomas Bardugon, engaged in a serious incident of unconstitutional content-based discrimination and illegal distruction of property,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

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Featured Book: "Struggling for Life"
11/30/07 - How our Tax Dollars and Twisted Science Target the Unborn. The most dangerous time in any child's life is his or her first nine months.

Congressman Henry Hyde Dead at 83
11/29/07 - The former Illinois Republican congressman, Henry Hyde, a longtime foe of abortion, who retired from Congress at the end of the last session,  died on Thursday at age 83. Hyde's authorship of a federal law-still on the books today-made it a felony to distribute information over the Internet that relates to obtaining an abortion.

U.S. Abortion Total Hits Lowest Mark Since Year After Roe v. Wade
11/27/07 -Christian Post Reporter - The number of abortions nationwide has dropped to their lowest levels since the year following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision Roe v. Wade, according to the latest annual Abortion Surveillance report by the Center for Disease Control.

Texas court says fetal death can be prosecuted as murder
11/23/07 -  Int. Herald Tribune  - AUSTIN : “The Legislature is free to protect the lives of those whom it considers to be human beings.” The highest criminal court in Texas has ruled that state law allows the death of a fetus to be prosecuted as murder, regardless of the fetus' stage of development.

Abortion Causes 'Hopelessness' in Black Communities, King Says
11/23/07 - freerepublic.com - A recent Pew Research poll reported high levels of 'hopelessness' in African-American communities across the United States, a characteristic pro-life activists are linking to high abortion rates among black women. "Children are the future. When you destroy your children, you destroy hope," Dr. Alveda King, pastoral associate of Priests for Life and the niece of the late civil rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said in a statement.

Colorado's Supreme Court OKs Ballot Initiative to give Personhood to Embryos
11/18/07 -The Colorado Supreme Court has given the go-ahead to proponents of a ballot initiative seeking to amend the state constitution in 2008 to define personhood as a fertilized egg.

Biology, not just religion, supports pro-life view
11/15/07 -IndianaStar - But, of course, the religious argument will never go away because that's the only one pro-choice people have.

'National Right to Life' Committee Endorses Fred Thompson for President
11/13/07 -WASHINGTON - The National Right to Life Committee, a key, nationwide anti-abortion group, has endorsed the candidate billing himself as the most consistent conservative in the crowded Republican field: Fred Thompson, for president.

My Pillow-Talking Presidential Pick
11/09/07 -WorldNetDaily - Jill Stanek- Two weeks ago, Laura Bush traveled to the Middle East to raise breast cancer awareness. ... How stupendous it would be for a first lady to use her public forum to decry abortion.

"TRUTH ON THE ABORTION - breast cancerLINK" "Keeping UpWith CANCER" Get The Skinny On "BREAST CANCER NEWS"
New Drugs, Nutrition, Causes, Prevention
The ABC Research:
: For mounting evidence of the abortion/breast cancer link, obtained from The National Library of Medicine.

"ENDING ABORTION: How the pro-life side will win the war"
Since that fateful 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling, almost 50 million unborn babies have been aborted, and millions of mothers hurt physically, psychologically and spiritually. Bottom line: Americans are increasingly repulsed by abortion.

  What REALLY happens during an abortion: One surgeon finally tells the truth!
10/16/2007 -dailymail.co.uk -Silent scream: ...
Dr Spencer - "The (alive) fetus can't come out in one go. 
The fetal parts are soft enough to break apart as they are being removed..." 
In other words, he has to dismember the fetus inside the uterus and pull it out, bit by bit. 
He uses an ultrasound scan to guide him. Even then, some body parts are too large to come out intact. To illustrate what happens, Dr Spencer grips his thumb between the surgical forceps and squeezes gently. 
"Those parts are the skull and then the spine..and pelvis, and in fact they are crushed..."
Hillary Clinton Says She Won't Compromise on Abortion if  Elected President
That could cause her problems as a recent poll showed extreme pro-abortion views are a turnoff to women voters.
.Some 64 percent of women voters polled less likely to vote for a pres. candidate who voted against the horrific
Partial-Birth-Abortion ban - a measure Clinton voted against on four occasions.
Luke 1:19
And the Angel answering said to him, "I am Gabriel, that stand in the Presence of GOD;
and am sent to speak to you, and to show you these glad tidings.
Gabriel, A Twin With a Mind of His Own ..Defeats Docs' Attempts To Abort Him
11/06/07 - When the mother of two unborn twins decided to have an abortion on one of them, she did so with good intentions in order to save the healthier twin after serious complications. But the 'weak' twin who was to be aborted, had other thoughts. This is the inspiring story of Gabriel and Ieuan Jones who stuck together through thick and thin and are now two healthy boys who seem unbreakable. When doctors found that Gabriel was weaker than his brother, with an enlarged heart, and believed he was going to die in the womb, his mother Rebecca Jones had to make a decision that every to-be mother dreads. Either leave everything as it is and risk that both her twins die, or abort the weaker one, Gabriel, ...

Laura's Story—a Mother's Account of Her Daughter's Death in an Abortion Mill, and the Hope She Believes God Will bring out of it
11/03/07 - "Laura's gone" the doctor told me. I wanted to hear "50-50 chance"...I would even accept "90-10 chance." But the word "chance" was not in the doctor's statement. All hope was gone, along with my daughter.

"Bella" Good Message - Good Showing
11/02/07 - ProLifeBlogs.com - Thanks to grassroots efforts, "Bella, the small-budget film with a big message about the value of life, brought in $1.3 million over the weekend in a limited release in 31 cities. Also: The Movie "Bella"

FeaturedNEWS: 11/01/07

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Wisconsin Assembly approves bill to prevent coerced abortions
10/31/2007  - WRN.Com - Doctors would have to ask patients if they're being forced to have an abortion, under legislation passed by the Assembly. State law already requires doctors to get written consent before performing an abortion.

Mo. Gov. Blunt task force examining abortion affects on women
10/29/2007  - JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Gov. Matt Blunt, an abortion opponent, has launched the state on a scientific quest to determine how abortions affect women - a question so complex that it confounded a U.S. surgeon general. "This is a very informal group of good people who believe in advancing the cause of life and believe that we should minimize the impact of abortion on society," Blunt said when asked about his new task force during a Capitol news conference.

British Pro-Life campaigners hold rally
10/29/2007  - Belfast Telegraph - In Britain, protestors are marking four decades since abortion was made legal by holding a rally in London.
Pro-life campaigners claim some six-point-seven million terminations have taken place since the changes were brought in, and the rate of abortions has sky-rocketed.

Abortion Foes Write Congress For Planned Parenthood Funds Suspension
10/25/2007  -TownHall By Robert D. Novak - National anti-abortion leaders Wednesday put finishing touches on a letter to be sent to all members of Congress urging suspension of more than $300 million in federal funding of Planned Parenthood.  “...We urge you to act to ensure that our tax dollars are not subsidizing abortion clinics that perform possibly illegal abortions...”

British Sponsor of 1967 Abortion Act Calls for Greater Sexual Responsibilty
10/24/2007  -Too many abortions: The Guardian - Liberal Democrat, Lord Steel, architect of the 1967 Abortion Act, says today that abortion is being used as a form of contraception in Britain and admits he never anticipated "anything like" the current number of terminations when leading the campaign for reform.

A Canturbury Archbishop's Warning On Abortion
10/23/2007  -  The Observer -The Archbishop of Canterbury has warned that the British public is in danger of losing its 'moral focus' on abortion and treating the procedure as normal rather than an action of last resort. Writing in the Observer, Dr Rowan Williams,  spiritual leader to some 70 million Anglicans around the world,  claims that "The pregnant woman who smokes or drinks heavily is widely regarded as guilty of infringing the rights of her unborn child. Yet at the same time, with no apparent sense of incongruity, there is discussion of the possibility of the liberty of the pregnant woman herself to perform the actions that will terminate a pregnancy.

CBS News Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Take Pro-Life Position on Abortion
10/21/2007  - Life News Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A new poll conducted by CBS News makes it clear that a majority of Americans are pro-life when it comes to the issue of abortion. The October survey finds 54 percent of Americans take one of three pro-life positions opposing all or almost all abortions and another 16 percent want more restrictions on it.

Senator Sam Brownback Withdraws Pres. Candidacy
10/19/2007 - Sen. Brownback is withdrawing his bid for the presidency. A staunch abortion opponent, correctly believing that abortion is murder, seeking the overturning of Roe v. Wade, endorsed by Norma McCorvey-the now pro-life "Jane Roe",  he will undoubtedly continue his admirable campaign to  promote the sanctity of human life with GOD's Blessings and with the pro-life movement cheering him on.  On The Issues: Sam Brownback

Radio Station Pulls Planned Parenthood Ads
10/18/2007 -PITTSBURGH - A public radio station has pulled Planned Parenthood advertising and returned more than $5,000 donated after the station's license holder, Duquesne University, said the organization did not share the school's Catholic mission.

Ex-Tory MP, anti-abortion crusader to be sworn in as Nova Scotia judge
10/18/2007 -Anti-abortionist Lawrence O'Neil, an MP from 1984 to 1988, is to be sworn in Tuesday to the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

KANSASPlanned Parenthood Clinic Charged
10/18/2007 - KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Planned Parenthood clinic was charged Wednesday with providing unlawful abortions and other crimes by a county prosecutor who had engaged in a high-profile battle with the clinic when he was Kansas attorney general.

Christianity must continue fight against Roe v. Wade
10/14/2007 -Daily World - "The reversal of Roe v. Wade is necessary. The Supreme Court decision of January 1973, which has allowed tens of millions of unborn children to be legally killed by procured abortion has also led us to believe that life is cheap, that we exist for selfish pleasure, and that we are nothing but a mass of material at the disposal of others for their convenience...." - Father Mitchell Guidry

WHO reports fall in worldwide abortion rates
10/14/2007 - belfasttelegraph - The World Health Organization has reported a fall in abortion rates worldwide.

Legal or Not, Abortion Rates Compare
10/14/2007 -Interesting article from yesterday's Boston Globe reporting on a massive study of abortion trends in many countries around the world. The article reported that the legal status of abortion did not deter women from seeking them but it did affect the dangers involved.

Half of Abortions Worldwide Are Unsafe
10/12/2007 - LONDON - In a study examining abortion trends from 1995 to 2003, experts found that abortion rates are virtually equal in rich and poor countries, and that half of all abortions worldwide are unsafe. Abortion accounts for 13 percent of maternal mortality worldwide. About 70,000 women die every year from unsafe abortions. An additional 5 million women suffer permanent or temporary injury.

On the Trail to Rodham and Gomorrah
10/11/2007 - ...if you want to understand the abortion business, just follow the money trail. Right now it leads to Rodham and Gomorrah."
 It seems pretty clear that the abortion lobby hopes that Slick Hilly is going to be the next president.  They are also counting on her to install a system of socialized medicine that will include abortion.  So even though they rally the troops with red-meat rhetoric about Supreme Court appointments, it could be that what they are most giddy about is government-funded abortion.  It could also be that this is the force now driving Planned Parenthood’s sudden nationwide expansion.  They see Hillary Care getting larger in the rearview mirror and are positioning themselves to be a major player in it.

10/10/2007 -Quotes from  Oct 9 Republican debate
Republicans Debate Abortion, Iraq, Taxes
Topix.net - Alone among 10 Republican presidential contenders, Rudy Giuliani said in campaign debate, "it would be OK" if the Supreme Court upholds a 1973 landmark abortion rights ruling.

Coalition Of Antiabortion Groups Seeks To Petition For Grand Jury Investigation Of Planned Parenthood Clinic
10/9/2007 -  Kansas City Star  - Life is for Everyone, a coalition of the antiabortion groups led by Operation Rescue, is seeking signatures for a petition to convene a grand jury in Johnson County, Kan., to investigate whether Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri's Overland Park, Kan., clinic Comprehensive Health is complying with state abortion laws, the Kansas City Star reports.

New Zealand Right to Life Wins Court Ruling on 1977 Abortion Law
10/9/2007 - Wellington, New Zealand (LifeNews.com) - The leading pro-life group in New Zealand has won the first court battle on its challenge of a 1977 abortion law. Right to Life of New Zealand took the law to the nation's high court saying that it was intended to provide abortion guidelines but has, instead, been used to promote unlimited abortions for any reason.

Student Sues School System For Rejecting Anti-Abortion Club
9/29/2007 -STAFFORD, Va. - A Colonial Forge High School student is suing Stafford County's public school system for refusing to let her start an anti-abortion club.

Atlantic City Abortion Clinic Surrenders License
9/29/2007 -TRENTON - Cbs3.com - Atlantic City's only abortion clinic will stay closed permanently rather than fix the health violations that shut the facility three months ago.

Republican Senator Brownback Introduces Pro-Life Measure
9/26/2007 -(CNSNews.com) - Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.), now running for president on his pro-life agenda, has introduced a bill that would require doctors to perform an ultrasound, then show it to a pregnant woman, before performing an abortion. "We can reduce the number of abortions and help people reflect on the humanity of the unborn child by providing more information to women," said Brownback.

Priest Blasts 'Usual Suspects' For Votes Against Pro-Life Policy
9/26/2007 - FRONT ROYAL, VA -  (LifeSiteNews.com) - "For the most part it's the usual suspects who claim to be Catholic while their consistent pro-abortion votes amount to a betrayal of the Catholic faith..." - Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, STL,  president of Human Life International, (HLI) said of 16 Catholic senators for their votes on an amendment to HR 2764-to overturn the Mexico City Policy instituted by President Reagan, to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding overseas abortions.

ACLU To Argue For Abortion Rights For Prisoners
9/24/2007 - (St. Louis)  -  Attorneys for the ACLU will be in federal court in St. Louis today to argue for abortion rights for prisoners. The Eighth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals is considering whether incarcerated women have the right to seek abortions. The class-action case grew out of a ruling in 2005 that required the Missouri Department of Corrections to transport a woman inmate to a health care facility for an abortion.

Nationwide "40 Days For Life" Campaign
9/23/2007 -From September 26 - November 4, our community will be one of  89 cities in 33 states joining together for the largest simultaneous pro-life mobilization in history -- the nationwide 40 Days for Life campaign.

Judge denies request to open Aurora clinic
9/20/2007 -Chicago Tribune - Anti-abortion activists rallied Thursday outside the Dirksen Federal Courthouse where a judge ruled against allowing Planned Parenthood to open a new clinic in Aurora.

Alleged Fraudulent- Liberals' 'Planned Parenthood' Submits Phony Application For Town Butchery
9/20/2007 -freerepublic - Allegedly using false pretenses, misdirected answers on applications, and fraudulent forms, liberal  political backers, 'Planned Parenthood' is awaiting word to see if it will be allowed to open a super-butchery in Aurora Illinois this coming Tuesday. The situation highlights a new trend for the tax-payer subsidized organization that is now resorting to lying to municipalities and their populations in order to set up shop, hack women's uteruses and slice children's bodies like lunchmeat - some of the children just inches from birth. The way it works is first they set-up a phony name for a phony company. In the Aurora Illinois case they filed their fraudulent permits under the name of Gemini Office Management Corporation. Pretending to be a neutral landlord, they then asserted on the forms requesting the construction permits that the "tenant is unknown."

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Judge Puts Planned Parenthood Aurora Site Opening On Hold
9/17/2007 - cbs2chicago.com - Planned Parenthood's Aurora center will not open on Tuesday as legal wrangling continues. A federal judge Monday set another hearing for Thursday to address issues by both sides in an ongoing lawsuit.

Senator Mary Landrieu votes pro-abortion after campaigning for re-election as a PRO LIFER.
9/16/2007 - According to freerepublic.com, Senator Mary Landrieu campaigned for re-election as a PRO LIFER. Because of this, she has recently lost pro-abortion campaign funding. She made a promise and used her Catholic faith as a means of getting votes in the past election. But this week she voted strongly PRO-ABORTION...

ABSECON Anti-abortion Protesters Greet Abortion Seekers At Questionable Facility
9/16/2007 -  Press of Atlantic City. com - ABSECON - A small but sincere group of Anti-abortion protesters greeted a handful of patients and several employees of Dr. Stuart Sackstein on Saturday with prayers and pamphlets, vowing to return every day the doctor performs abortions at his private medical office in the Courtyard, a professional office campus along the White Horse Pike. The Absecon office is owned and run by Dr. Stuart Sackstein, who resigned as Alternatives' medical director June 23, the day after health inspectors closed the clinic indefinitely when it discovered its filthy conditions, expired drugs, lack of hot water and poor sterilization practices. That clinic remains closed; Also: Absecon officials investigate new abortion provider

New academy teaches anti-abortion advocacy
9/15/2007 - “We felt there was a considerable need to expand the intensity and depth of the training that college-aged, pro-life activists were getting to prepare them to assume roles of leadership in coming decades”

White House: No U.N. funding for China's "Coercive Abortion" Program
9/15/2007 -WASHINGTON - For the sixth consecutive year, the Bush administration has decided to withhold funding from the U.N. Population Fund, saying the agency contributes to China's "coercive abortion" program.

U.S. Bishops Assess Senate Votes on Abortion and Foreign Policy
9/12/2007 -WASHINGTON, D.C.,  (Zenit.org) - A spokeswoman for the U.S. bishops' pro-life committee welcomed one Senate vote while lamenting another.

Pol l - Clinton's Extreme Abortion Policies Turn Off Women Voters Of Both Parties
9/12/2007 - Last month, the respected Polling Company firm conducted a survey with 600 women voters of both parties from August 15-20. The poll revealed that Hillary’s positions on abortion were at odds with a majority of American women. Some 64 percent of women voters would be less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who voted against the partial-birth abortion ban -- a measure Clinton voted against on four occasions. Sixty-eight percent of women voters are less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who supports taxpayer-funded abortion -- something Hillary Clinton adamantly supports. And 73 percent less likely to vote for a presidential candidate who voted against a law that would have made it a criminal act for an adult to take a girl younger than 18 years of age across state lines to get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge. Clinton twice voted against a Congressional bill to do just that. “Clinton needs women voters to win, yet her extreme abortion policies remain out of step with the majority of American women," Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the Susan B. Anthony List, told LifeNews.com about the poll.

Israeli Doctor Exposes Nazi Abortion Program -Reveals Chilling Parallels with Ideas of Planned Parenthood
9/10/2007-   (LifeSiteNews.com) - Dr. Tessa Chelouche writes that "Abortion was used as a weapon of mass destruction in Eastern Europe," where "it has been estimated that tens of thousands of Polish and Russian women were compelled to abort not because of health reasons, but because of Nazi dogma." She goes on to quote Hitler's 1942 policy statement on the application of abortion to Slavic people, which is chillingly similar to modern Planned Parenthood propaganda...

Pope Benedict XVI Condemns Abortion and Euthanasia in Vienna Visit
9/10/2007-  TurkishPress.com "The fundamental human right, the presupposition of every other right, is the right to life itself," Pope Benedict XVI  told members of the government and the diplomatic corps at the Hofburg, the seat of the Austrian presidency in Vienna. He also condemned euthanasia and called on Europe to uphold its Christian roots.

Mother Teresa on Abortion - Special Report:
9/6/2007- "America needs no words from me to see how your decision in Roe v. Wade has deformed a great nation...."

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Abortion Drama Wins the Inter. Federation of Film Critics Award
9/4/2007-  The abortion drama "4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, 2 DAYS" has been handed the International Federation of Film Critics' top prize for 2007.

"Pinckney Pro-Life" Billboards around Michigan deliver pro-life message
9/4/2007-  Lansing State Journal - There's a reason why pro-life groups across the Midwest call on a relatively small, Dexter-based office to get their message out. Its staff will get the job done.

Woman alleges Planned Parenthood clinic's botched abortion caused emergency hysterectomy
9/2/2007- Lincoln Journal Star - A Nebraska woman said in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed Friday, that she had an emergency hysterectomy because of a botched abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Lincoln, last month.

"Tiller the Killer's" Psychiatric Interview to Be Used Against Him"
8/30/2007- Topeka - A legislative committee that will take testimony next week on late-term abortions plans to review an interview recorded with a psychiatrist once considered a key witness against  abortionist - Dr. George Tiller.

Allegation of Eugenics in Botched Abortion in Italy
8/30/2007-  Rome - A botched abortion in which a healthy twin foetus was terminated instead of its sibling with Down syndrome has reignited the abortion debate in Italy and raised allegations of eugenics.

 Illinois Residents Say Planned Parenthood Lied on Giant Abortion Mill Application - City Investigates
8/29/2007- AURORA, Illinois  (LifeSiteNews.com) – City authorities in Aurora Illinois, near Chicago may be having second thoughts about the opening of the largest American Planned Parenthood abortion mill in their town. The 22,000 square-foot, $7. 5 million facility is scheduled to open for business September 18.

Over 1,300 Illinois Citizens Protest Largest Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic
8/28/2007- AURORA, Illinois -  (LifeSiteNews.com) - "40 Days for Life" - On Saturday over one thousand pro-lifers met to protest before the recently erected facilities or what is said to be the nation's largest Planned Parenthood center in Aurora, Illinois, just outside Chicago.
Pro-Life protesters file lawsuit against city over alleged "harassment from Aurora's police officers"

Scottish cardinal resigns from Amnesty International over abortion
8/28/2007- International Herald Tribune -  Cardinal Keith O'Brien, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, announced Tuesday that he is resigning his membership in Amnesty International because of its support for abortion. The human rights group earlier this year decided to support access to abortion in cases of rape, incest, abuse or health risks to the mother. The policy was affirmed this month by Amnesty's International Council at its meeting in Mexico.

Oral contraceptives, other factors reduce bone mass
8/28/2007- NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Oral contraceptive use and loss of normal menstrual function may negatively impact bone health, according to a study of female military cadets.

"Planned Parenthood promotes abortion and promiscuity"
8/28/2007- Courier-Post - South Jersey - Pastor Vincent Kovlak Jr. of Bellmawr Baptist Church,  has sent a letter seeking support from other area clergy. "They ( Planned Parenthood)  are on the wrong side of God's laws, he said.

Amnesty International Affirms New Pro-Abortion Policy
8/26/2007- BBC News - Amnesty International on Friday affirmed a policy that supports a woman's right to have an abortion under certain circumstances despite opposition from Roman Catholic and conservative leaders worldwide.

Judges: Planned Parenthood Can Protect Child Predators
8/26/2007- WLWT-TV Cincinnati - A state appeals court Friday overturned a judge's ruling that said Cincinnati Planned Parenthood must give other minors' abortion records to a family who is suing the clinic over a teenage girl's abortion.

If these was the headline in every paper around the world I wonder what would be done about it? We hear and read news reports about those dying from starvation in Africa, those murdered through civil war, deaths from AIDS and other diseases, deaths from natural disasters but ne're a word about the whole scale genocidal attrocities that are happening legally every day in clinics all over the world - the murder of innocent children!

Abortion policy at Ellis in doubt
8/25/2007- SCHENECTADY - As Ellis Hospital prepares to take over Bellevue Woman's Hospital on Nov. 1, several Bellevue officials say they believe Ellis plans to do away with abortions.

Planned Parenthood to Build New $4.2 Million Killing Center
8/25/2007- DENVER, Colorado - Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains is bracing for opposition as it plans to break ground in November on a $4.2 million headquarters and clinic in northeast Denver.   See: Bottom line: Our tax money is going to Planned Parenthood

Appeals Court Affirms Colo. Right To Life Ruling
8/22/2007- DENVER-Voter-approved campaign finance restrictions on a Colorado anti-abortion group are unconstitutional, a federal appeals court affirmed on Tuesday.

20,000 Brazilians Protest Attempted Expansion of Abortion
8/22/2007- BRASILIA  (LifeSiteNews.com) - Tens of thousands of people from fifteen Brazilian states marched through Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, to protest proposed legislation to permit more abortion, last Wednesday.

State failing to inspect N.J. abortion clinics
8/22/2007- ATLANTIC CITY, N.J.  - Topix  - Only one of six state-licensed abortion clinics has been inspected in the last two years despite a law requiring them to be inspected every other year, according to a published report. via Newsday.com

Medical, Surgical Abortions Have Similar Risks
8/22/2007- Women who undergo medical abortions with the pills mifepristone and misoprostol have no greater risk of experiencing a tubal pregnancy or miscarriage in future pregnancies than women who undergo surgical abortions, according to a study published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, the AP/Boston Globe reports (Stobbe, AP/Boston Globe, 8/15).

N. Y. Storage Co.'s Ads Play Politics With Abortion
8/19/2007- New York - A N. Y. storage Co., owned by Edison Properties which posts billboards, goes from partisan politics to crude cultural commentary in its advertising that supports abortion, while undermining the pro-life community as oppressive.

Associated Press Falsely Claims Abortions Don't Cause Infertility Problems
8/18/2007- New York, NY (LifeNews.com) -- The Associated Press was quick to seize on a story Thursday that wrongly claims the dangerous abortion drug RU 486 poses no medical risks for women. However, the international news service went further by writing a biased news article claiming abortions do not cause future infertility or sterility problems.

The Summer of a (Pro-) Lifetime
8/18/2007-National Right to Life - Summer 2007 marks the inaugural session of the National Right to Life Academy, a new summer program designed to educate and equip college students with the knowledge and skills to effectively work for the pro-life cause.

Abortion Aftermath: "According to Justice Ginsburg"
8/18/2007-National Right to Life - In her dissenting opinion in Gonzales v. Carhart, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg takes issue with the majority's tender depiction of the mother-child bond.  She also seems vexed that the majority described the regret, depression, and loss of esteem some women experience after an abortion; but what about the evidence? To arrive at such a sanguine view of abortion, one would have to be oblivious to reams of scientific evidence, including large-scale, peer-reviewed, records-based studies in prestigious journals of psychology and medicine by researchers in the United States, Canada, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand and Russia.

Hispanic Voters Prefer Pro-Life
8/15/2007-National Right to Life - "We have the winning ticket: we promote life, and, in the end, we Hispanics treasure that above all."

Graphic Abortion Billboard Trucks Break Through Canada's Media Blackout
8/15/2007- Free Republic - "If there is nothing wrong with abortion, the images shouldn't bother them." Graphic abortion images shock Calgarians in contrast with the media blackout that pro-life Canadians are used to expecting at their demonstrations. Media coverage of the Reproductive Choice Campaign trucks rolling on Calgary streets this week has been lively. The trucks feature three-metre high photos of aborted children and an email address for more information.

Anti-Abortion Books Opinions, etc
8/13/2007- SperoNews Provides an abundance of Helpful Facts and Interesting Reading

Looking back: South Dakota Bans Abortion
8/13/2007- February, 2006 - The South Dakota House of Representatives approved HB 1215. The bill "reinstates the prohibition against certain acts causing the termination of an unborn human life" - in other words, it would ban abortion; there are no exceptions for rape or incest.

8/13/2007-Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- More information is coming to light about abortion businesses misusing the heart drug digoxin to do late-term abortions. They are putting the health of women at risk in order to get around the national ban on partial-birth abortions that the Supreme Court upheld as constitutional this spring.

Plastics Chemical of 'Some Concern' for Fetal, Child Health
8/13/2007- (HealthDay News)- Bisphenol A, a chemical found in many plastics and resins, may present some risk to a developing fetus and children, a U.S. govt.  panel concluded Wednesday. Experts convened by the U.S. Center for the Evaluation of Risks to Human Reproduction (CERHR), part of the National Toxicology Program, unanimously concluded that exposure to bisphenol A (BPA) presents some risk to human development and reproduction. BPA is chemical used in the production of polycarbonate plastic and several types of resins. It is found in products used everyday such as compact discs, DVDs, baby bottles and other food and drink packaging. It is also commonly found in cars, sports safety equipment and water pipes.

Abortion Providers Inject Fetuses With Lethal Drugs To Avoid Prosecution
8/11/2007- EMaxHealth - No physician even wants to be accused of stumbling into accidentally doing one of these procedures. Many abortion providers in response to the Supreme Court decision to uphold a ban on so-called "partial-birth" abortion have begun injecting fetuses with lethal drugs prior to the procedure to avoid accusations.
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Thousands in London Pro-life Rally
8/10/2007- Daily Telegraph- reported June 30, that thousands of pro-life supporters met in London¹s Trafalgar Square to protest against embryo experimentation, euthanasia and abortion. The Choose Life rally was organized in response to the Patient (Assisted Dying) Bill. Speakers also expressed their concern over designer babies and listened to a requiem for the unborn.

Anti-abortion group to launch 40-day vigil
8/10/2007- Chicago Sun Times - AURORA - Anti-abortion demonstrators have launched a 40-day vigil against a Planned Parenthood women's health center opening next month on Aurora's far East Side.

Missionaries to the Preborn” Travel For The Unborn
8/10/2007- whiznews.com - An anti-abortion group called “Missionaries to the Preborn” hand out flyers and display graphic photos of abortions. “We travel around with the photographs, and since we've been doing this in Wisconsin, abortion has dropped about 50 percent there,” says organizer Pastor Matt Trewhella. “You can see the impact that the photographs have.”

Pastor Gerry M. Kaye | CONTRIBUTE

House Bill Brought Back on Pain Unborn Children Feel During Abortions
8/07/2007- Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- A reintroduced a bill in the House that tells women of the pain an unborn child feels during an abortion, and requires abortion practitioners to offer mothers a chance to provide the baby pain control before birth. Rep. Chris Smith, a New Jersey Republican who co-chairs the pro-life caucus in Congress, is the key sponsor behind the modest bill, and told LifeNews.com, "Expert testimony and scientific studies have shown that unborn children have the ability to feel pain from 20 weeks of gestation," Smith explained. "As of now, there are no federal guidelines that require the provider to share this information with a woman seeking an abortion. This legislation would fill that void."

Republican Party Activists Say They Will Keep GOP Pro-Life on Abortion
8/07/2007- Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) - Hundreds of prominent GOP activists met in Washington over the last four days for their annual summer meeting. With a presidential race and a battle over the party's platform coming up next year, several of the partisans said they would work overtime to keep the Republican Party's official pro-life stance in place. "As a country, we must keep our pledge to the first guarantee of the Declaration of Independence. That is why we say the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed," the platform reads.

Pro-Life Students Stop in Boston as They Protest Abortion in National Walk
8/07/2007- Boston, MA (LifeNews.com)  - Erik Feltes has done the walk for three consecutive summers and told the Pilot newspaper it's a great way to give back to the pro-life movement and to further the cause. “It’s just a time of really intense prayer and sacrifice for the babies - all those in our generation who aren’t alive today because of abortion,” he said.

Georgians Kick-Off A 'Personhood Amendment' Campaign
8/05/2007- The Chattanoogan.com - A+ Women's Care, located in LaFayette, Ga., is partnering with Georgia Right to Life and area churches to host a "Let Them Live" campaign; and promoting throughout the state of Georgia, the successful passage of the House Resolution 536 (H.R. 536), for Georgia to become the first “pro-life state” that does not allow abortion, euthanasia, destructive embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and other life-destroying practices.

Tiller The Killer Charged
8/04/2007- KBSD Eyewitness News TV-12- A Wichita abortion provider, known for many partial birth abortions, George "Tiller the Killer" faces 19 misdemeanor charges. Attorney General Paul Morrison alleges the Wichita doctor broke the law by consulting in 2003 on late-term abortions with a doctor who had business ties to him.

Ohio Abortion Foes Mount Weeklong Protest With Grisly-images
8/03/2007- BaltimoreSun - Diners at Ruby Tuesday were greeted this week by a grisly sight: the enormous image of the mangled half-formed skull of an aborted fetus. Blown up large, bigger than an adult, the graphic "photo" was one of more than a dozen signs held up on the sidewalk along U.S. 40. The scene -- repeated across the region from Towson to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington - is part of  Defend Life's weeklong "Face the Truth Tour," a multistop, anti-abortion rally that aims to shock Maryland voters into changing their views on the procedure.

Nation's Abortion Capital is Currently Abortion Free
8/03/2007- Christian News Wire -  The nation's most notorious late-term abortion mill is currently turning away all patients.  Women's Health Care Services, operated by abortionist George R. Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, is closed this week and will not accept appointments for next week, when Tiller is scheduled to be arraigned on 19 criminal counts of committing illegal abortions without obtaining the signature of a doctor who was not financially or legally affiliated with him.

Abortion Regulation Would Give Fathers a Final Say
8/01/2007- Several Ohio state representatives who normally take an anti-abortion stance are now pushing pro-choice legislation - sort of.  Led by Rep. John Adams, a group of state legislators have submitted a bill that would give fathers of unborn children a final say in whether or not an abortion can take place.

8/01/2007- Detroit, MI (LifeNews.com) - Abortion businesses are misusing a heart medication called Digoxin to do second-trimester abortions now that the Supreme Court has upheld the national ban on partial-birth abortions. However, the drug could put women's health at risk and has already resulted in one botched abortion in Florida where a boy was born alive. Several abortion businesses in Michigan are using the drug to kill the unborn child in utero to avoid a partial-birth and be in compliance with the new law.

Majority of Americans favor high court's partial-birth abortion ruling
7/31/2007- WASHINGTON (BP) -A majority of the American public approves of the Supreme Court's April decision to uphold the federal ban on partial-birth abortion, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

US State Department Coaches Pro-Abortion NGOs, Charges Senate Staffer
7/29/2007- A high-ranking Senate staff member charged this week that State Department officials consistently undermine President George W. Bush's pro-life international policies. The staff member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Friday Fax that members of the State Department coach nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) on how to circumvent "Mexico City policy," which forbids US money from going to groups overseas that promote or perform abortions. "Mexico City policy" can be called the centerpiece of the administration's international pro-life position.

EU opens office to counter US pro-life groups, including C-FAM
7/29/2007- The European Union has established a special office of the European Commission to combat US pro-life groups --- including the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute and the International Organizations Research Group --- which EU officials believe have become too influential within the European Parliament.

If Vick had picked the abortion business, no one would have batted an eye.
7/29/2007- "Byrd Dogged" - It would have been considered a shrewd business venture. In fact, he would be praised as a champion of women’s rights. And if he had set up a “clinic” in a black neighborhood, he would have been called a “champion of the poor.” Every abortion is an execution. No, that’s not right. An execution assumes a capital offense. Preborn babies are innocent victims.

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Protestors Contend Planned Parenthood Event Teaches Children Abortion
7/29/2007- A sex education event in Waco turned into a protest scene at a Planned Parenthood event in Waco aimed at educating kids about sex , Wednesday morning. Several dozen members of Pro-Life Waco rallied outside the Waco Convention Center as the 18th annual "Nobody's Fool" conference got underway inside. The program is aimed at teaching young people about safe sex, abstinence and how to communicate with their parents about sexual issues. However,  protestors contend the event teaches children about abortion.

Bottom line: Our tax money is going to Planned Parenthood
7/28/2007 -American Center For Law & Justice - "It is absolutely unacceptable to think that your hard-earned money should fund the abortion industry, yet this is essentially what happens when Congress gives our tax dollars to Planned Parenthood under the Title X program. The federal government gives millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood.  This is an enormous influx of cash to an organization that is by far America's #1 abortion ''provider'' and that vigorously promotes their agenda. According to the United States General Accounting Office - during the five-year period of 1997 to 2001 - Congress gave $661.5 million in federal funding for ''reproductive health activities.''- Jay Sekulow, American Center For Law & Justice

Louisiana Gov. Signs Ban - Penalties For Partial Birth Abortion - & Anesthesia Requirements For Fetus'
7/27/2007 -Medical News Today -  Gov. Kathleen Blanco (D) on Friday signed two bills (HB 614, SB 161) that would ban so-called "partial birth" abortion in the state and create criminal penalties for physicians who perform the procedure, (Anderson, New Orleans Times-Picayune, 7/14).  Blanco also signed a bill (HB 25) that would require a woman seeking an abortion to be told of the availability of anesthesia, which would "eliminate or alleviate organic pain to the unborn child." The statute requires that the brochure given to women states that at 20 weeks' gestation "the unborn child has the physical structures necessary to experience pain. ... Anesthesia is routinely administered to unborn children who are 20 weeks' gestational age or older who undergo prenatal surgery." The law takes effect Aug. 15.

The Perfect Son Doctors Advised Us Should Be Aborted
7/26/2007 - Evening Standard-When doctors told Heather O'Connor and her partner that part of their unborn child's brain was missing, they faced an agonising decision. Warned of the likelihood of severe disability, they were advised to consider an abortion. And in an outcome that shows how parental instinct can sometimes triumph over expert opinion, they have been rewarded with a healthy, 7lb 9oz boy, Jake.

Violations Keep Abortion Clinic Shut
7/25/2007 -Atlantic City, NJ - CourierPost -Blood under operating tables, rusty IV poles, expired drugs and shoddy patient records are among the violations keeping an Atlantic City abortion clinic shut a month after state health inspectors closed it down.

Inspired teen taking aim at abortions
7/23/2007 - Denver Post - Kristine Burton, 19,  of Peyton is behind a drive to amend the state constitution and define human life as starting at fertilization. Colorado for Equal Rights, is the group pushing a ballot initiative to amend the Colorado Constitution in 2008 to make abortion illegal. Kristine is a 19-year-old home-schooled faithful Baptist from rural Peyton.

Personhood For Embryos Petitioned In Colorado To End 'Roe'
7/22/07 - Denver Daily News -WorldNet - Pro-life proponents have been given the OK to begin a petition drive asking Colorado voters to define an embryo as a person, thereby defying Roe v. Wade and making abortion illegal in the state.

Campaigning Clinton, Obama, Elizabeth Edwards Seen Puckering Up To Planned Parenthood
7/20/07 - Medical News Today - Democratic Sens. Hillary Clinton (N.Y.) and Barack Obama (Ill.)  along with Elizabeth Edwards - who spoke on behalf of her husband, former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) were seen on Tuesday at a Planned Parenthood Action Fund forum, the NY Times reports. They were observed by the rational, with all the usual pro-death, anti-women/children, unfactual rhetoric that perpetuates the nation's holocaust of abortion, and women's related failing health issues, such as breast cancer and clinical depression.  See: Planned Parenthood's - Pro-Abort 'Pedophile Protection Racket' Still Going Strong  | Pictures that show murdering of babies in AbortionHot Topic  | "Marketing of Evil" Author Exposes the Abortion Money Making Machine".

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Abortion is a bad choice
07/18/07 Yakima, WA., YakimaHerald - Letters to the Editor  - RICHARD SIEKAWITCH writes " In Karen Garza's letter, "We all deserve choices," she says she believes women can choose to take the life of their baby. She says, "For some, that is the only way out for them." What about adoption, ...where is the mercy in taking the life of that little baby? Where is the love for human life? The woman has already exercised her choice, when she has had unprotected sex. When she becomes pregnant, she then needs to protect this unborn child, not get rid of it."
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India Wants to Register All Pregnant Women to Curb Abortions of Female Fetuses
7/17/07 - NEW DELHI - Indian women would be required to register their pregnancies and seek government permission for abortions under a proposal intended to curb abortions of female fetuses in the country, where boys are traditionally preferred.
Doctor Protests May Hinder Portugal's New Pro-Abortion Law
7/16/07 - LISBON - A large number of doctors in Portugal were refusing to carry out a law that took effect Sunday permitting abortions up to the 10th week of pregnancy. The law allows doctors to be "conscientious objectors" and press reports indicated at least nine public hospitals out of a total of 50 could not guarantee the procedure.

The Wichita Awakening - July 14-16, 2007
A Prophetic Call to End Abortion and Seek Revival  - On July 14-16, thousands of young people will gather in Wichita, Kansas, to pray for an end to abortion and plead with God for revival and spiritual awakening- for a Solemn Assembly to cry out for repentance and national revival.

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Come Storm the Gates in Birmingham, Alabama
7/15/07 - Invitation from Pastor AJ Johnson, Pastor of Doers of the Word Church in Birmingham, AL:
Operation Rescue came to Birmingham close to the time that we saw the first sonogram of Austin. I saw the miracle of life in the womb, heard the devastating truth of abortion, and I was a broken man. I was changed and transformed, and ended up being jailed along with others in Operation Rescue.
As a Pastor, I invite OSA, this July 14-22, 2007, to continue the good work that was begun in this city. In 1994, there were seven abortion mills in Birmingham, now there are only two. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, let us bring glory and honor to God by finishing the work that was begun in Birmingham thirteen years ago.  See: Abortion Debate Renewed
Operation Rescue to meet for protests
7/14/07 - Birmingham will be the focus of the national abortion debate when activists on both sides converge on the city for a week starting Saturday.
Operation Rescue/Operation Save America has been recruiting people from across the nation to meet in Birmingham July 14-22 for a week of demonstrations against abortion. At the same time, the National Organization for Women is calling activists from across the country to Birmingham for what is being billed as "Alabama Reproductive Freedom Summer," a series of demonstrations aimed at countering Operation Rescue's efforts.
Botch Doc Banned In Two States
7/14/07 - ATLANTIC CITY - Steven Chase Brigham, a "doctor",  whose history of botched abortions led two states to revoke his medical license was performing abortions and essentially running a city abortion clinic before it was forced to shut down last month.
Schools give morning after pill to 11-year-olds
7/14/07 - Telegraph.Co.UK - Figures show that in some areas of the UK, up to half of schools now offer children a range of services, including free condoms, pregnancy kits and emergency contraception. One school has admitted handing out 345 morning after pills in the past four years.

7/14/07 - Abortion protesters' convictions overturned
Star Tribune - The Minnesota state Supreme Court said that signs set up by two men did not endanger public safety as the city of Anoka alleged.
New Study Sees Increases in Young Adult Voters' Positions Against Abortion
7/13/07 - CNSNews.com - Younger voters, especially women, are embracing a pro-life position in surprising numbers and in sharp contrast to attitudes that held sway 15 years ago, according to a new study.
'Face The Truth Campaign' Hits Swedish American Hospital
7/13/07  -It's part of a Face The Truth Campaign. The group says America will never reject abortion until they see it. The first stop today was Swedish American Hospital where an abortionist is currently on staff. During it's protests, members display graphic images of aborted fetuses.

Ohio Rep.'s Bill Would Ban all Abortions
7/13/07  -THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH  - Rep. Tom Brinkman Jr.'s bill has reintroduced legislation to outlaw all abortions in Ohio. He hopes his bill will become the vehicle for overturning the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, which legalized abortion. His introduction of House Bill 284 on Tuesday seems to fulfill predictions that such proposals would flourish nationwide after the high court narrowly concluded that a 2003 federal ban on what opponents call partial-birth abortion did not impose an undue burden on a woman's constitutional right to an abortion.

N.C. Fetal Homicide Bill Gives Unborn Children Rights
7/13/07  -Raleigh, NC - Protecting a child that can't protect itself. That's what state lawmakers say a bill taking center stage in Raleigh right now, will do. The fetal homicide bill will make killing a pregnant woman a double murder.
USAID gives $50 million to pro-prostitution, pro-abortion groups
7/12/07  -Members of Congress have charged that, as part of a new HIV/AIDS program, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has awarded a $50 million grant to groups that call for the promotion of abortion, the legalization of needle-exchange programs and the legalization of prostitution. The grant is part of USAID's new CORE program, which is supposed to bring faith-based organizations into the fight against AIDS.

NAACP Again Rejects Pro-Life Resolution
7/11/07  -CNS News - The civil rights organization has held its annual convention in Detroit July 7-10. For the second time since 2004, its Macon, Ga., chapter proposed a resolution that would align the group with the pro-life movement. But for the second time, the resolution was blocked by NAACP leadership.

"Blood Money," an expose of the abortion industry"
7/9/07  -Former Abortion Clinic Director Reveals Reality of Abortion Industry - Carol Everett is the author of "Blood Money," an expose of the abortion industry with true stories of tactics used and lies disseminated by the pro-choice cartel that has systematically robbed our country of the moral and spiritual fiber that kept us united for more than 200 years.

Church sanctuary was backdrop for Missouri bill signing
7/8/07  -Gov. Matt Blunt signed Missouri's newest restrictions on abortions and abortion providers in the nearly 8 year-old sanctuary of Jefferson City's Concord Baptist Church - an unusual location for those used to bill signing ceremonies in the governor's Capitol office. “I would dispute that we're mixing church and state,” Blunt told reporters while standing at the church's cross-shaped pulpit. “I think the separation of church and state means that we won't have a state-sponsored church, said Gov. Blunt, adding, “Certainly, I don't believe that means that we have to remove God from the public sphere (or) disconnect ourselves from the values that many Missourians hold dear.” See: Missouri Governor Signs Abortion Regulations

Teacher wins right to withhold union dues because of anti-abortion beliefs
7/7/07  - NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) - Just as the left-leaning National Education Association geared up for its annual meeting in Philadelphia, a teacher in Ohio won the right to withhold her dues because her religious beliefs conflict with the labor union's political positions. U.S. District Judge Gregory Frost ruled June 22 that an Ohio law violated the First Amendment rights of Carol Katter, a Roman Catholic mathematics and language arts instructor who opposes abortion.

Coloradans aim to exploit hole in 'Roe'
7/7/07  - Declaring personhood for the unborn, a team of Coloradans wants to exploit a loophole in the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court ruling that overturned state laws banning abortion – by simply stating that an unborn child, from the moment of fertilization, is a person.

Sweden's Christian Democrats Face Split Over Abortion
7/7/07  - Sweden's Christian Democrat party is facing the prospect of a schism over the issue of abortion, it has been reported. After the party leadership's victory at the national conference last week, it has emerged that a new party could break away to campaign for a total ban on abortion.

Missouri Governor Signs Abortion Regulations
7/7/07  - JEFFERSON CITY,Mo. - Missouri abortion providers will face new regulations for their clinics and new restrictions on teaching sex education classes under a bill Gov. Matt Blunt signed into law. The measure places more abortion clinics under government oversight by classifying them as ambulatory surgical centers. Planned Parenthood has said the law could force it to spend more than $1 million on remodeling, plus some extra staffing costs.
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York, Pa. Police Keep Arresting Pro-Lifers Despite Court Rulings to Acquit
7/5/07  - Pro-life protesters who claim York, Pa., police repeatedly violated their free speech rights while they were handing out tracts and preaching outside the city's Planned Parenthood clinic are taking their case to federal court. John McTernan, Edward D. Snell, John Wood and Luanne Ferguson have filed a civil suit against York police for being "chilled, frustrated and deterred in the exercise of their First Amendment activities due to the city's policy of ignoring First Amendment rights." Their complaint states, "By denying plaintiffs the right to access public streets with other like-minded people, [York police] denied plaintiffs the right of assembly on account of the content of their message."

California faults Riverside's Planned Parenthood clinic for not reporting patient's death
7/5/07  -The Press-Enterprise - Riverside's Planned Parenthood clinic should have reported the death of a patient who went to the clinic earlier this year for an abortion, according to state licensing officials.

State Still Inspecting Closed N. J. Abortion Clinic
7/5/07  -ATLANTIC CITY - State investigators continued to inspect the city's only abortion clinic Tuesday after closing the facility when they discovered several health violations last week. The state's probe, which began Friday, revealed violations with infection control, documentation and the facility itself, according to state officials.

Law Passed for dogs' rights - no law for children's
7/5/07  - RALEIGH, North Carolina  - The bill to make it a felony to kill a police dog sailed through the legislature, and the bill to make it double murder to kill a pregnant mother is bottled up in a committee. The father of a young, pregnant mom found stabbed to death says he does not understand. "I just don't understand why you would pass a law for a dog, but not a child," said Kevin Blaine, Jenna Nielson's father.

21 yr. old dies from toxic shock syndrome at Planned Parenthood abortion Clinic
7/5/07 - Adirondack Daily Enterprise - Edrica Goode died of toxic shock syndrome at the age of 21 after an abortion at the Riverside, Calif. Planned Parenthood. Her mother, Aletheia Meloncon, has filed a wrongful death and medical malpractice suit against the abortionist group. "I"m hoping to shed light and expose the negligent and improper care my daughter received. I hope this sends a message to Planned Parenthood," Meloncon said.

Infertility Breakthrough -  First Baby Born From a Lab-matured Egg
7/2/07 - LYON, France (AFP) - The first baby to be created from an egg matured in a laboratory, frozen, thawed and then fertilised, has been born in Canada, researchers told a medical conference on Monday.

6/30/07 -Philadelphia,  PA- Pro-life advocates will protest the national conference of the National Education Association. They say that the union group should not be spending time or money promoting abortion or pro-abortion candidates who back a procedure that kills children.

George Tiller Broke Law, 19 Charges Filed
6/29/07 - Kansas- George Tiller, dubbed 'Tiller The Killer' known for his partial birth abortion practice, producing dead, mangled babies like a factory, failed to follow Kansas late-term abortion law and substantiate the need for such procedures with a second independent opinion, according to 19 charges filed by Attorney General Paul Morrison.

6/27/07 - Straousburg, France (LifeNews.com) -- The European Union is threatening to cut funding for the nation of Nicaragua because it recently approved a law banning all abortions.

6/27/07 -The New York Times, CBS News and MTV teamed up for the survey of 659 Americans between the ages of 17 and 29. They conducted the poll from June 15-23 that finds that teenagers and young adults are more likely than older adults to say that they don't think abortion should be legal, or that it should be subject to stricter limits than it is now. The poll confirms the findings of other surveys showing the next generation of Americans are more pro-life.

Terri Schiavo's Family Honored at NRL's Proudly Pro-Life Dinner
6/27/07 - Not wanting the same fate to befall other disabled patients, Terri Schiavo's family, the Schindlers, have assisted other incapacitated or minimally conscious patients. Recognizing those efforts, the National Right to Life Committee plans to award the Schindler family with its highest honor at its Proudly Pro-Life Dinner in October in the nation's capital.

Study Reveals Black Women's Severe Psychological Suffering After Abortion
6/26/07 - Black genocide -A study in Dayton revealed that 81% of the Afro-American women that had gone through an abortion registered some type of psychological complaint. 60% said they had feelings of guilt, 49% described feelings of great remorse, 55% reported crying and bouts with deep depression, 55 % said they could not forgive them selves. Since the abortion industry goes to great lengths to keep this crucial information from its clients it is imperative that these facts are brought to the forefront of discussion in the Black community.

Anti-Abortion TV Program Mobilizes Viewers to Action
6/25/07 - (EWTN) TV - A new program documenting about how America can bring an end to abortion will be premiering this Monday on the Eternal Word Television Network, one of the most viewed religious networks in the world. Directed by an Emmy Award winner, beingHUMAN: 40 Days for Life, will encourage Christians from around the world in ways to help in the abolishment of abortion by exhibiting how everyday people have aided in the fight. Through the feature,  producers hope that people can learn about what they can do in their own communities. “This inspiring program takes an honest approach that will touch hearts, change minds, and encourage the viewer to faithfully work to end the injustice of abortion.”

Sam Brownback Repeats Vow to Appoint Justice to Reverse Roe
6/25/07 -Des Moines, IA; Des Moines Register - Campaigning in Ames, Iowa, the site of an Aug. straw poll that will be a preview of the Jan.  caucuses in this first primary state, Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback renewed his vow to appoint the next justice to overturn Roe v. Wade. The GOP pres.  candidate has made opposing abortion a top theme of his campaign. "We can get it done," Brownback told a crowd of about 100 people.

Why Pro-Choice Is a Bad Choice for Democrats
6/23/07 - New York Times -  Melinda Henneberger  - "In a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, 41 percent of respondents favored stricter limits on abortion, with an additional 23 percent saying it should not be permitted at all. ...What supporters of abortion rights genuinely see as a hard-earned freedom, opponents genuinely see as a self-inflicted wound and - though I can feel some of you tensing as you read this - a human rights issue comparable to slavery....The leading Democratic presidential contenders are condemning the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold a ban on the procedure known as partial-birth abortion... choose to overstate its impact. An overwhelming majority of Americans, polls show, support a ban. John Edwards called the decision to uphold that law “ill-considered and sweeping,” and “a stark reminder of why Democrats cannot afford to lose the 2008 election.” Actually, it is a stark reminder of how fully capable they all are of losing it."
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Local pro-life group growing
6/23/07 - The Natchez Democrat - Views on abortion rights nationally fluctuate over time, and recently, a trend toward the pro-life stance has been growing, ...

6/23/07 - Washington, DC - A 2004 Wirthlin Worldwide post-election poll found that 42 percent of voters said abortion affected the way they voted for president. The issue of abortion is seen as a top issue in the 2008 presidential election by 40 percent of Americans, indicating the contentious subject still plays a prominent role in how people cast their ballot for president. Previous polls have shown that the pro-life position gives presidential candidates an edge.

GESTAPO TACTICS Used by the Michael Family Against Pro-Lifers
6/23/07 - MTTU News - Granite City Meltdown - Pro-abortion "death escort" tactics are employed by the Michael family, including intimidation, false accusations, blocking, using loud music to cover the words being spoken - even two attempts to call the police on other pro-lifers.  You will hear the words, "child rapist" - "fornicator" - "womanizer" - all words used to describe pro-lifers the Michaels do not like.

Abortion and the Black Community
6/23/07 - On average, 1,452 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.  ...

Abortion: Big Business
6/23/07 - The Real Truth - The 2005-2006 fiscal year was Planned Parenthood's most successful since the organization's beginnings, despite a decrease in private donations and other sources of income. A primary reason for the group's banner year was government grants.

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Infanticide, Abortion Responsible for Casualties of  60 Million Girls in Asia
 6/22/07 - In Asia, the casualties of baby girls are in the millions each year, through  prenatal sex selection, abortion and female infanticide - the systematic killing of girls soon after they are born.

Planned Parenthood accused in woman's death
 6/21/07 - WorldNetDaily.com - A lawsuit has been filed against Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties for the death of a woman who died of toxic shock syndrome after a clinic worker found – but did not treat – a serious infection.

Abortion Has Increased, Not Reduced Number of Illegitimate Births
6/20/07 - Wall Street Journal - The abortion debate usually centers on the morality of the act itself. But liberalizing abortion rules from 1969 to 1973 ignited vast social changes in America. • A sharp increase in pre-marital sex. • A sharp rise in out-of-wedlock births. • A drop in the number of children placed for adoption. • A decline in marriages that occur after the woman is pregnant.

Abortion" Is  Left - Media's Hot Campaign Topic -"For Republicans Only"
6/19/07 - Top of the list left -media harping on Republican Pres. candidates is: 
who did what and when on abortion? - while avoiding the abortion issue completely for in-the-running
Democrats'  dismal, unconditional pro-choice stance: in defiant opposition to public opinion:
Poll Shows Majority of Amer. Voters Oppose Most Abortions
Supreme Court Gave Over 80% of Americans Their Choice  
Pictures that show murdering of babies in Abortion
Planned Parenthood's - Pro-Abort 'Pedophile Protection Racket' Still Going Strong  |
Democrats' Political Move To Change High Court Ruling |
Why Americans Don't Like Hillary Clinton  |
"The Politics of Abortion: Moving Toward a Post-Roe America"
Women Share Secrets -Others  Deserve to Know the Truth - The "Silent No More Awareness Campaign" |
The Supreme Court Opinion To Uphold Ban on Partial Birth - Abortion Procedure |
Bill to Stop Planned Parenthood From Teaching in Schools  |
"How To Save a Life" Conference for Pro-Life Leadership Among Youth 
Highly Publicized Study Denying the Abortion-Cancer Link Called 'Meaningless'  |
Thousands Attend the National Right to Life's 35th Annual Pro-Life Convention 
Taxpayers Have Right to Resist State-Paid Abortion
"Marketing of Evil" Author Exposes the Abortion Money Making Machine
The Baby Parts Industry "Grim Harvest"  |.
Abortion Has Increased, Not Reduced Number of Illegitimate Births - Wall Street Journal  |.
News Reports on Record:
"National Trend Shifting To Pro-Life|
9/01/06  Poll - "Support For Roe Falls Below 50%".
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Hollywood studios choose to steer clear of abortion
6/18/07 -  Boston Globe - Abortion is one of the last taboos in mainstream American film -- a no-flyover zone of many years' standing.

National Right to Life's 35th Annual Pro-Life Convention
6/17/07 - Kansas City, MO - When the Supreme Court handed down the Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, many political observers believed the decision spelled the beginning of the end of the movement to offer legal protection to unborn children. But leaders of the National Right to Life Committee told attendees on Thursday that the pro-life movement is alive and well 35 years later. Dr. Wanda Franz, a former professor of clinical psychology at West Virginia University and the president of NRLC, welcomed more than 1,100 pro-life activists to the Midwestern city. "It is wonderful to return to the Heartland of America for what has become the pro-life educational event of the year," Franz said. "The convention gives every member of the pro-life community the opportunity to network and learn from some of the leading experts in the pro-life movement."

6/16/07 - Kansas City, KS (LifeNews.com) -- When you're a leader in the abortion industry and you generate hundreds of millions of dollars from selling abortions to women, the last thing you want to acknowledge is that abortion leads to breast cancer. And that's the problem Dr. Joel Brind described in a talk at the 35th annual National Right to Life convention.

Mitt Romney pledges loyalty to anti-abortion agenda
6/16/07 - KANSAS CITY, Missouri - National Right to Life convention in Kansas City - Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, in a speech on Friday at the RTL convention,  made it plain that his change of mind on the abortion issue from pro-choice to pro-life is due to a change of heart.=\

Pro-Life Music Festival Features Dozens of Top Christian Rock Bands Opposing Abortion
6/16/07 - Winona Lake, IN (LifeNews.com) -- Thousands of teens and young adults will attend the nation's largest pro-life rock concert next week in Indiana as they gather at the Pro-Life Music Festival in southern Indiana. The festival features dozens of Christian rock bands all of whom agree with the pro-life community that abortion is wrong and destroys lives.

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6/14/07 - Topeka, KS (LifeNews.com) - Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison is upset that a prominent psychologist, Dr. Paul McHugh, who reviewed records of late-term abortions is speaking to the media about them; and in an attempted violation of his right to free speech, Morrison is demanding that Dr. McHugh stop.

Congressional Battle on International Abortion Funding Continues After Cmte Vote
6/14/07 - Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) - A battle over whether the federal government should spend taxpayer funds on groups that promote or perform abortions overseas continues after a House committee meeting on Tuesday. Lawmakers tackled two issues during the panel’s consideration of the State Department funding bill-- the Mexico City Policy and a law concerning forced abortions.

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